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As the racist liar moves into Downing Street, thousands will take to the streets

Boris Johnson with a raised fist

It’s official. The blue rinse brigade of the Conservative Party membership has gifted us a racist liar as our next prime minister.

But as Boris Johnson moves into Downing Street, thousands are preparing to take to the streets “to reject every single one of his cronies and everything they stand for.”

Dystopian nightmares

Back before the Brexit vote in 2016, people joked about a dystopian future; the future where the UK voted to leave the EU, Donald Trump became president, and Johnson took up the mantle of PM. But I’m not sure any of us really thought it would happen. It was the equivalent of ghost stories around the fire, tales of bogeymen fit for dystopian nightmares, not the cold light of day.

Well, welcome to 2019, and that nightmare becoming reality. The only remaining question is what are we going to do about it?

Fck Govt Fck Boris

On 24 July, a coalition of groups is making a start on exactly this. The Fck Govt Fck Boris protest is taking to the streets of central London to “greet” Johnson after he’s sworn in as PM. Its call to action sets out why this is so important.

Boris Johnson – a proudly racist, sexist, homophobic prick – will take hold of a Government defined by its violent cruelties to people of colour, migrants, women.

A Government responsible for the hostile environment, for Windrush, for Grenfell, for 130,000 austerity deaths, will be led by a man who described Black people as “piccaninnies” with “watermelon smiles”, compared Muslim women to “bank-robbers” and “letterboxes” and referred to gay men as “tank-topped bumboys.”

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The protest is timed to start when Johnson gives his first speech as PM:

At the time he gives his first speech as PM, we will hold a street festival celebrating the power of our communities. There will be music and art. There will be noise.

Bring your friends + bring the volume – bring rigs, sound systems, portable speakers, whatever you have.

“We will not let this man become PM without a fight”

As the call to action states:

We will not let this man become PM without a fight.

This protest has to be the start of a massive movement that doesn’t stop until Johnson is kicked out of Downing Street. We live in a supposed democracy. But we can’t call ourselves a democracy when an unelected lying racist is in charge. This cannot be business as usual. We have to keep up the pressure, build the momentum, and make sure there’s no way he’s allowed to carry on as PM.

Featured image via YouTube – The Sun

Get involved

  • Get active, get on the streets, and make it clear we will not accept Johnson as PM.

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