One ‘party’ wins the award for most ludicrous response to Corbyn’s Brexit plan. No, it’s not the Lib Dems.

Jeremy Corbyn
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Jeremy Corbyn has laid out his plan to stop a no-deal Brexit, calling on other parties to back him in the formation of a temporary government. The responses have been both telling and hilarious.

But one ‘party’ in particular should win the award for the most ludicrous reaction. And it’s not the Lib Dems (hard as that party may have tried).

You can’t be serious?

Corbyn has proposed a plan to oust Boris Johnson as PM via a vote of no confidence. He then wants MPs’ backing to form a temporary government that would block a no-deal Brexit (by extending Article 50) and call a general election. Naturally, Johnson’s government isn’t a fan of the idea. But a number of opposition parties, including the Greens and the SNP, have said they’re open to the idea. In line with the Tory government, however, the Lib Dems have come out against Corbyn’s plan.

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Another small grouping of MPs have also criticised Corbyn’s plan. Not because of the substance of it, but because he didn’t invite them to the party:

You’d be forgiven for wondering what on earth this Mike Gapes character is talking about. The party Gapes is referring to is the Independent Group for Change; a five-MP-strong grouping more readily remembered for when it called itself the Independent Group (TIG). It then changed its name to Change UK before the latest incarnation. The influx and departure of MPs to and from the party has been as variable and short-lived as its names.

Other members, meanwhile, tweeted:


People were only too happy to point out to Gapes and his party exactly why they thought Corbyn had made this ‘significant’ omission:

One commentator, though, perhaps answered Gapes’ outrage most sufficiently, and succinctly:

True colours

The response to Corbyn’s proposal has been eye-opening. It’s essentially forced parties to unmask. Jo Swinson’s party has shown itself to be the same animal many learnt about the hard way in 2010: a coldblooded, Conservative-leaning horror show that will always put itself first. The ‘Independent Group for Change’, meanwhile, has revealed that it’s most definitely not up for change. It’s also shown that, for a tiny group of MPs, it has one hell of an ego and a very ropey grip on reality.

Good luck selling that in the next general election.

Featured image via The Guardian/YouTube

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