Nobody can believe this Brexit MEP’s Twitter account isn’t a parody

pro-Brexit group on immigration

On 31 January, the UK is leaving the EU. Whatever your views on this, there’s one group of people who should be happy – the Brexit Party. But apparently not.

MEP June Mummery left Twitter users scratching their heads in disbelief and unable to believe her account isn’t a parody after she tweeted:



Some Twitter users had to check it wasn’t a parody account:

Meanwhile, as one academic put it, “rarely do you see such absolute absurdity portrayed in 280 characters”:

“It would be funny if it wasn’t so tragic”

Labour MP David Lammy nailed his response to the tweet:

And as another MEP tweeted:

‘Mindblowing stupidity’

Many people couldn’t get over just how stupid this tweet was:

But unfortunately, it’s symptomatic of the whole Brexit debate. Whether it’s arguing about if a big clock should chime at a ridiculous cost, admissions that Brexit will cause problems, or this tweet, the whole issue is mired in mindblowing stupidity.

This isn’t to say all Brexiteers are stupid or that there aren’t good reasons for leaving the EU in the right way. Nor is it to say there isn’t gross stupidity on the Remain side of the debate either. You only need to look at the state of the Lib Dems to know this is the case.

But it does, unfortunately, sum up so much of the quality of political debate in the UK. And unless we can get to a place where our elected politicians can manage commentary that can’t be mistaken for parody, then the future is very bleak.

Featured image via Pixabay

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