We’re heading for a general election and Jeremy Corbyn is ready to lead

Jeremy Corbyn
Fréa Lockley

Reports suggest that Jeremy Corbyn is getting Labour MPs ready for an early general election. As Boris Johnson pushes us closer each day to a no-deal Brexit, Corbyn may well push for a vote of no confidence. Since Johnson only has a working majority of one, this could trigger a general election. And if that comes, Corbyn’s showing that he’s ready to lead, and why he’s the prime minister we really do need.

Bring it

According to the Telegraph, Corbyn’s cancelled all September leave for Labour MPs. It reported that:

a Whitehall insider has told this newspaper that Labour MPs have been told to cancel all plans for early September, in order to test Mr Johnson’s ability to command a majority.

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Labour may well trigger a no-confidence vote to block no-deal Brexit. If successful, this “is likely to spark a constitutional crisis”, as “Downing Street sources” reportedly indicated that Johnson:

will refuse to resign and instead attempt to call a general election after the Brexit deadline of October 31.

This may be more right-wing spin. But if a general election is coming, Corbyn’s showing his true strength and quietly gathering support where it really counts.

Young people

Johnson’s promising “draconian” measures on law and order as a potential election promise, but Corbyn appeals to young people. “It’s time to abolish tuition fees,” he said. This would end spiralling debt for the UK’s 1.88 million young people in higher education (as of 2017-18).

Given Labour reported that the interest paid on student loan debts is “set to almost double in the next five years”, it’s clear that it’s looking ahead at ways to help young people. If Labour is working to end the crippling £9,250 annual debt from tuition fees, then this could well be a further appeal for young voters. In 2017, 60% of people aged 18-24 voted Labour.

Certainly, cancelling tuition fees is a far better offer to millions of young people than Johnson’s pledge to extend police stop-and-search powers.


Amid the ongoing row over antisemitism in the Labour Party, Corbyn also showed what true solidarity looks like. As he and many other people know, support for the people in occupied Palestine is often critical of the Israeli state, but not Jewish people.

In September, Scottish Labour’s Brian Roy will:

cycle 240km across the West Bank in Palestine to help raise vital funds for medical supplies, and awareness of the blockade and violence against the people of Gaza.

We will do this to support the work of Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP), who works for the health and dignity of Palestinians living under occupation and as refugees.

Corbyn offered personal and public support to Roy:

For young people, and for everyone who stands in solidarity with Palestinian people, Corbyn just showed what true leadership is. If there’s a general election coming, this is the leader we can stand behind.

Featured image by Fréa Lockley

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