Watch Owen Jones bury the ruling class for suggesting we should ‘feel sorry’ for Theresa May

Owen Jones and Theresa may
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On BBC Politics Live, Owen Jones took apart the ruling class for suggesting we should ‘feel sorry’ for Theresa May.

“Less than” zero sympathy

Jones laid out why he feels “less than no sympathy” for the outgoing prime minister:


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Let’s be real

Jones said:

If any sympathy is to be expended today, it should be for the Windrush Britons who, because of her, were kicked out of their homes, denied medical care, deported from their own country. It should be for the children who have been driven into poverty at the fastest rate since 1988. It should be the disabled people having their benefits stripped away. It should be the victims of Universal Credit whose lives have been destroyed. It should be the people driven to foodbanks because of her policies. And I wish we would spend far more time in the media… talking of sympathy; rather than expending it on the powerful who will live affluent and comfortable lives to the day they die, rather than people driven into hardship and insecurity and misery because of their policies

The Guardian columnist also said that this agenda goes further than May:

The only leeway I’ll give her is that she is just one of many architects. This is a team effort by a Conservative Party which over the last decade has plunged Britain into the worst turmoil in peace time. And for that… she and her colleagues will be damned by history.

“Conversation Over”

May will resign on 7 June. During her speech, May’s voice cracked and she verged on tears. One Twitter user quickly went viral with his summary of the spectacle:

As prime minister, May has presided over Grenfell and Windrush. Her Brexit deal suffered the biggest governmental defeat of all time. Before then, she was home secretary under David Cameron’s austerity regime. And as Jones points out, May then continued those crippling spending cuts as prime minister. The fact she hadn’t resigned long ago is a scandal.

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      Let hope Tory voter that voted for Tory MANIFESTO paper time
      and time again read the blood paper before voting for Tory Party
      as it stand now
      all Tory Govt member + its Tory voter are fully responsible for the poverty in
      this country plus the SCAM U-CREDIT DEATH by none payment of the
      entitled to claimant cash Tory Govt D.W.P. Minster withholds from them all
      it also is a proves the fact it is increasing poverty in working family now as well
      TO all Tory voter the Death of claiments and the mass poverty of in work family’s are your making and implementing as well as you all voted Tory MANIFESTO paper that give your party leader + members in LONDON area ONLY.
      a free hand in trashing Lives and family put into poverty in our country.
      by way of Tory SCAM U-CREDIT benefits invented by your Tory party memebr ONLY (all you Tory voted just by and did nothing) to address this matter with your party so all you Tory voter are fully to blame that is my opinion O.K.
      Question for all Tory voters did you all read the MANIFESTO paper yes or no?
      And still voted for them in 2015 -2017 G.E.
      (I personaly read all parties in Govt MANIFESTO paper )
      And vote accordingly to try to prevent this SCAM U-CREDIT unfolding but sadly alas I am only one voter ( BUT NOT A TORY VOTER THANK GOD)

    2. Well said Owen Jones – somebody has to tell the truth in the MSM – It’s not just the roll call of people and groups that have suffered under May and Cameron Governments but for me, this is, without question, the most corrupt, and I use the word in its real sense, Government in UK Parliamentary History. It has been allowed to go unchallenged because the MSM have covered up the Integrity Initiative scandal, the conduct of its Cabinet Ministers who have presided over corruption such as Chris Grayling awarding a Ferry Contract to a Company with no ferries yet he remains as a Cabinet Minister, such as Rory Smith’s changes to the Probation Service which are so dire it is going to go back to public management, about putting the Brexit vote to Parliament 3 times which is not only unconstitutional but it extortion was employed by May and her cronies to force MPs into voting for it, their unashamed reduction of tax paid by the richest to 45% (the same as for people earning on PAYE over £40,000 pa) whilst hitting the most vulnerable in society the hardest – criticised by the IMF and the UN Ambassador and so on and so forth. The Tory MP who stormed out during the Brexit Debate (Nick Coles) and resigned from the Party said the current Government and Cabinet were the worst in Britain’s Parliamentary History who had no interest in doing what is right for the Nation but just focussed on criticising the opposition and opposing sensible opposition policies for the sake of it.

      We have Jeremy Hunt now as Foreign Secretary who is dangerous, really dangerous, yet he is corrupt with his rented housing schemes and other dodgy dealings.

      All of this has occurred without any challenge at all from the MSM – in fact, this corruption, with its policies and the dire effect it has had on the UK economically and May’s blinkered, stupidity with regard to the Brexit Negotiations and her refusal, abject refusal to negotiate her self imposed red lines, has made this Nation a laughing stock of the world and the MSM has fauned, congratulated, fully support and lied for this Government – it is nothing more than a propaganda machine for the Tory Party – interesting they are actively supporting Bojo the Buffoon as the next Leader, a liar, a cheat, ignorant, hasn’t got a political brain cell in his head and another seriously corrupt MP.

      Only good thing if either Hunt, Bojo or Gove become the next Leader? Well, the Tory Party will be destroyed.

      Bring on the Revolution in British Economic and Foreign Jeremy Corbyn – you’ve got all the solutions for solving the sorry mess Cameron and May have left the Nation in.

      1. You’re only problem is that despite the MSM annihilation of Theresa May overt many many months Corbyn is plummeting like a stone.
        Where’s the mass movement you keep going on about? Appalling local elections followed by disaster in the Europeans. When for once will you realise the country is not convinced by Corbyn.

        1. Shakelands, thanks for your comments but, despite what the MSM reported, the Labour vote held up very well indeed in the Local Election. The EU elections are a worthless exercise as all the MEPs voted in will only be in office for 5mths – o/k so Labour lost votes but it wasn’t anything like the disaster the Tories suffered. It was a low turnout vote with the Brexit Party being a single issue Party.

          People tend to vote differently in General Elections. Certainly where I live, the Labour vote is increasing not plummeting.

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