People are outraged at Keir Starmer’s lockdown response

Keir Starmer
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Members of the public have expressed their frustration with Keir Starmer’s failure to advocate for increased safety net measures in the new lockdown.

On the evening of 4 January, the Labour leader appeared on BBC News and was asked whether Labour thought there was a “notable absence” from the government’s lockdown measures. Starmer replied:

Not an absence. I think the most important thing is the messaging about ‘stay at home’ and going back to the spirit of March, because a lot is now going to depend on the willingness of people to comply, and I urge everybody to comply with the package that the prime minister has just outlined, to follow the guidance.

Meanwhile, organisations like the Trades Union Congress (TUC), the Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF), and the Renters’ Reform Coalition have urged the government to introduce measures such as increasing sick pay and lengthening the eviction ban during the new lockdown.

Sick pay

The TUC is currently urging the government to increase sick pay for workers in self-isolation to help control coronavirus (Covid-19) cases.

It conducted a poll that found 40% of workers said they would go into debt if they were placed on statutory sick pay, while 20% said they would receive no wages at all.

Statutory sick pay is currently £95.85 per week. The TUC is calling on the government to increase this to £320 per week, as well as making sure all workers receive it.

TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady said:

The government must do everything possible to slow down the spiralling rise in Covid-19 cases. With the virus becoming more infectious, it’s more important than ever that people self-isolate when they develop symptoms. But the lack of decent sick pay is undermining Britain’s public health effort and is forcing workers to choose between doing the right thing and being plunged into hardship.

Ministers must stop turning a blind eye to this problem and raise sick pay to at least the real living wage of £320 a week. And they must ensure that everyone has access to it.

This view was also echoed by social media users:

Eviction threats

Several campaign groups have called for the eviction ban to be extended. The ban on ‘no-fault’ (section 21) evictions is due to end on 11 January.

This will allow landlords to evict tenants without having to prove any faults. According to a poll in November by the JRF, more than 350,000 people have either been served eviction notices or discussed eviction with their landlords.

In December, housing organisations came together to form the Renters’ Reform Coalition, to press for an extension to the ban as well as more protection for private renters.

Again people on Twitter were on hand to highlight what Starmer missed:

Calls for increased measures

Several MPs have since called for increased safety net measures during the new lockdown, including supporting small businesses, uplifting Universal Credit, and housing rough sleepers:

And at least Labour’s deputy leader appeared to have a better handle on the situation:

Starmer’s response was shameful. At a time when millions of people on low incomes and in precarious work will be scared and anxious about the future, Starmer chose to cheerlead the government rather than doing his job and advocate for the solutions that so many people desperately need.

Featured image via Wikimedia Commons/Chris McAndrew

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    1. My company won’t allow me to furlough this time around in order to help shield my highly vulnerable mother (who I live with).
      So the choice for me is either SSP and get into debt or reduced hours at work, and only do the weekend, to avoid contact with the majority of my co-workers and scrape by.

    2. Any people who are still covering their own eyes, singing the Blairite Mantra “Any Labour Government is better than a Conservative Government” best wake up you’re walking into a hornets’ nest! This guy does not give a Flying F**k about the Working Class or Vulnerable People!
      They have your Human Rights, now he wants you freedom of speech, ie Julian Assange, the Vaccine…..!
      10% PLP are UK Labour Party, Democratic Socialists
      90% PLP are Starmer Like Neolabour Tory Party, Thatcherite Neoliberal a Parasite Party that consumed all but 10% of The UK Labour Party and feeds of The ‘Labour’ Brand!
      What is the point of voting for the 10% Great Democratic Socialist MPs when we will get a 90% Hornets’ Nest!? Who will either appease this Government or be Worse than them! At least with two such frightening Lead Parties the breadline is climbing up the income scale and catching up to many, many people who were living in Fluff Bubbles and if that forces them to wake up then this suffering is worth it!
      The sad thing is there is no reason why we as an Island are not on par with New Zealand, if only we also had a Democratic Socialist Labour Party like they do! Imagine if Majority British did not think by MSM!

    3. More deluded garbage that the British electorate are crying out for the return of Jeremy Corbyn to lead the country to a socialist heaven.

      How Boris Johnson and his right wing zealots must live the Canary echo chamber. 5 more years.

      Look to America. Is the Canary prepared to acknowledge that Biden is is a massive improvement on Trunp for social justice, racial equality, climate change and world stability. Or is Biden just Trump in disguise?

    4. “Well, what do you expect from a pig but a grunt?”
      – Kevin Costner (Jim Garrison)
      Hopefully, Starmer’s last words will be,
      “I’m sorry Mr Murdoch sir, I did all I could…”
      “You have failed me, Starmer, ME! And you know the penalty for that!”
      “Ni, please, Master, NO! Not the piranhas, not the piranhas, anything but the piranhas, no! No! Aaaaaaaaiiiiiiiieeeeee!” SPLASH!
      I got rid of the piranhas, they took too long, I got a 20-foot saltie instead, the only things it can’t digest are social workers and polyvinyl chloride, ha ha ha!”

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