Chuka Umunna’s response to Corbyn’s Brexit plan will have you in stitches

Chuka Umunna and Jeremy Corbyn
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Jeremy Corbyn has released a plan to stop a no-deal Brexit. It’s a simple proposal. Following MPs backing a vote of no-confidence in Boris Johnson’s administration, Labour forms a temporary government. This government will exist to block a no-deal Brexit and would then call a general election and back a second referendum.

So, you’d have thought this would be the makings of a sensible plan for the centrist Remainers. Apparently not. Not only did they dismiss the plans, but some of the responses have been just hilarious. And the most side-tickling response came from former Labour/independent/Change UK MP, and current Lib Dem, Chuka Umunna.

Zero self-awareness

Speaking on The World Tonight, Umunna said that there had to be “flexibility and compromise” to sort out the mess we’re currently in. He then had the following message for Corbyn:

“Put your ego, [and] your personal political interest to one side, and put the cause first.

It’s not quite clear exactly what cause Umunna wants to be put first, given Corbyn’s plan provides a path out of the current no-deal Brexit mess. But it’s certainly not the cause of austerity and hardship that’s plagued the country for years, given his allegiance to Jo Swinson who voted for most of it.

What was that about ego?

For someone who thinks ego needs to be set aside, Umunna has been lapping up the media attention. Following The World Tonight, he also appeared on Newsnight. There he had the following to say on Corbyn’s plan:

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The irony of anyone from the Lib Dems making such a statement appears lost on Umunna. The party only has 14 MPs. And that’s including Umunna who joined the party in June and Sarah Wollaston who joined the party on 14 August.

It’s both hilarious and really scary

Umunna’s comments are hilarious. But they’re also really scary. We are living with an unelected right-wing government for the rich that is prepared to push a no-deal Brexit through at any cost. Meanwhile, our public services have been decimated, and the impact of austerity is ravaging communities throughout the UK.

If only Umunna had the decency to take his own advice and show some of that “flexibility and compromise” he waxed lyrical about. Then maybe we’d have a chance of sorting out the mess this country is currently in.

Featured image via Twitter/Newsnight and Wikimedia/Rwendland

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    1. Sorry to be so repetitive but…

      Withdraw A50, the quickest and least expensive way out of this mess we are in. How can conditions that exist in the UK right now be preferable to resuming our seat at the top table as a respected and honourable member of the world’s largest trade group? Don’t forget, we would not forfeit our right to decide to leave at a later date. When we have a plan and are better prepared, but not now.

      I have this vision of a hunter or fisherman quietly, silently urging their unsuspecting prey into a trap or through the entrance to a maze from which there is no escape. Maybe a fluffy white rabbit with a pink nose or a beautiful speckled trout in a gently flowing brook.

      Behind the friendly, pink face, smiling banker and guide with the aura of everyone’s favourite granddad lurks the Lernean Hydra just patiently waiting for the trap to snap shut. Drooling in anticipation, to be sure, but doing so out of sight and carefully carefully doing nothing to alert their victims (us).

      These owners of the UK, (and the world, for that matter,) have learned what a powerful tool the internet is. And they have the power, money and resources to use it much more effectively than the ordinary person on the street.

      While we are being distracted and amused by our buffoon of a PM the giant python of the 1% is creeping up from behind and will devour us all.

      We are dooomed.

    2. What went wrong Chukka…you had it all…you could have been leader…what happened?…Tom Watson tell you that the time wasn’t right?…you need to stand down and clear the way for Yvette Cooper?…Tom is such a cad…you forgot the Golden Rule…everything that Tom says and does is about one thing, and one thing, only…promoting Tom Watson.

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