Javid slammed after he issues ‘catastrophic’ post-Brexit warning to business leaders

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UK Chancellor Sajid Javid has warned manufacturing leaders that there will be no alignment with EU regulations once Britain’s exit from the European Union is made official.

In an interview with the Financial Times. Javid said the Treasury would not lend support to manufacturers that favour EU rules as the sector has had three years to prepare for Britain’s transition

“There will not be alignment, we will not be a ruletaker, we will not be in the single market and we will not be in the customs union — and we will do this by the end of the year,” Javid said.

“We’re … talking about companies that have known since 2016 that we are leaving the EU.”

Labour’s David Lammy warned this will be “catastrophic for workers”:

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Shadow chancellor John Mcdonnell also criticised Javid:

Many other people challenged Javid on social media:

There is concern among some UK business sectors about leaving the current trading partnership without a new deal to reduce border friction.

Javid admitted that some businesses may not benefit from Brexit, but insisted the UK economy would ultimately continue to thrive in the long-term.

“Once we’ve got this agreement in place with our European friends, we will continue to be one of the most successful economies on Earth,” he said.

Javid aims to sell his vision for Britain’s economy post-Brexit when he travels to Davos next week for the World Economic Forum.

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    1. Well, what a cynical use of the NHS to justify tax cuts for the very rich. What Javid doesn’t say of course is that Consultants, at least 80% or so of them, already create NHS Waiting Lists by treating private patients ahead of NHS patients, using NHS facilities and staff without having to pay for them. Therefore, they are putting their own private income before that which they are contracted to provide by the NHS. So they line their pockets very nicely thank you.

      Prior to the election Johnson said that he would give tax cuts to the very rich. This is it trotted out under the banner of allegedly helping the NHS. To put a number on what it will cost the Treasury it is c£20bn pounds per annum. That is why the Government are seeking to raise the Retirement age to 75yrs for the younger generation, why they are proposing to axe £70 per week from Ex-Pats pensions and other similar policies.

      Well, I guess this is what the people voted for, or is it?

      With the MSM as the most notorious government propaganda machine in the World with the BBC, the State Broadcaster being the same, nobody is going to know the truth unless they search for it. I’ve already seen rags like the Daily Express post headlines such as “huge growth in jobs for 65+ leads to set back for retirement age”. I’m over 60 and I can tell you, this is fake news as there is no jobs boom or growth for the over 60yrs. Just look at the Chief Economist of the Bank of England speech earlier this week. It tells you just way the British Public, led by the nose by the MSM and the BBC and the most malicious and vitriolic campaign against Corbyn the worst in British Parliamentary History, voted for a narcisstic sociopath, a Fascist Government rapidly hurtling towards Totalitarianism, a Trade Deal with the USA that will see the UK forced to follow USA Foreign Policy and many other things. Well, the deep, deep recession is coming and very soon.

      It will get worst post Brexit and seemingly, the Government are going to do nothing to help the Manufacturing Industry. Johnson never wanted a properly negotiated Brexit, he wants a No Deal and has a f**k the Nation and the vulnerable, the poor (getting rapidly poorer) and even the middle earners because yes, those interest rates are going to rise very rapidly – record repossessions on the way – just like Thatcher’s Government.

    2. Brexiters will never admit they were wrong, most of them are retired and wont be affected by it in the same way as the working population. I personally know Brexiters who used to be left wing having more right wing views to justify their brexit stance. It is a religion to which they cling, not realizing the whole thing was a scam to for rich people to avoid paying tax and to benefit off a crashed economy.

    3. Javid certainly plans to keep his job with Johnson. Shape up or be sacked!
      Other views aren’t so sure England “will have one of the most successful economies on earth”
      The IMF speaking generally about how nothing has been learned since 2008, noting it looks like the roaring 1920’s just before the crash of 1929. Mark Carney has spoken about the capital loosened up by the “quantitative easing plan” breaks for companies which just turned into “dead money” doing nothing.
      The fact England has such a huge divide between the very rich versus those who are nearly always broke doesn’t look promising for “having a most successful economy”
      England’s Brexit stalement since 2016, along with austerity for 10 years, the Tory philosophy has such a profound ignorance of the Common”s value, it’s not looking upbeat but for the rich.
      How is Johnson planning to increae his fortune with Javid’s plans?
      Its true to form with these leaders to only think of their own world view.
      WW1, WW11, then Brexit will do them in ?
      “Get it done” , an ironic dark meaning then.
      Then what?
      Just try again the same old, same old?
      Luck to those who can see the writing on the wall.

    4. Seeing through Javid is as easy as looking out of a window, What I can’t understand is, why so many people think they can see what’s going on outside, when they look through the bathroom window. When do they realise it’s frosted glass?

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