UK people have spoken on who should be the next PM. Boris Johnson won’t be pleased.

Boris Johnson speech 2018 Conservative conference

Front-runner for the Tory leadership Boris Johnson, won’t be pleased with a new YouGov polling. And neither will any of the other candidates. Because the UK public selected “none of the these” over all others to become party leader:

And YouGov, which has conservative leadership itself, conducted this polling. CEO and co-founder Stephan Shakespeare was a former Conservative parliamentary candidate. And its other founder is sitting Conservative MP Nadhim Zahawi.

General election now

The lack of support for Conservative leadership candidates strengthens Jeremy Corbyn’s call for a general election:

The Conservatives, meanwhile, seem to think they can simply install another unelected prime minister – even though Theresa May’s administration presided over atrocities like Windrush and Grenfell. In trying to push through her Brexit plan she also suffered the largest government defeat of all time, along with the first defeat on a finance bill in over 40 years. And all on the back of a minority administration propped up by the extremist Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), which May bought off with £2bn of public money.

According to Sky Data, the public isn’t too happy about this. Its polling found that 54% want a general election when there is a new prime minister, while 36% thought there shouldn’t be one.

We cannot let the Conservatives ride roughshod over democracy because they are terrified of Corbyn’s Labour. Let’s demand a general election and not let them get away with it.

Featured image via YouTube – ITV News

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