Jeremy Corbyn nails just how different his government will be in one sentence

Jeremy Corbyn
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On 6 November, Jeremy Corbyn delivered a speech in Telford. But one line in particular summed up exactly how a Corbyn government would be different:

I want to seek power for our party in order to share that power out across the country

No silver spoons here

Corbyn’s speech was blistering. He took aim at the politics that is all about “shouting matches in parliament” and stated that he wanted to share “power and wealth with people who don’t have a lot of money, don’t have friends in high places”. He also highlighted the difference between himself and the Conservative Party elite, saying:

I was not born to rule. 

You can watch his full speech here:

Once in a generation

Corbyn claims this election is a “once-in-a-generation chance to transform our country”. And if he’s serious about returning real power to the people of this country, then he’s right.

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We have a clear choice between elitist snobs who will do everything they can to screw over ordinary people, or a prime minister who genuinely wants to transform all our lives. The choice shouldn’t be simpler.

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    1. I honestly think we could go further than the “once-in-a-generation chance to transform our country” statement and say that the reality is that this is a our last chance to transform our country.

      When I consider the state of the world, the state of technology, mega-corps, the Military-Industrial Complex, the Deep State, and many other powerful, non-democratic entities, it is clear to me that ‘1984’ and ‘Blade Runner’ type scenarios are rapidly becoming a reality.

      The worry is that if we do not transform our country now, there will never again be a chance for us (the people) to change it, as the world is now almost totally under the control of non-elected and elected elites, who having the power, technology, influence and desires to do so, are already deeply undermining Democracy, with the goal of total corporate/state autocracy masquerading as Democracy.

      Jeremy Corbyn, and those that support him, are the last chance to save our country from the machinations of those who would have us live under 1984 and Blade Runner-like scenarios, making us all dumbed-down, consumer drones, subject to the whims of some faraway corporate, military-industrially backed despot. Worse, that would likely then be mankind’s future for eternity, as they have the technology and control to make it so, just not yet enough control to fully implement their dystopian visions.

      Tories are wilfully taking us into that future, Lib Dems are blindly trying to lead us into that future, only Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party is wilfully resisting that future, and they have a plan to achieve it. If Tories or Lib-Dems, or a Coalition Tory/Lib Dem Alliance gets into power, we can kiss goodbye to the NHS, any form of rational justice, our hard won standards on food and products, our civil liberties, our human rights, worker rights, and animal rights will become worthless, we will get owned and pwned, and sued into submission by and to the Corporation of The United States of America, or as our Country is also now a for-profit Corporation (thanks for nothing Blair!), we would become a U.S. subsidiary Corporation.

      Just because the USA says they won’t do that to us, doesn’t mean they won’t, even if they’ve signed legal documents to the contrary, you can be sure there will be clauses that allow them to change our laws and country by other less obvious means, and if they decide to, they can just ignore the law and invent a reason as to why they aren’t bound by it.

      This isn’t a conspiracy theory, the once secret TTIP deal was exactly that, and you can be sure that the New Trade Deal the USA wants with us is to all intents and purposes, still the TTIP deal, but under a different name, and with some additional ‘clever’ legal-language tweaks made to hide the original desires/demands behind.

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