Embarrassment as the Brexit Party accidentally fails to stand properly

The Brexit Party with their backs to the EU parliament. One of them asks: "Are we facing the right way?" another replies: "What have we ever been backwards?"
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The Brexit Party has now taken its seats at the European Parliament. In a typically farcical turn of events, it wasn’t the sitting they had a problem with. And despite early claims of it being a protest, it turns out the Brexit Party just stood up wrong.

Ode to oh boy

During an intermission, the Brexit Party MEP Simon Brick-Headington confirmed:

Was it a protest? No – the protest is planned for later on when they play the EU anthem.

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When it was pointed out that the anthem had already been played, Brick-Headington laughed and said:

I think you’re confused. The EU anthem is Blue (Da Ba Dee) by Eiffel 65.

This resulted in much blinking from the gathered journalists. Eventually one of them asked:

So how will you protest when they do eventually play… what you think is the EU anthem?

The MEP smiled and leaned in close:

Don’t tell anyone, but we’re planning to piss and shit ourselves en masse. That will let the EU know we’ve arrived. Just imagine the awful smell they’ll have to put up with!

Brown (Da Ba Dee)

A journalist asked if Brick-Headington would feel any embarrassment for publicly shitting himself. The MEP looked confused and asked:

Embarrassment? What’s that when it’s at home?

He then went back to carry on representing the United Kingdom of Great Britain on the world scale. This is unfortunate, as although there’s much to actually protest the EU about, the Brexit Party’s main worry seems to be that it’s not subservient enough to the US. That and the fact it chose the wrong anthem.

Featured image via YouTube – Guardian News

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    1. For the Brexit Party in EU parliament. Here’s their inspiration – Nazi Party deputies turn their backs on the speaker in the Berlin Reichstag, 1926. Joseph Goebbels can be seen writing on the bench of the person sitting behind him.

      Sorry it won’t take the copy of the photo.

      Their presence there at all is absurd Who would join anything they disagree with and who would vote for them when they are clearly not going to represent us but just act like gate crashers at a teenager’s party.

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