In just one sentence Richard Burgon explains why there’s ‘nothing independent’ about Nigel Farage

Richard Burgon and Nigel Farage

Representatives from the UK’s seven main parties took part in ITV’s election debate on 1 December. During the debate, Labour’s shadow justice secretary Richard Burgon clashed with the Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage. And in doing so, he highlighted the danger of Farage’s relationship with US president Donald Trump.

Because in this exchange, Burgon exposed Farage’s position on UK independence when he said:

There’s nothing independent about taking instructions…when Donald Trump phones up

Farage could do nothing but smirk.

LBC Interview

On 31 October, Farage interviewed Trump on LBC. During the interview, the two men discussed the UK’s relationship with the EU and trade deals with the US. In addition, Trump urged Farage and Boris Johnson to “get together” for the upcoming election. Trump described Farage and Johnson as “two brilliant people”.

Online reaction

People online were quick to react to Burgon’s response to Farage:

A dangerous triple act

Since that Trump interview, Johnson promised not to extend the Brexit transition period beyond 2020. Then Farage agreed his Brexit Party would stand aside in constituencies taken by the Conservatives in the 2017 election. It appeared as if a deal had been struck.

So Farage and Johnson’s close relationship with Trump shows their post-Brexit UK would be anything but independent. And the NHS, if further opened up to the US market, would be anything but safe.

Farage stooped even further

And that wasn’t all. During the ITV debate, Farage’s unhealthy relationship with Trump was exposed further. Disgracefully, Farage attempted to defend Trump’s notorious misogynistic comments:

People viewing the debate were disgusted:

Choice ahead for the British people

Nobody who says or defends such comments should be anywhere near public office or have any public influence.

And the British people can make sure people like Farage, Johnson, and Trump have little or no influence in British politics and the NHS on 12 December. So it’s time to support a party that has the interests of the British people and the NHS at heart.

Featured image via Twitter – Corbynator 2.0

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