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Watch anti-Corbyn MP Margaret Hodge call ending austerity a ‘bribe’ for the electorate

Margaret Hodge

Right-wing Labour MP Margaret Hodge has referred to ending austerity as a ‘bribe’.

“Those sort of bribes…”

The MP for Barking, who has previously smeared her own party’s leader, said:

I want a Labour Party that brings honesty into our politics. What we’ve got, if we do have anything, is a whole range of unrealistic promises, whether it’s on reversing all the cuts of the last decade, whether it’s on promising we’ll do away with tuition fees. Those are promises that will not be fulfilled. That unrealism, those sort of bribes actually in my view, in an era of scepticism… is not the way to win election.

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Hodge’s comments echo Conservative leadership contender Dominic Raab, who reduced supporting disabled people to a “childish wish list”. These comments suggest that Hodge and Raab believe the majority of people should cover for the ruling class that brought about the financial crash.

“Have her replaced”

On social media, people were unimpressed:

Tuition fees didn’t exist until Tony Blair‘s administration introduced them in 1998. Current Labour leader Corbyn voted against the policy, which began the for-profit provision of education.

Austerity is a failed ideology that only weakens economies. Even the conservative International Monetary Fund (IMF) has come close to conceding this. Indeed, former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis refers to austerity as “a narrative to conduct class war” against the majority of people.

The Conservatives have rolled out austerity for most of the UK. Yet from 2017 to 2018 alone, the UK’s richest 1,000 families increased their wealth by £66bn.

On Twitter, Labour MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle questioned Hodge’s motives:

Born into a millionaire family, Hodge has shares in the family steel company that paid just 0.01% tax on revenues of over £2.1bn in 2011. Perhaps it isn’t surprising that Hodge is siding with the ruling elite over Corbyn. She’s very much a part of it.

And Hodge was a minister under Blair, who flipped on the electorate to enrich capitalists with privatisation, tuition fees and war. So Hodge actually helped bring about the “era of sceptism” she speaks of, because that administration destroyed trust in the Labour Party. By contrast, many see Corbyn’s record of voting against these policies as an antidote to the weasel words of politicians like Blair and Hodge. The MP for Barking’s attempt to reverse this reality and project her own failures onto Corbyn is transparent as day.

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    1. It’s time Margaret Hodge listened to the majority of the members of the party she claims to represent, the Labour Party. It’s time she dropped her support for the bad policies of Tony B’Liar and supports today’s more progressive Labour Party. She is a LINO. Labour In Name Only.

      Margaret Hodge is clearly a Tory wannabe. Dump her now!

      For the many, not the few. For the Labour Party, not Margaret Hodge.

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