MPs to be summoned to Westminster for Commons Brexit showdown

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Ministers are preparing to summon MPs for a special Saturday sitting of parliament following next week’s crucial EU summit.

Government sources said MPs were expected to be called back to Westminster on 19 October regardless of whether Boris Johnson has been able to secure agreement on a Brexit deal.

The summit in Brussels on 17 and 18 October is the last scheduled meeting of EU leaders before Britain is supposed to leave on 31 October.

If the prime minister is able to get an agreement, it will be an opportunity for MPs – who will have to give their approval – to debate it.

Otherwise, Johnson is expected to set out how he plans to take Britain out of the EU at the end of the month regardless.

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The prospects of an agreement were looking slim after Downing Street accused the EU on Tuesday of making it “essentially impossible” for the UK to leave with a deal.

Johnson is expected to meet Irish premier Leo Varadkar on Thursday in a last-ditch effort to break the deadlock over the backstop, which continues to stand in the way of an agreement.

Countdown to leaving the EU

But after speaking to Johnson by telephone on Tuesday, Varadkar warned that it would be “very difficult” to get an agreement in time for next week.

While the Irish government and the EU were working to get an agreement, he said they were not prepared to do a deal “at any cost”.

“There are some fundamental objectives that haven’t changed for the past three years and we need them guaranteed,” he told RTE news.

“I think it is going to be very difficult to secure an agreement by next week, quite frankly.

“Essentially what the United Kingdom has done is repudiate the deal that we negotiated in good faith with prime minister (Theresa) May’s government over two years and sort of put half of that now back on the table and are saying ‘That’s a concession’. And of course it isn’t really.”

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    1. MPs to be summoned to Westminster for Commons Brexit showdown
      Hold on HERE Boris + Tory Minister under him
      Government sources said MPs were expected to be called back to Westminster on 19 October regardless of whether Boris Johnson has been able to secure agreement on a Brexit deal, (PAID OVERTIME YES OR NO Boris?)
      I as a taxpayer + voter Unelected P.M. by a public vote Boris. wish to know the FULL WAGES BILL here for all parties plus staff in backrooms for working at weekend (Saturday) we are paying for please tell me + voters the full amount of Cash taxpayer we will be paying out here for you lot to vote on something out of hour in parliament time on 19th Oct ( a weekend date) that should be Done on a normal day in Govt + H.O.Commons.
      Boris + Tory Minister under him cannot keep wasting our taxpayer money day in day out now as I be-leave they are now doing so. also, can or could be or maybe or possibly be planning to leave Govt power by leaving a BIG BLACK HOLE in our taxpayer money pot before they Go at next G.E. possibly held in NOV 2019 time frame.
      And blame the Brexit mess for the public BLACK HOLE in our taxpayer’s finances mess on it way now, which all Tory party member plus its voters created in the first place back in 2016 vote on E.U. mess that as led to this point in time 10.10.2019, still in E.U. FULLY and nothing changed at all but our taxpayer money as could or maybe going gone down the toilet now under Tory rule voters.

    2. UPDATE!
      On some tweets sent to Tory Gov tmembers
      Boris+ my local area Pendle Tory M.P.
      ON matter that concern us resident plus voter.
      Tweets to Boris on education cash 13.10.2019
      cash being wasted on paying for your t/sport x Minister failing in his job under Tory X-P.M. May the doggy deal he did our taxpayer cash is being wasted now to cover his backside on the bad deals he personally made Boris this cash could be use on our Schools now not wasted.
      So, Boris TELL ME why you Tories trashed our teachers jobs plus our education needs cash funding just to save you cash to spend on Tory pet transport project deals that failed under Graying and we taxpayer had to pay the price Boris not Greying
      Boris put all the cash your Tory Govt Ministers withheld form the teaching + Schools budgets and leave the teacher to teach and you try running our country for us all not just your RICH party funders Boris that voted you in P.M. job Not us public voters your rich Backers ONLY.
      Tweets to A/Stephenson local Tory M.P. 13.10.2019
      On policing our area
      Just this to ask our NON-Tory M.P of Pendle area
      that doesn’t represent us in Govt anymore
      WILL all the new P/O be vetted fully so we can trust them on our streets of Pendle area Yes or no Andrew
      Or will they be X Officers sacked for wrongdoing at some time before yes or no
      what date precisely will new P/O Be working our streets of Pendle area when it takes 3 years to train them right so it LOOK LIKE we are getting OLD personal you sacked years AGO or doggy ones that were sacked for wrongdoing are we getting new P.O or just OLD doggy stock Andrew
      Remember Andrew they are a new G.E. on it way in 2019
      so, I as a resident plus voter of Pendle area wish to know the true answers to my post here on P/O staffing from you SIR before the G.E. vote will our new P.O. be new or OLD staff you sacked years ago yes or no Tory M.P.
      Andrew now the BIG Q for you where are you getting
      all the new staff form outside of U.K area I.E. Migrant workers remembering your Tory party pledge plus Manifesto wording to cut Migrant worker number in our country So it looks like am right the Old Doggy P.O could be back

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