Several more Rees-Moggs join the ‘anti-elitist’ Brexit Party

Classical portraits of a lord and lady labelled 'Poseidon Rees-Mogg' and 'Poshspicia Rees-Mogg'
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Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party was formed to fight the establishment. Obviously, this meant the first person they asked to join was a plucky outsider from the Rees-Mogg dynasty:


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Now – to show how serious it is about opposing the ‘establishment’ – it’s brought in several more of them.

Send in the crowns

The Rees-Moggs to join include:

  • Poseidon Rees-Mogg: owns a small navy which could benefit from no-deal Brexit – primarily as it’s drawing up a trade agreement with North Korea/pirates.
  • Poshspicia Rees-Mogg: intends to make chimney sweeping and moat dredging a form of national service for anyone earning under £50k.
  • Persephone Rees-Mogg: owns a network of childcare homes she plans on turning into workhouses as soon as the red tape’s been cut.
  • Ulysses Rees-Mogg: owns the midlands – intends to turn it into something useful like a big car park.
  • Dracula Rees-Mogg: has plans to privatise the NHS. Also plans to draw blood from children as payment. He hasn’t clarified what he’ll do with the blood, but he did laugh maniacally when asked.
Power to the people

Some people have suggested that the Rees-Moggs are actually part of the establishment. And… err… yeah – now you mention it – their faces are literally on the £50 note.

Featured image via Wikimedia / Wikimedia

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    1. Several more Rees-Moggs join the ‘anti-elitist’ Brexit Party
      WOW!-WOW Mogg family
      Can you just ansrew the simple Question’s please Tory party members.
      for us U.K. VOTERS
      Q-1 How is funding the Mogg Members in their new post in Brexit party now??
      Q-2 Will Tory M.P. Moggy baby be putting claims into us taxpayer
      for his family member standing for Brexit party ??
      Q-3 THE BIG Q/will Rees-Mogg join x UKIP leader to get us out of E.U.
      faster & do a runner from Tory party??
      Q-4 After May local election and Tory party Cllr are kick out of their seats
      up & down the country by us Millions of leave voter + Young voters now,
      Will the M.P. that loss Cllr badly join the Mogg Family members in Brexit PARTY??
      Q-5 Finally!
      Tory party members will we have a new G.E. that “I predicted 2 years ago,
      in NOV 2019 + a new vote on leaving E.U. mess.
      That sell out us Million of leave voters.

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