Watch the delicious moment Nigel Farage gets owned in the European Parliament

Dutch MEP Esther de Lange / Nigel Farage
Afroze Fatima Zaidi

A video of a member of the European Parliament calling out Nigel Farage’s hypocrisy is going viral. And it really is a must-watch.

The “circus” that is Nigel Farage

Dutch MEP Esther de Lange‘s scathing criticism of Farage began with a takedown of his ‘leadership’ skills:

This is the man who actually led his country, led his party, to a Brexit vote, only the next day to admit that he lied and tricked, and to jump ship and leave his party. This is not leadership; it’s a circus.

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She then went on to criticise Farage’s hypocrisy:

He says he doesn’t want to be part of a German European Union. Yet he has made sure that two of his children have German passports. This man wouldn’t know hypocrisy if it stared him straight in the face.

“A total hypocrite”

Many people on social media picked up on De Lange’s second point, commenting on the irony of Farage championing Brexit while collecting a large paycheck from the EU:

Track record

De Lange’s takedown of Farage has been appreciated for many reasons, not least of which is its sheer entertainment value. But people also took to Twitter to highlight Farage’s poor track record as an MEP:

And while De Lange’s speech gets top marks for boldness, it seems as though getting insulted in the European Parliament is a surprisingly regular occurrence for Farage:

There’s always Question Time

But come what may, Farage can take comfort in knowing that he will always have his slot on BBC Question Time:

Farage’s hypocrisy, dodgy ‘leadership’, and poor political track record don’t really come as a surprise. But seeing his duplicity called out in the midst of the European Parliament by a fellow MEP was really rather delicious.

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