Reported hate crimes up 10% to record high

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Hate crimes hit a record high in the last year with a surge in the number of reported offences triggered by sexual orientation and transgender identity, official figures show.

Police in England and Wales recorded 103,379 hate crimes in 2018/19 – 10% more than the previous year and more than double the 2012/13 figure of 42,255.

Police-recorded hate crime offences in England and Wales
(PA Graphics)

Race remained the main trigger in the majority of reported offences at 76% of the total, an 11% rise in the last year from 71,264 to 78,991.

There were jumps in the number of transgender identity hate crimes – up by 37% in the last year from 1,703 to 2,333 – and a 25% hike in offences motivated by sexual orientation (14,491, up from 11,592).

Disability hate crimes rose by 14% from 7,221 to 8,256; and offences triggered by religion rose by 3% from 8,339 to 8,566, the data showed.

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The increases are partly because of improvements in the way crimes are recorded, but there were spikes seen after events such as the EU referendum and the terrorist attacks in 2017, as well as a rise in reports in the summer of 2018 and January this year.

  • race or ethnicity;
  • religion or beliefs;
  • sexual orientation;
  • disability;
  • transgender identity.

Over half (54%) of the hate crimes recorded by the police were for public order offences, a third (36%) involved violence while 5% were recorded as criminal damage and arson.

Around 12% of the offences were estimated to have more than one motivation, with the majority of these being both race and religion.

Hate crimes are defined as those perceived to be motivated by hostility or prejudice of a characteristic.

Five strands are monitored nationally: race or ethnicity; religion or beliefs; sexual orientation; disability; and transgender identity.

But some police forces log other types of hostility under hate crime, including reports of misogyny and incidents where victims were targeted because of their age or membership of an “alternative sub-culture”, such as goths.

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    1. Legal ambiguity allows increased Islamophobic offenses to go unpunished across Europe, according to the Belgium-based think tank Thinkout.

      Thinkout’s Baker Gunes said certain legal loopholes in Europe did not punish people who commit Islamophobic crimes.
      “In most places you cannot open a case personally [over a complaint of Islamophobic crime],” he said, adding that certain new legal arrangements for such crimes should be made.

      Azra Junuzovic, who is the Deputy Chief of the Tolerance and Non-Discrimination Unit under the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, said on February 19 that intolerance and discrimination against Muslims posed a serious problem.

      Junuzovic also said discrimination against Muslims is on the rise, according to recent research.
      More than 40 million Muslims live in Europe, according to the US-based think tank Pew.

      Islamophobia is on the increase in all western countries because western media and politicians never tried to convince their public that without the constant flow of immigrants their society and economy would bleed to death. There will never be an end to immigration because of low birth rate, ageing population and gay marriages. The number of Muslims is on the increase because of never ending immigration, high birth rate and conversion.

      More than half of Americans say they have unfavourable views of Islam, and six in 10 either aren’t interested or don’t know whether they want to learn more about the faith, according to a new poll. The findings, detailed in a Huff Post/YouGov poll, should not be surprising, given the bad name the likes of Daesh (the self-proclaimed IS) and Al-Qaeda have given Islam. The poll results might also remain unchanged down the road, given the Islamophobia which is permeating into American schools where the young are most susceptible.

      In a high school in Texas, an economics teacher is facing disciplinary action after distributing anti-Muslim handouts to his students. The hand out contained inaccurate, Islamophobic rhetoric designed to entice hatred towards Islam and Muslims. It was bullying behavior. Students rely on educators to help them feel safe at school and feel that they are a part of the school, but here the educators themselves are the bullies from whom the students need protection. Young, impressionable minds were subjected to their teacher’s ignorance and blatant attempt to incite hatred and violence against a group the teacher disagreed with. Most people remember at least some of their teachers from school and such educational authority figures hold substantial power to mould students’ opinions. Put in the wrong hands, such power creates the wrong kind of student.

      The Muslim religion is the second largest in Canada, after Christianity. The population of Muslims in Canada has practically doubled since 2006. Islam is a perfect religion, the followers aren’t. There are black sheep’s in every herd. You can’t just throw all of us in one basket. That’s like saying all Catholics are paedophiles because of some priests or all black people a criminals and so on. The media is only reporting what it wants to report. Does it ever report the good things Muslims do? I’ll give you a recent example. The Kenyan mall attack. Abdul Haji, A MUSLIM KENYAN rescued many victims from the attack. Did you hear about that? Didn’t think so. Canada has always been a wonderful country with its peaceful and loving population in the mind of many around the world, a place where it would be nice to live in if it were possible. It would simply be a tragedy if Canada were to lose this cachet.
      Across Canada, Muslims have reason to feel concerned about how they are perceived when other Canadians identify them by their religion. A poll conducted by Angus Reid Public Opinion early last month, the results of which were made available exclusively to Maclean’s, found that attitudes toward Islam have deteriorated markedly across the country over the past four years. “It’s disturbing to see this growing level of mistrust,” said Andrew Grenville, Angus Reid’s chief research officer. The way Canadians see the other major religions—Christianity, Judaism, Sikhism, Hinduism and Buddhism—didn’t change much in the same four-year period. Try not wearing a low cut top, and don’t bother “checking them out in return” and you may just discover that in our western society, appearing sexualized is pretty much a requirement if you want to be recognized as a human being, and one that is worthy of hiring, for instance.

      There’s a new mainstream anti-Muslim racism that is built on fears for the survival of Western values. That’s the product of a nervous society in which social betterment is becoming increasingly difficult and in which there is a sense of omnipresent competition and struggle. The emotions generated by this are often not directed at a system, but at those who are different, at foreigners. This is also launched from the political arena and absorbed at grassroots level. Only recently, the conservative Bavarian party CSU suggested that foreigners should speak German at home.

      Although theoretically we live in a secular state, only church bells are allowed to ring out; the muezzin is not even permitted to issue a call to prayer on Fridays or public holidays. Muslim burials without a coffin are prohibited in all but a handful of federal states. The mandatory use of coffins dates from the seventeenth century, when it was introduced as a way of preventing the burial of a person who only appeared to be dead, by storing the body in a coffin for 48 hours. Muslims are not represented on the majority of broadcasting councils, although they also pay fees for public-service broadcasting.

      Britain, and the USA, children have no real value. Former secretary of state Madeline “it was worth it” Albright admitted on 60 Minutes that the Clinton administration had killed over 500,000 CHILDREN with bombings and sanctions. No one batted an eyelash. No one cried out for punishment. The Taliban kills 150 or so people, and the world condemns them, as it should. But the US kills over 500,000 children and the world calls the USA the beacon of democracy, the shining light on the hill? How can people think with the bells of cognitive dissonance ringing so loudly in their heads? Britain, and the USA, children have no real value. Former secretary of state Madeline “it was worth it” Albright admitted on 60 Minutes that the Clinton administration had killed over 500,000 CHILDREN with bombings and sanctions.
      The Taliban kills 150 or so people, and the world condemns them, as it should. But the US kills over 500,000 children and the world calls the USA the beacon of democracy, the shining light on the hill? How can people think with the bells of cognitive dissonance ringing so loudly in their heads?

      The party political manifestos, which have been published over the course of the week, show varying degrees of commitment by the three main parties to tackle anti-Muslim hatred.

      The Labour Party announced in its manifesto: “We will make sure hate crime is properly recorded, including incidents of Islamophobia. Labour will develop a cross- government strategy on hate crime, from schools to social media, to tackle the growth in anti-Semitism and Islamophobia.”

      The Liberal Democrats stated that the party “Will work closely with faith and community organisations, such as the Community Security Trust and the Muslim Council of Britain, to prevent hate crime, including at places of worship like synagogues and mosques. We are determined to combat anti-Semitism and anti-Muslim hate in the UK and internationally.”

      The Conservatives, despite announcing a commitment to mandate police forces to record anti-Muslim hate crime last month, have committed only to “review the legislation governing hate crimes”.

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