Keir Stalin has launched a purge of all left-wing MPs from the Labour Party

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Keir Starmer has suspended Jeremy Corbyn from the Labour party, despite a 17-month investigation by the EHRC finding no evidence of antisemitism attributable to the former leader. But even worse, Sir Keir appears to have launched a full Stalinist purge of left-wing MPs from the Labour party.

Starmer’s List

Not satisfied with repeated purges of left-wingers from the party membership, they’re now locking down the parliamentary party too. First scalp is the former leader and figurehead of the British Left, Jeremy Corbyn. But it is clear there are many more to come.

The standard approach adopted for the wider witch hunt goes something like this:

  • Pro-Israel organisations lodge a complaint of antisemitism, no matter how tenuous
  • The press elevates the accusation (without investigation) into a crisis that Labour must sort out
  • The party expels the member or MP

We have seen it time and again. Jackie Walker, Marc Wadsworth, Chris Williamson and so on. With that in mind, we now know who’s on the menu for the purge. According to LabourList editor Sienna Rodgers:


This would constitute a direct attack on the leading left-wing MPs in the Labour Party. The list includes all potential left-wing leadership candidates for the party:

  • Diane Abbott
  • Rebecca Long-Bailey – already neutered by repeated attacks.
  • Apsana Begum
  • Barry Gardiner
  • Richard Burgon

But it also reportedly targets rising stars like Zarah Sultana.

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This was always the end game of the chicken coup. And those who warned of it were denounced as antisemites. But this was never about antisemitism, beyond weaponising Jewish trauma to fight factional political battles. That behaviour is unforgivable. It has harmed Jewish people, and the fight against racism more broadly. But it could not have happened without supportive pundits, especially those on the left.

And so I say this: ditch every supposed leftie commentator who went along with this insidious campaign. It doesn’t matter why they appeased the witch hunt. It just matters that they did. They have proven you cannot trust them to stand with you when it costs them something.


There was a chance to prevent this from happening. If Corbyn had backed mandatory reselection, the left-wing membership could have ousted their mutinous Centrist MPs in 2016 and 2017. Instead, he offered an olive branch. He welcomed them into his cabinet, and (his worst mistake) sacrificed allies to appease a rabid smear campaign. His reward was five years of character assassination, abuse, and finally it appears, expulsion.

Now is not the time for remaining Leftists to repeat that mistake.

You don’t negotiate with emotional terrorists. And that is, all politics aside, what these people are. They set out to “break” Corbyn “as a man”. And even after they toppled him, they are not relenting. It’s time to organise and fight. Don’t argue about which method is superior. Just pick one, and give it everything you’ve got.

We stand together, we fight together, we win together.

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    1. Leave Labour to the vaccuous Stalinist and money grubbers.
      Workers and Socialists join, or support TUSC. Badger your unions to cut it’s ties, or stop sending Starmer your union fees.
      Let the careerists continue their osmosis into the Tory Party, there are plenty of good folk on the first show trial list to help start a new United Left Party that includes the old Militant guardm their acolytes, and those that have already fallen foul of the slander.

    2. People with principles should leave the Labour Party. With 4 years till the next election, There is plenty of time to build a new party.
      There is nothing to loose as Keir Starmers Party are little different from the Tory Party anyway.

    3. This “antisemitism” witch hunt against anyone who criticizes Israel has emboldened the Israelis to kill hundreds of peaceful Palestinian protesters and maim thousands more with life changing injuries, and by going along with this, Owen Jones has the blood of Palestinians on his hands.

    4. Yes, Kerry-Anne, absolutely right. But make no mistake, they will not be satisfied withy cutting off the head; they will come after all of us. Don’t be surprised if Momentum is proscribed. Labour is a totalitarian Party. Ruled from the centre, members are told what is or isn’t “competent for discussion”. You have to hand it to the Zionists. They are good at what they do: manipulation, lies, false grief, smears. Notice when the serious claims of anti-Semitism arose: after Corbyn defeated Smith and on Sky News. Plotted. Just like yesterday’s suspension. The notion that there wasn’t a pincer movement to entrap Corbyn is facile. Starmer’s statement that anyone who claims exaggeration or faction should not be near the Party was intended to twist Corbyn’s arm up his back. Either he admits he’s an anti-Semite or he’s out of the Party. Exactly what the Zionists want. Starmer is talking and acting tough because he’s a weak-minded man. His narcissism is obvious in his demeanour. His capitulation to the Zionists and apologetics for Israel spell doom for the Palestinians. As PM he would sell arms to Israel. When has he uttered a word of support for the Palestinians? If he can accept that vile injustice, what won’t he accept in the UK? Starmer would be worse than Blair because he is a prisoner of Israel. There is no point working for a Starmer victory because it would be a defeat for equality, justice and democracy. There has to be a fight against this totalitarianism, blank support for Israel and vicious attack on the Left. Starmer can prevent civil war by stepping back. But he won’t. We must simply fight for our principles: democracy, equality, peace, anti-racism without fear and relentlessly.

    5. Having resigned from the labour party i feel a lot happier I no longer have to look at Starmer.s image (cold ,vacant )and think of ways of excusing him as our leader.However i do feel a little lost and worry about all the causes the left of the party used to espouse when it still existed. Who is going to speak up for the Palestinians.the workers in the “Precariat” Who is going to speak truth to Power Surely we can organise,agitate and educate and form something new!!!

    6. Keir Stalin has dropped a major b*****k here. He is labouring under the delusion that, just because the Labour Party did not win the election (a rigged election I would say) that the public want Labour to become a Tory Party mark two so is intent on doing what the MSM and the BOD tell him to do which is to expel Corbyn, purge and expel any left wing MP (as the CAA letter sent to Stalin sets out) and let the BOD and the CAA own the Labour Party lock stock and barrel.

      Well his delusions are wrong, utterly wrong. People were unfortunately brainwashed by a sustained malicious, vicious, vitriolic 5 year campaign against Corbyn, the electorate loved the Labour Party Manifesto but were duped into voting against Corbyn rather than a Manifesto that would put this country back on its feet again. Well, they got what they voted for didn’t they. I know from talking to people who, for the first time in their lives didn’t vote Labour because of the MSM vitriol deeply regret doing so now and now realise they were completely duped.

      Well, here’s a newsflash for Stalin, the public will never vote for a Tory Party Mark Two and Stalin is more Tory than many Tory backbenchers who are at least mounting some opposition to Johnson’s excesses. Stalin? Been an MP for five years. Appalling track record as the Director of CPS. A sexist, racist mysoginist who is a liar and totally against democracy. I mean for God’s sake, setting up a website to allow Party members to report any other member or CLP if they voice any disagreement to the report. I believe people have the right to express their views in a democracy it looks as though Stalin doesn’t agree with that.

      It’s not going to end well for Stalin. He appears to be on course to expel the most decent, longstanding, committed MP in Parliament. That will be a shocker. Not only that he is going on television interviews actually lying about what Corbyn actually said and that’s all on public record. What’s happened here is that the BOD telephoned Stalin, demanded Corbyn’s suspension (which they have wanted all along. As usual, when the BOD say Jump, his response is ‘How High?” They will not rest until they have destroyed his life just as the Israeli Government are destroying the lives of Palestinians. They won’t win. Corbyn’s coming out strongly. He’s free to challenge and talk openly and he’s doing it.

      Stalin needs to see that the public do not want another Tory Government even if that is under the guise of the Labour Party banner. One thing is for sure, Starmer, Evans, Nandy and the other LFI in the Shadow Cabinet do not have one single Labour value in their body. Our Government is now run by the Israeli Government and the Israeli Embassy without any opposition with the exception of the SNP.

      Yes, Stalin, a shaming day for the Labour Party indeed. I want Stalin to articulate what he is going to do about the 72 page letter of complaint against every single Left Wing MP in the PLP. I guess he’ll obey his paymasters and suspend them all.

      Time for a new Party “The People’s Socialist Alliance Party”.

      1. Well said. Starmer is a Lino. Labour in name only. He’s heavily backed by the Tory Lite element of the Establishment ‘Labour party’, MI5 and Zionists. He could not care less about UK labour.

        Corbyn must step up and stop playing the patsy to the establishment. Britain needs a political party that represents the workers and immigrant minorities. The Zionists are not a minority having been supported by the Tories since they stupidly backer their invasion and subsequent terrorist activities in Palestine. To hell with staying in the the Starmer Party. Jeremy can start a real workers party now and let the Labour Lollards stew in their own juice.

      1. Shakehands, it doesn’t matter does it whether they win or not. I do think however, the climate is right in the UK for a Socialist Party. You see, the Labour Manifesto wasn’t about NATO it was about Keynsian investment in the economy, the creation of jobs, investment in affordable housing, in education, in affordable transport, this was hugely popular with the public. Stalin’s ditched that. So a new Party can revive that. Richard Burgeon would be an excellent Leader of it.

        What it can also do, a new Party, is to take the fight to Labour (Now Tory Party Mark 2) and split their votes.

        1. Oh my god. Richard Burgeon as an excellent leader Prospect. You think the middle England and blue wall seats labour needs to win back will vote for him?

          Look at the States. Biden stops Trump from a centre left position. With Sanders we would now have 4 years of Trump, without a doubt. And you would blame the press.

    7. Well done.
      A “real politic” is going on with the public assassination of a democratically elected leader respected for being against war in broad daylight.
      Its been going on for years perhaps ever since Keir Starmer joined Labour. He reminds me of KIm Philby in his weird way as one who has been cultured for a task and after all is said and done its “Leader” in this crime against speaking about any different kind of world we could be living in.
      I’d say Keir Starmer is a willing pawn in this game, and now the Leader of where this crime is going.
      The Party Brass were involved in this slanderous campagin as well.
      Chris Williamson,once he started asking questions about Integrity Initiative he didn’t last long. Chris was simply terrifying to them as he in began uncovering what they are up to.
      IIt reminds one of what happens in Latin America to say Bolivia, but this is in broad daylight under everyone’s noses.
      The wool has been thicker than sunglasses over the eyes for the many. not the few.
      I’d investigate the truth of how this came about. But be careful. Murder of a democracy in daylight is afoot.

    8. @Loon “I’d investigate the truth of how this came about. But be careful. Murder of a democracy in daylight is afoot.”

      Your username belies the astuteness of your comment; the points you make are extremely pertinent and, in fact, terrifying. I’m just a humble commenter, yet I can say this from personal experience!
      That’s how bad things already are.

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