UK begins to suspect the PM might actually be a bit crap

Theresa May saying: 'There are 11 days until Brexit - time for 17 more votes on my terrible deal"
John Shafthauer

Theresa May is known for having great catchphrases like:

  • Brexit means shmexit.
  • Strong and slogan.
  • Nothing has improved.

Now it’s time for her to deliver on those dynamite mottos. As a result, people are beginning to question if she’s as strong and slogan as she claims to be.

She isn’t

May had nearly three years to concoct a Brexit plan that the country could get behind. Instead, she spent that time dancing and cracking wise:

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The people of Great Britain beheld this jiving clown and thought:

Wow – if she’s confident enough to spend three years busting a move like some sort of excitable party moron, then she must be really sure she knows what she’s doing!

And then she came up with a terrible Brexit deal no one wanted. And then she pulled the vote because no one would support it. And then she scheduled a vote on it that lost by the biggest margin in history! And then she scheduled another vote – on the same fucking thing! AND NOW SHE’S LINED UP ANOTHER ONE – AGAIN – ON THE EXACT SAME FUCKING DEAL! AND ALSO EVERYTHING ELSE SHE’S DONE AS PRIME MINISTER HAS BEEN ATROCIOUS!


Although it’s obvious to many that May has always been shit, it’s not been obvious to everyone. Or it wasn’t, anyway. Obviously, that’s changing, but don’t expect the establishment to treat her any worse than those other abject failures – Margaret Thatcher, Tony Blair, or David Cameron.

Privilege means privilege.

Featured image via YouTube – Channel 4 News

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