Lily Allen shut down Piers Morgan on Twitter and it was delicious

Lily Allen and Piers Morgan gun violence
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On 4 June, anti-national treasure Piers Morgan got into a Twitter spat with Lily Allen over her decision to wear a ‘gun’ necklace.

I bet he wishes he’d kept his mouth shut now.


Allen sported an AK-47 necklace at the ‘Mighty Hoopla’ festival in London over the weekend. Morgan took exception to this and tweeted:

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Allen’s initial response slightly missed the mark because she accused Morgan of a crime the News of the World committed rather than his previous paper the Mirror. But she then came back with both barrels:

Allen is referring to the fact that Morgan was sacked as editor of the Mirror in 2004 after the paper printed fake photos of British soldiers abusing Iraqis.

Twitter users jumped to Allen’s defence, highlighting the ridiculousness of Morgan’s dig:

Allen then finished Morgan off in style:

Not the first time

As Allen inferred, this is not the first time Morgan has waded out of his depth in an argument around gun violence.

Following the news that England footballer Raheem Sterling had a new tattoo of an assault rifle on his leg, Morgan tweeted:

It seems Morgan did not consider that Sterling may have his own personal reasons for the tattoo. His father was shot dead when he was just two. Sterling stated that:

I made a promise to myself I would never touch a gun in my life time, I shoot with my right foot so it has a deeper meaning.

Morgan denies that his criticism of Sterling is influenced by ethnicity:

However, Maurice Mcleod wrote in the Guardian:

The routes out of poverty are very scarce for the young, working-class black man. Sport, music and entertainment do provide a path for the select few. The narrative reserved for those who make it, though, often sounds a lot like, “We have let you in, now don’t do anything that makes us regret it”.

Establishment troll

Morgan is an establishment troll. He makes a song and dance about being an anti-gun violence campaigner yet cosies up to powerful pro-gun advocates like Donald Trump.

People despise establishment trolls because they’re constantly punching down from their positions of power. Morgan’s criticisms of Allen and Sterling are prime examples of this, achieving nothing in addressing the issue of gun violence.

However, no one can put it better than the former Everton goalkeeper turned activist Neville Southall. In an interview with the Guardian, he said:

Piers Morgan is a prick. What gives him the right to say what can be on your body? If Sterling had tattooed a massive cock on his leg I would say: It reminds me of Piers Morgan.

Morgan met his match in Lily Allen. Long may it continue.

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