Channel 4 News exposed the shocking hypocrisy of Theresa May praising Nelson Mandela

A split screen of Nelson Mandela and Theresa May
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Channel 4 News journalist Michael Crick exposed Theresa May’s hypocrisy in eulogising Nelson Mandela, when the Margaret Thatcher government she supported labelled him a terrorist:

Utter hypocrisy

Crick asked May:

You were active in politics in the 70s and 80s. What did you do to help release Nelson Mandela?

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May desperately tried to deflect the question before admitting:

I think you know full well that I didn’t go on protests, Michael.

She then attempted to praise the work the UK government at the time did in tackling apartheid in South Africa. But Crick didn’t let her get away with such nonsense:

Hang on a moment. At that stage, Mrs Thatcher believed that Nelson Mandela was a terrorist.

He then nailed home May’s hypocrisy in visiting Mandela’s former prison on Robben Island, asking her:

Now you’re going to be going to Robben Island, are you going to be feeling guilty that – at the time Nelson Mandela was on Robben Island – you, Theresa May, did nothing to help his release?

Empty words

Following the interview, May did visit Robben Island:

She declared that Mandela’s:

legacy lives on in the hopes and dreams of young people here in South Africa and around the world.

But the chasm between her words and her past inaction was insurmountable to many:

Meanwhile, others kindly rephrased May’s response to Crick’s excellent questioning:

Spot the difference

Many also saw a huge difference between May and Jeremy Corbyn’s record in opposing apartheid in South Africa:

Police officers arrested Corbyn for protesting against South Africa’s apartheid regime. A fellow protester even described how the Tories “jeered anti-apartheid protesters”:

And shadow chancellor John McDonnell made it very clear who was on the right side of history:

Actions speak louder than words

An Oxford Labour councillor brilliantly summed up why it’s no surprise that May did nothing to oppose apartheid. He tweeted that “fundamental to Tory ideology is the defence of hierarchy, inequality and injustice”:

Thankfully, Crick’s excellent interview demonstrated that actions, or the lack of them, speak much louder than words.

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Featured image via BBCNews/YouTube and ITVNews/YouTube.

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