Alex/Rose Cocker

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Alex started working with the Canary early in 2022 as a copy editor, though since then they’ve also written articles and trained as an editor. Their work tends to focus on treatments of LGBT+ individuals – particularly trans people – in UK media and politics. Their previous academic work has focused on Anglophone representations of non-binary identities – they received a PhD in English literature from the University of Sheffield in 2021. They have written and edited creative and non-fiction texts on queer issues for publication over the last 5 years. All of their work is informed by their lived experience as a non-binary transfem living in an increasingly hostile Britain, and by seeing mainstream media choked with worsening transphobia every day. Alex uses the names ‘Alex’ and ‘Rose’ interchangeably, along with the pronouns ‘they’ and ‘she’ – feel free to mix and match.

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