Jeremy Corbyn’s shocking suspension is met with an outpouring of solidarity on social media

Photo of Jeremy Corbyn
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Former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has been suspended, “in light of his comments” in response to an investigation into antisemitism in the Labour Party. The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC)’s investigation, published on 29 October, found Labour responsible for “unlawful acts of discrimination and harassment” in its handling of allegations of antisemitism.

In his statement following the release of the report, Corbyn said he regrets it took “longer to deliver that change than it should,” but that:

the scale of the problem was also dramatically overstated.

This comment led to his suspension from the party. Corbyn told followers that he will “strongly contest” Labour’s decision to suspend him.

People took to Twitter to express their thoughts about the shocking news. There has been an outpouring of solidarity for Corbyn from organisations and individuals, under the hashtags #IStandWithJeremyCorbyn, #WeAreCorbyn and of course, #Jezza.


Others are asking why allegations of anti-Black racism, Islamophobia and transphobia within the Labour Party haven’t been handled with such severity (or at all), as well as allegations of Islamophobia in the Conservative Party:

Some are calling on Corbyn to establish a new political party, as they feel that Labour no longer represents the politics they stand for. Many are calling for #StarmerOut:

Labour’s decision to oust Corbyn is monumental. With internal divisions running deeper than ever, the future of left-wing parliamentary politics in England is unclear.

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    1. I don’t think Corbyn or anyone on else to the left of the party should be in the slightest bit surprised. What is the difference between the owners of the mainstream media that constantly dragged Corbytn down for the last 5 years and the antisemitic politically motivated groups that constantly criticise left wing Labour members and MPs? None. They are all tarred with the same brush. The one that Starmer has now used to tar himself with too.

    2. Corbyn is a disgrace. An independent report with clear findings of anti Semitic conduct under his leadership which he should be ashamed off.
      A gift that keeps on giving to Tories. Having delivered us Johnson with a disastrous election campaign he now seeks to kill any hope Labour had of avoiding another 10 years of hard right Tory rule.

      1. Not at all. You seem to have completely misunderstood the reality. Jeremy did his utmost to root out anti-semites from the party but, as the previous internal Labour report clearly showed, he was deliberately hindered in this by centrists and right-wingers who weaponised the problem against him. They don’t care about ant-semitism. What matters to them is ensuring no socialist Labour party ever gets near power. Keir Starmer is the real gift to the Tories because he supports most of their policies.

        Remember what Thatcher said her greatest achievement was. “Tony Blair and New Labour. We forced our opponents to change their minds.”

      2. This “antisemitism” witch hunt against anyone who criticizes Israel has emboldened the Israelis to kill hundreds of peaceful Palestinian protesters and maim thousands more with life changing injuries, and by going along with this you have Palestinian blood on your hands.

      3. It’s not an independent report. I suggest you do your own research into the EHRC in terms of it’s record regarding racism that is not directed towards Jewish people, who it’s paymasters are and the background of those at the top of the organisation. The EHRC is a tool of the state, a state which absolutely crapped itself at the prospect of a socialist government in this country.

      4. Independent report? It was a complete stitch up – all the shenanigans were laid out in Bad News for Labour [Greg Philo, Mke Berry et al]. I’m absolutely disgusted that the membership could vote for someone so ‘not Labour’ as Starmer. No chance the party will get my vote in future with that person [or anyone similar] as leader.

    3. This is from a comment from Craig Murray’s reaction to the suspension; from someone using the moniker ‘Ingwe’:
      “When there is not even a cigarette paper between the Labour Party and the Tories there is no moral compunction to support Labour. All this without even considering that, even had Labour won the election (which several posters here including myself believed happened) there is no way that Labour could have instituted progressive policies, even if they had them. The open threats by members of the security services to prevent this were not idle.

      The erroneous assumption held by those who remain in the Labour Party, advocating change from within, is that parliamentary democracy is the same as democracy and that Parliament will facilitate the transformation of society required. Change, in the degree and to the extent required has never, and will never, come from this Parliament. And so it really makes no difference what Labour says it will do when in opposition or if it’s in government. If it’s radical it will never be elected and if we’re to be elected capital, with all the power it holds will prevent change.

      This may read as a counsel of despair but surely it’s better to recognise this than tying your hope to the unicorn of the Labour Party riding to the end of the rainbow to a pit of gold.” (
      The illusion is over, as the song goes, “The revolution will not be televised” (Gil Scott Heron)

      1. Shakehands – did you look into the “independent” EHRC as I suggested? You don’t even have to look on the Canary. Look at Wikipedia. Or are you not interested in the facts but only interested in what you can find that meets your preconceived prejudices?

    4. Starmer’s removal of the party whip from Jeremy Corbyn for ”antisemitism” is scandalous, unjustified and unforgivable. It is also an unmistakable indicator of the extent to which the Israel Lobby has penetrated English politics, and demonstrates its ultimate success in conflating anti-Zionism and support of Palestinian rights with the bogus slur of antisemitism.
      Bear in mind that the occupation of Palestinian territory and human rights violations by the Israeli State are illegal under international law. To shield a terrorist state by punishing criticism of it is , frankly, frightening for the future of morality and free speech in the UK.
      Mass resignation from the Labour Party is the least that is now required.…/corbyns-expulsion…/

      1. @”It is also an unmistakable indicator of the extent to which the Israel Lobby has penetrated English politics, and demonstrates its ultimate success in conflating anti-Zionism and support of Palestinian rights with the bogus slur of antisemitism.”
        So well said; nothing but bogus.
        The whole of your comment sums it up exactly, in fact.
        The fact is, even the lowest of trolls can’t quote J. Corbyn as actually having said anything antisemitic, without twisting his criticism of Israel’s treatment of Palestinians out of context.
        The same can be said of Chris Williamson, whose account of the current questionable nature of the EHRC itself can be found at
        As for Starmer, words fail me as to his blatant deceit in concealing the sources of his campaign funding until after he was elected: See
        It all makes me wonder who this country is really run by now and whether there is any glimmer of hope for democracy, apart from independent news sources such as this very site.

    5. So Jeremy is clearly indefensible therefore let’s shoot the messenger. The EHRC must have links to that secret group that controls us all someone is friends with or married to or slept with etc etc therefore they can’t be trusted. QED Jeremy is innocent….simple.
      I’m afraid turning a blind eye is condoning it so i’m afraid Jeremy has a very a blind spot where Jews are concerned by any measure he has “blood on his hands” or was he just following orders?

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