A voter’s knee jerk reaction to hearing the words ‘Boris Johnson’ is the epitome of priceless

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A voter in the prime minister’s own constituency didn’t react well to hearing the words ‘Boris Johnson’. The short exchange is the epitome of priceless.

“That filthy piece of toerag”

Sky presenter Sophy Ridge was in Uxbridge and South Ruslip fielding voter opinion on the residents’ MP and prime minister. But with one person, Ridge couldn’t get past the introduction before the citizen made their view quite clear:

Ridge said she was:

here in Uxbridge today, Boris Johnson’s constituency-

But the voter cut through:

Don’t you even mention that name in front of me that filthy piece of toerag.

Public roastings

Despite only being prime minister for a few months, Johnson may already hold the record for the most public roastings. During his visit to a hospital, a parent confronted him and said:

There are not enough people on this ward, there are not enough doctors, there’s not enough nurses, it’s not well organised enough.

The NHS has been destroyed … and now you come here for a press opportunity.

Also in September, another voter in Yorkshire became an internet meme after telling Johnson to “please leave my town”. And he’s far from the only one to have taken down Johnson to his face. Speaking in Doncaster, one person told the prime minister:

people have died because of austerity. And then you’ve got the cheek to come here and tell us austerity’s over and it’s all good now


The latest voter to give Johnson a kicking appears to be going viral:

It’s clear why the voter’s short verdict on Johnson resonates with so many. Johnson is a notorious liar who once conspired to have a journalist’s ribs broken. In another example of his character, the Conservative leader refused to apologise in October 2017 after saying that Libya could be turned into a luxury resort once people cleared away the “dead bodies”. The man is not fit to be prime minister.

Featured image via Ridge on Sunday/ Twitter

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      Tory Govt Minister including P.M. Boris
      A voter’s knee jerk reaction to hearing the words ‘Boris Johnson’ is the epitome of priceless
      Just some points for his area voters
      Come new G.E. possibly in 2019 will you all vote for him again to Represent all you residents in Govt yes or no?
      He broke the laws of Parament by gagging all parties by shutting down Govt do you voter thinks this was right,
      yes or no? of him to close Govt down losing lots and lots of public laws +reformed bill that matter to us public and we needed urgently to be put into law as a result of them not being voted no in H.O.C by over parties they have gone now so no help to us public from Boris.
      Now our courts of law have said Boris broke the rules of Govt and parliament was opened ‘up’ again thank god.
      But now the BEN Act is in law NOW.
      I ask myself will Boris break the rules again and make us leave with NO deal?? In Oct 2019,
      Then do a runner like Tory P.M. David Cameron did on us voters plus the U.k. residents and leave the mess of leaving without a deal in Oct 2019 for some over party to clean up that we put in place after a G.E. possibly held in 2019 time frame in U.K. Is this your plane of action Boris yes or no?
      I be-leave it could be or Maybe Boris plane now to trash us out with NO deal in Oct 2019 then run off leaving the Tory party Minister under him to clean up E.U. mess or a new Govt to cleanup if they can after trashing the N/Ireland good Friday agreement + broader problem before he goes.
      I voted to leave but not trash our country or the old agreement (good Friday) plus the N/Ireland brooders this will be done under a Tory Govt ruled by rich party funder plus Boris including their partners in this crime D.U.P. party
      GOD help N/Ireland people if we leave with NO deal in place and Boris + rich Tory party funder are left running our countries for their personal gain ONLY.
      (MONEY is talking now not the voter or residents in U.K.)

    2. I’m old enough to remember the 1997 general election when one of the highlights of the night was the ”Portillo Moment” ie when Michael Portillo lost Enfield South to Labour’s Stephen Twigg. Even watching the recording more than 20 years later (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BVvWE6V9ulE) gives a lot of pleasure. It was a screaming with joy experience to see it happen live. For younger people, this was before Portillo reinvented himself as a genial, loud trouser-wearing rail enthusiast and TV personality. As an MP he was a rabid Thatcherite, a fervent supporter of the Poll Tax and, as Defence Secretary, made a completely unhinged speech at the Tory Conference extolling the SAS.

      The screams of joy throughout the land will be many times louder if the good voters of Uxbridge boot out Boris Johnson at the next election, and we will all owe them a huge debt of gratitude for ever.

      1. To all voter of this country start holding Tory Govt member plus Boris FULLY to account now before D/Day in Oct 2019 then it will be too late when we have left with NO deal in place that Boris plus his Minister under him now wish to happen.
        RELPY to all poster on this problem with Tory Govt
        Unelected by us public Boris’s mess
        WELL SAID ALL –marijo1951–Tweet-chirp-loon
        All y our words are well placed on record now here
        I will thank the voters in Uxbridge and South Ruslip fielding
        if they help us NON-Tory voters get shut of him
        at the next new G.E. possibly in 2019-time frame??
        Remembering this true ‘FACT’ NON-Tory voters the rich Tory party funder in the places in this article voted Boris in place.
        So, they could all benefit ONLY not the rest of the residents in this area, Boris is about to betray here now on Oct 31st 2019 by leaving E. U. WITHOUT a deal in place to protect the U.K/Wales/Scotland/ N/Ireland area as well will suffer from Boris
        Way of us leaving E.U. with NO deal with No protection for us.

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