Revealed: Trump’s latest email to his supporters shows his descent into fascism

Donald Trump and an extract from a leaked email
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Following the killing of George Floyd by a Minnesota state police officer, Donald Trump’s response has been seen as racist and an incitement to violence against protesters. But now an email has emerged that, even at best, looks like the action of a fascist dictator.

Racist Donald Trump

As The Canary has been documenting, in the wake of Floyd’s death, Trump has angered and outraged many people across the world with his behaviour and actions. From effectively hiding in his White House bunker, to posing outside St John’s Church holding a bible, many people now view the US president as more despicable than ever. But as The Canary‘s Ed Sykes wrote:

As cities burned night after night and images of violence dominated television coverage, Trump’s advisers discussed the prospect of an Oval Office address in an attempt to ease tensions. But the notion was quickly scrapped for lack of policy proposals and the president’s own seeming disinterest in delivering a message of unity. For example, he has worryingly turned the focus of his anger on anti-fascists (‘Antifa’)

Trump has said that his government will be designating the Antifa movement a terrorist organisation. Now, a leaked email from his campaign team shows something even more sinister.

A leaked email

The email, passed on to The Canary, asks the recipient to add their name to a list “to stand with President Trump against ANTIFA”. It goes on to say:

The President wants to know who stood with him against the TERRORIST group, Antifa.

We’re sending a list of EVERY AMERICAN who signs their name to President Trump first thing TOMORROW morning and we want him to see YOUR NAME. Don’t let him down.

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This extremely unsettling rhetoric has overtones of fascism in history. For example, as Encyclopedia Britannica noted the French far-right leader François de La Rocque:

urged the French people to stand up against revolution and its ‘sordid ally’ moderation, warning that, on the final day of reckoning, complicit moderates – ‘guardians unfaithful to their charge’ – would be ‘at the head of the list of the guilty.’


This is 2020, and the US is supposed to be the beacon of democracy. But Trump appears to be edging closer and closer to outright fascism:

Noam Chomsky summed up the situation in the US:

Trump has created a total swamp of corruption. He has just fired all the inspector generals. That’s a coup reminiscent of a fascist state.

In the TV series, The Handmaid’s Tale, based on Margaret Atwood’s book, the character Offred noted:

When they blamed terrorists and suspended the constitution, we didn’t wake up then, either.

Trump is calling Antifa terrorists. He wants to deploy the US army on its own soil, something potentially pushing the constitution to its limits.

Many in the US appear to have now woken up. There are also many more who either have not, or are supportive of Trump. His campaign’s email sums up that problem. Has the US now tipped past the point of no return? The coming days will tell.

Featured image via The Canary and the Independent – YouTube

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    1. The troubles are likely nothing compared to what the US can expect in the coming weeks and months, even if this period of unrest fades out after a while.

      The full effects of 41 million unemployed (and likely growing) when their stimulus checks run out is the great unknown. The homelessness this will lead to will be massive. There will much less food as arable, pastoral and poultry farms fold, transport systems fail and local retailers close, making food scarce and more expensive at a time when incomes can’t cover it, even if consumers travel to where it’s sold. That’s just unemployment, homelessness and hunger, but many different issues can drive whole families to despair.

      It will be horrendous. We’ll find it hard in the UK but in the US it will be brutal.

    2. Is it possible to designate the Pentagon ‘a terrorist organisation’? Don Fart is obviously an ignorant egoist, but he’s only there temporarily, much like George Dubya, another very stupid man. However the Pentagon and Military-Industrial complex it represents are there permenently doin’ mischife…

    3. I wonder what the UK would be doing now if this was Russia instead of yankeeland ? I wonder what the yanks would be doing now if it was Russia deploying troops on its own soil to quell peaceful protests ?

      Can anyone remind me who are are special friends and why are we desperate for a trade deal from them ?

      The illegal war in Iraq cost 3,000,000 civilians their lives, not just from bombs and bullets but by deliberately bombing infrastructure like water supplies and electricity supply. And this despicable dictator and his mad dog rabies infected cabinet have the nerve to call a peaceful organisation and its supporters Terrorists ?? I think we should expel a few US diplomats and install sanctions immediately

    4. Trump is clever. He hopes to pull to his side all those who deplore the violent protests. He is itching to get troops on the streets. What could be better than martial law a few months before an election? And making ANTIFA a terrorist organisation permits a round-up of leftists like Chile in 1973. Anyone who protests, or agrees with the protests, could be roped in. A few hundred thousand people in prison before next November, if they’re selected from the right states, could secure his victory. On the other hand, some people could be given very long sentences. Or perhaps we would see sports stadia used to hold the so-called terrorists. It may be he has misjuged. There may have been a churn in public opinion. He may have ensured his defeat. But don’t count on it. He has just effectively called everyone on the left “dangerous” and “terrorists”. If Bernie Sanders walks his dog, he’d better watch out. His base will love it. So will the right-wing media. The story has already moved from police brutality to left-wing terrorism, in a matter of days. 30 journalists have been arrested. If he gets a glimpse of a chance he will shut down democracy. Once he’s done that, there won’t be an election till he knows he can win or fix it. He is determined to test American democracy to its limits and he has a hundred million on his side; but more importantly, the wealthy and the Establishment. The protests need to go on, but peacefully. Don’t play into his hands. Remember MLK. No violence. Take his excuses away.

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