Matt Hancock’s lies just crashed and burned live on TV

Matt Hancock looking angry over the NHS data grab court action
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Matt Hancock’s arrogance seems to know no bounds. Because on Sunday 24 January, he lied about the UK’s vaccination programme, live on TV. But to make matters worse, a doctor immediately called out his untruth just moments later – on the same show.

It’s “going so well”!

Sky‘s Sophy Ridge on Sunday was being presented by Stephen Dixon. This was due to Ridge herself testing positive for coronavirus (Covid-19) and self-isolating. Dixon had the unfortunate duty of having to interview health secretary Hancock. Much of the establishment corporate media ran with his views on the current lockdown. Sky News itself reported:

It is still a “long, long, long way” before coronavirus cases are low enough for lockdown to be lifted, the health secretary has told Sky News.

But it was his comments on the current vaccination programme that should have really raised eyebrows.

Hancock proudly said that:

The vaccine rollout here is going so well. Over five million people have been vaccinated. As of this morning, three quarters of all over-80s in the UK have been vaccinated, which is absolutely brilliant progress.

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Hold up.

Hang on a minute…

Has the NHS “vaccinated” over five million people, including three quarters of over-80s? The short answer is no: Hancock was trying to be clever with words. And just after his interview, a doctor called him out – also live on Ridge.

Dr Rosie Shire from the Doctors’ Association UK told from the tweet below] Dixon:

It’s really important just to mention here that we’re hearing a lot of statistics about three quarters of over-80s have been vaccinated. Well actually, no – they haven’t been.

Three quarters of over-80 year-olds have received their first dose of the vaccination. And they’re not going to be fully vaccinated until they’ve received that second dose. And if they’ve had the Pfizer vaccination, we don’t know if they are going to be fully vaccinated when they receive the second dose, because that schedule has been changed from what was studied and what was licenced.

It seems Shire may have heard what Hancock said just before she came on. Because it looked like she was calling out his claim directly.

Semantically fast-and-loose

But a Tory attempting to be clever with their use of words to make them and their government look better isn’t exactly new.

The Canary recently reported on Northern Ireland secretary Brandon Lewis saying the Tories’ response to the pandemic had been “led by” the science. In other words? Blame the scientists and medics if it all goes wrong. But he was at odds with Cabinet Office minister Michael Gove, who said in December the science “informed” the Tories.

Clearly, Tory ministers thinks they can play fast-and-loose with semantics to make themselves look better. But to anyone watching, it’s obvious that all they’re doing is trying to deflect criticism, and sometimes responsibility, for their own catastrophic handling of this crisis.

Featured image via Adam Cherry – YouTube 

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    1. I preferred his older quotes….
      “A pint? That’s half an armful!”
      “Flipping kids!”
      “Hello Mayday hello mayday hello mayday!”
      “Look at that! Six eggs and only five soldiers!”
      “I’ve trodden on better faces than yours when clawing my way to the bottom!”
      And the best one of all…
      “Things seemed to go wrong too many times…..”

    2. A bit disappointing that this is the best you can come up with. Hancock was right that they had been vaccinated. I think that most people would say they’d been vaccinated after getting their first dose. He didn’t say they’d been fully vaccinated and I doubt if many people read it that way – I certainly didn’t.

      As for your second point, that’s again surely rather feeble. From the beginning of this pandemic the UK government, and indeed the devolved governments, have said they were being “led by” the science. If the Tories are doing it to deflect criticism, then so are the devolved nations, none of which have Tory governments.

      1. Severely disappointing that there are still so many useful idiots taking the time to defend, and further enable the deadly ineptitude of, crooks who couldn’t care less about them.

        As for your second point, I had to rub my eyes and read it again x3 lol Mental age of contributor – no more than 14. Probably less. A lot less.

        1. Yeah, I see what you’re saying. Slimy evil bastards.

          Made me laugh though 😀

          It’s interesting how the typical right-wing mentality perceives/fears people like Russel Brand. Rather than seeing the obvious truth, they insantly focus on the negative aspects that exist only in their beloved gutter rags and groupthink type bubbles of warped insecurity. The fact that we live in a country full of closed-minded, flag nonces who spend their compliant lives thinking it’s all about looking hard while they worship, and fill the bank accounts of, the worlds teeniest bigot and mother of all manufactured hardmen, Tommeh Robinson, is bad enough. That they also have the ability and freedom to reproduce only serves to make this bad situation much, much worse.

          Yeah, I’m just kidding. Kinda.

          Thanks for the link.

    3. Your words are far too kind. Apparently millions of adults in the UK have only reached the reading and comprehension age of a nine year old.

      What a grim situation we are in. No wonder the ‘red tops’ have such large print headlines and lots of pictures. How very sad a situation we are in.

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