Left-wing MPs put Starmer’s weak response to the Cummings scandal to shame

Keir Starmer and Dominic Cummings
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The scandal over Boris Johnson’s chief adviser Dominic Cummings allegedly breaking coronavirus (Covid-19) lockdown rules has sparked widespread anger. Over 50% of people now reportedly think he should step down. But that’s something Labour leader Keir Starmer seems unhappy to demand.

The comments of left-wing Labour MPs, meanwhile, have shown a much better understanding of what people around the country want right now.

‘Breaking the law’

Back in April, the official 10 Downing Street Twitter account said:


Cummings, however, now stands accused of ‘breaking the rules‘. And so far, Boris Johnson and other key government figures have rallied to defend him. Cummings has denied wrongdoing and denied breaking the rules a second time. But even some Conservative backbenchers think it’s time for him to go; as do some 41% of Tory voters.

The official opposition stance, though, has seemingly been to demand an ‘explanation‘ rather than a resignation or dismissal. And key members of Starmer’s shadow cabinet have duly avoided openly calling for Cummings to go. In fact, at least one shadow cabinet member actually criticised a protest outside Cummings’s house that highlighted why him flouting the rules was so unacceptable.

Labour’s official posture comes despite around 66% of Labour voters reportedly thinking Cummings should step down. And as one commentator put it, he “is 100% safe” until this position changes; because “no PM will sack his own advisor as long the opposition refuse to call for him to go”.

Labour left-wingers step in to lead

Left-wing Labour MPs, on the other hand, showed real leadership over the Cummings scandal:

As the Network for Police Monitoring noted, the government’s ‘one rule for Cummings, another for everyone else’ message has clear repercussions:

And as the Secret Barrister highlighted, Johnson’s defence of Cummings has implications for anyone charged with breaking coronavirus rules:

Socialist Campaign Group secretary Richard Burgon, meanwhile, was particularly vocal, insisting:

Demand better

The UK has suffered potentially 60,000+ excess deaths linked to coronavirus. And the government’s approach to the crisis has received significant criticism. The Cummings scandal, meanwhile, has made government messaging even more confusing than it already was.

As Labour left-winger Claudia Webbe stressed:

Government support for Cummings has seriously damaged public trust in its message. And amid a crisis that has already devastated so many lives, further confusion is utterly unacceptable. We all deserve so much better – and we need to start demanding it.

Featured image via Guardian News/YouTube and Independent/YouTube

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    1. I’m surprised Angela Rayner has said nowt. I believe she self-isolated in her OWN bedroom whilst her family stayed downstairs.
      As for MiLord Flipperty-Flop. He’s still figuring out how to say he broke the rules/he didn’t break the rules in the same sentence.
      Part-time PM and part-time Oppo.

    2. I have no idea why so many people are so surprised that the psychopathic puppeteer behind the PM is apparently above the law. 1. He can’t care – none of it applies to him; he’s a psychopath.
      2. Ruling class privileges, innit.
      3. Poor people, disabled people, sick people, old people, people with additional needs…are all much cheaper dead. They tried starving them, but it was unreliable and slow. Then a plague happened to do the job for them. They do care, then, on that level; they’re experiencing it as “delight”.. >sigh<

      1. I worked it out early on why they were seeding care homes with infected residents.
        10,000 dead oldies save the Treasury up to £7.5m per annum in state pension pay outs.
        Now they are after trying out their savings plan on child benefits.

        1. It’s over 20,000 dead in care homes…….the Tories (the Party of Death) weren’t counting deceased for over a month, and remember death certificates are being fiddled….that another scandal.

    3. Taking a 4. Yr old on a 250 mile trip in a car with 2 people carrying a deadly virus is not “instinct” its just plain stupid and dangerous. Any person with an ounce of common sense can see that there is something very wrong going on here.

      1. What is it about failing to call for Cummings’ resignation that’s beyond your comprehension? Until he does so, it is Starmer’s response that is peevish and feeble, along with your comment.

          1. If he was, the Labour Party would have 1 more member than now

            What people don’t seem to understand is that Corbyn stood for change “for the many not the few” whilst Starmer is business as usual back to capitalism stealing from the poor, establishment. For evidence just compare the treatment of the 2 by MSM hacks.

            1. No one cares about boring old Jezzer anymore. Yesterday’s news. Move on.

        1. Blue Labour = blairite politics and look how good that was, although I doubt the 3,000,000 Iraq civilians that died as a direct result of the US and U.K. illegal war would agree.

          Corbyn offered a different way which would have made a difference and if you want evidence that the establishment was behind the way he was treated just look at the BBC panarama episode which was put over as fact but in reality was pure fiction. 3 panarama programs derided Corbyn none for May or her cronies. Look at the MSM in this country which just cuts and paste from Tory press briefings straight to the front page. Blue Labour or blue Tories ? Answer NONE

    4. The Secret Barrister has the answer I like. All fines be cancelled.
      Breaking the rule is breaking the law??
      When in doubt pretend the rule is a law which it isn’t.
      Scary police.
      Forget about ordinary people being considerate, sensible, and safe on their own with this pandemic.
      Don’t trust them for a minute to do what’s right. Use fear to keep them in line. Intimidate!
      Only Cummings Class can be trusted?

    5. It seems the MI5 plant Starmer is showing his true deep state colours early. The Labour Party need to flush the deep state membership out and get on top of representing the middle and low income people rather than the ‘self entitled’ wealthy people. As an affluent lawyer Starmer has conflicted interests. In fact he would be a better leader of the Tory party than the fat head they have now.

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