Capitalists warn that robots taking our jobs could lead to the end of drudgery and capitalism

A woman saying: "Isn't robots doing all the work the goal of capitalism?' A man responds: 'No - the goal is to keep you busy while we steal all the money'
John Shafthauer

In the past, humanity dreamed of a future in which robots did all the work. Now that this future is nearly upon us, it’s somehow turned into a nightmare. And the reason for that is…



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…why are we upset about losing all our shit jobs again?

Oh yes – because capitalism is reliant on the majority of people living under it being too busy to notice that capitalism is fucking horrible.

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End of the line

We spoke to the famous capitalist Putro T. Moneybags to find out what’s going on:

People can already see capitalism is working against them; they just don’t have time to do anything about it. Imagine if the wage slaves had 40 hours a week free!

We’ve got a plan, though. We’re going to tell people the robots are ‘stealing’ their jobs, and pit them against the machines. When they smash the robots in protest, we’ll put them to work repairing them, and charge them for the parts. Capitalism wins again!

Or not

Leading German communist Toppy Marx has other ideas:

The robots will do the work, and the liberated workers will eat the capitalists.

In other words, we could be looking at a real utopia.

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