With Sir Kid Starver keeping the two-child limit, Labour is supporting Eugenics

Sir Kid Starver watching a baby holding a milk bottle two-child limit
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Social media has been in uproar over now-renamed Keir Starmer’s announcement that the Labour Party will keep the two-child limit on benefits like Universal Credit. So-called “Sir Kid Starver” has briefed his front bench to hold the line over the controversial plan. However, the fuss over the policy fails to put it into context: that the Tory-created cap on benefits is little more than Eugenics, to stop poor people having kids.

Two-child limit: a devastating policy

Sir Kid Starver told BBC hack Laura Kuenssberg on Sunday 16 July that Labour would not scrap the two-child limit policy if it won the next election:

As the Canary previously wrote, the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) brought in the Tory policy:

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on 6 April 2017. It meant the DWP would only pay Child Tax Credit and Universal Credit for two children in a family; any more than this the DWP would not count in benefits calculations.

The policy has been controversial. A court ruled in June 2017 that the policy was “discriminatory” against single mothers with children under two. Then, in April 2018, another court said the cap was unlawful. This was in relation to young carers. The so-called ‘rape clause‘, where women have to prove they’ve been raped to get an exception to the two-child limit, also sparked outrage.

The policy has been devastating. The two-child limit affects one in 10 children. The Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) says the policy is “one of the biggest drivers” of child poverty  – and figures show this. By 2020, there was a near-10% increase in poverty among families with three or more kids. The policy has cut over £5bn from people’s benefits. Plus, the CPAG recently found that over 110,000 kids were hit by both the two-child limit and the equally obscene benefit cap.

Labour: doubling down

With this in mind, you’d think Sir Kid Starver would consider it wise to scrap the policy, especially given the £1.3bn cost of doing this is less than half a percent of total DWP budget. But no – once a Red Tory, always a Red Tory. Moreover, shadow culture secretary Lucy Powell doubled down on Sir Kid Starver’s pledge while doing the breakfast media rounds on Tuesday 18 July:

People are rightly furious:

A lot of people are also pointing out the cruelty of the two-child limit:

Note as well that Sir Kid Starver is supporting a policy that’s just a little bit systemically racist (no surprise there, given his own racism):

However, what most people failed to mention was that when you actually break the two-child limit down, it is dripping in Eugenics.

Sir Kid Starver: supporting Eugenics

As the Canary previously reported, after the Tories brought in the two-child limit, abortion rates among women who already had two or more kids increased rapidly. However:

The Canary analysed the birth rates for women by socioeconomic status; that is for the richest and poorest women.

Our research found that birth rates fell generally between 2017 and 2019. But we found the biggest falls were among the poorest households. For example, between 2013 and 2016, birth rates in four bottom deciles (10%’s of population) fell overall by 0.9%. Then suddenly, between 2017 and 2019, this accelerated to a 12.4% fall in birth rates. This fall also correlated with an 11.74% increase in abortions – and the poorest women were having abortions at over twice the rate of the richest.

What does this mean?

Well, it’s hard not to look at the figures and think that the Tories intentionally designed the two-child policy to stop poor people having children. As the CPAG noted:

If these findings are related to the two-child policy, it is horrifying. China’s one-child policy was driven by burgeoning birth rates. We have sub-replacement fertility. There is no other country in history that has adapted social security policy to increase child poverty to reduce fertility or encourage abortion. It is a completely outrageous assault on liberty.

That is – the Tories introduced a policy to socially engineer certain groups of people to stop them having kids. This is Eugenics in all but name – and the evidence backs up that assertion. Now, with Sir Kid Starver and Labour supporting it, they’ve shown their true colours – and there’s no red anywhere to be found.

Featured image via Channel 4 News – YouTube, and Political TV – YouTube

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    1. Sir Kid Starver what an apt nom de plume for the block of wood leader of the Red Tory party. Next election vote Tory get Tory. Vote Labour get Tory. What a choice. The block of wood has had a compassion removal operation. All the personality of a wet mop.

    2. At this rate, ‘realist’ trad-labour voters will be considering voting Tory directly to get more trad-labour policies. o.O

      Literally all Rishi would have to do is scrap everything the loathed Osbo did, and the Tories would BE “The socialist party” in comparison.

      The Kid Starver Party would do exactly as well as the treacherous Chucky & Friends did.

      TBF, Kid Starver KNOWS he is hated the breadth of the Land by Labour constituencies, and anyone with even a thread of moral compass, and he sees that in their faces. Can’t be doing any good for his internal self.

      However, like the US’s Demonrat Party ‘Superstars’, fx the KKKlintons, Bidets, Buttercheeks, …Cheneys, they don’t give a flying fuck about the “voters”, or the party activists. They are relying upon corporate Pravda, and rigged elections.

      TBF, ‘realistically’, they may well be right to do so.

      Bear in mind Corbyn was BY FAR the most popular political leader for several generations, who tripled the membership of the Labour Party, and energised every activist over and under the age of 30, and who in a clean election would have swept the board in a landslide EASILY.

      Brought down by the corporate Pravda, and by the dirtiest and most rigged UK election (2019) since MPs directly purchased seats in Rotten Boroughs.

      And the Public, and even Political Science Academia, slept on.

      Frankly, ‘we’ got Kid Starver because WE dropped the ball, and didn’t go out on the streets when it became obvious the illegally-funded “Brexshit Party” spoiler – remember that “Party” now? The corporate Pravda IMMEDIATELY forgot it… funny dat – along with the unbelievably suspicious ‘Mail in ballot’ increase ESPECIALLY, in ‘swing seats’, and all the evidence of Granny-farming that came out…

      But we didn’t, did we? Any of us.

      Not even ONE article from the UK’s academic Political Science depts. None. Zip. Nada.

      So many sacrificed to get Corbyn up to that point, and now the country is being sacrificed – or its poorest and weakest members – on Neoliberalism’s, and Neoconservatism’s (And neo-Fascism is in the UK’s wings, not just in the Ukrainian regime), blood-soaked altar.

      Sir Kid Starver.


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