If G7 action on climate change was the fire service


Image description

This cartoon begins with the headline “If G7 action on climate change was the fire service”. Under that is an illustration of a person with a panicked look on their face and their hands in the air, standing in front of a burning car.  Next to them is a firefighter with “G7 ” written on their jacket and a line of firefighters holding a hose. The panicked person is saying to the firefighter “Are you here to put out the fire?”. The next panel shows the line of fire fighters handing out sacks of money from a container labelled ‘fossil fuel subsidies” to people in suits. The panicked person is now standing next to their burnt-out smouldering car looking sad, and the fire fighter next to them is holding up papers covered in pound signs and the words “airlines” and “oil & gas” and saying “No! We’re giving public money to the arsonists”.

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