Jo Swinson’s latest no-deal Brexit solution is proof she should resign

Jo Swinson and Jeremy Corbyn
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Jo Swinson believes passing legislation is the best way to avoid a disastrous no-deal Brexit. This would allow parliament to take over and block a no-deal. She previously proposed Ken Clarke and Harriet Harman as possible caretaker prime ministers in the event of a vote of no confidence against Boris Johnson’s government. Now the Liberal Democrat leader is suggesting that Jeremy Corbyn’s cross-party talks are just “mucking about”. Swinson has lost whatever minute amount of credibility she may have had.

The online response to her nonsense was swift, as were calls for her resignation:

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Swinson’s outburst

Prior to a meeting on 27 August, organised by Corbyn with leaders of opposition parties, Swinson said she didn’t “want to spend time mucking about on ideas that aren’t going to fly”.

So people took to social media to remind her just how many people she represents:

Corbyn’s proposal

As leader of the opposition and 247 MPs, Jeremy Corbyn proposed tabling a motion of no confidence in Johnson’s government at the earliest possible opportunity.

Then, following a successful vote against the government, Corbyn would seek support in the House of Commons to lead a “time-limited” government. This government would then call a general election and secure “the necessary extension of Article 50 to do so.”

So in the general election that follows:

Labour will be committed to a public vote on the terms of leaving the European Union, including an option to Remain.

Corbyn has the numbers, Swinson is miles off

Corbyn leads the largest opposition group in the House of Commons. Swinson represents just 14 MPs. So her dismissal of Corbyn’s proposal not only shows where her loyalties lie, it shows she’s unfit to lead even a small group.

People took to social media to highlight how little support she and her ideas have:

Some also picked up on her real reasons for meeting with Corbyn:

Do the decent thing Jo – resign!

As well as leading a tiny fringe of MPs, the reaction to Swinson’s suggestion shows how irrelevant she is. It shows she commands neither the support nor the respect of the British people. Time she did the decent thing.

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    1. Please don’t resign Jo Swinson, having someone like her as an MP really shows what the term ‘Useful Idiots’ mean, after all, between her and the Tories, they are making Jeremy Corbyn look like an absolute gift to our nation (which he is already), and certainly a no-brainer G.E. vote.

      Their behaviour is making it incredibly easy to choose J.C’s Labour, and that’s even with War-Criminal Tony Blair and his cronies still in there, the full weight of Washington bearing down illegally in our business , the neo-fascist MSM doing their damnedest to destroy J.C. and our Nation.

      All that these useful idiots are undeniably proving, is that they have no business being in any position of power, or of providing us with anything but lies, deceit, and a couldn’t-give-a-genuine-damn about anything other than their own well-being (though that too is arguable seeing as they are damaging their own reputations and careers in the process).

      I would call them all Muppets if it weren’t for the fact that Jim Henson’s creations could easily do a better job than them, and just don’t deserve to be put in the same camp. Traitors is about the best and closest, real-world parlance for the actions of these useful idiots.

    2. Propping up the Tories whilst claiming the leader of the Labour party is not someone they can work with goes back to Nick Clegg, who said exactly the same thing about Gordon Brown. In return for selling out the LibDem voters lock, stock and barrel Clegg got the figurehead position of Deputy PM and now owns in a palatial multi-million dollar mansion in the US. Swinson probably has her eyes on a similar arrangement.

    3. Jo Swindle-Some leads the dregs of the party that enabled the Tories when they could have collaborated with the Labour Party to ensure no risk of leaving the EU, with or without a viable and lasting economic a social agreement. She is a snake in snakes clothing and should be treated as such. The best treatment is decapitation. If she won’t resign she should be ousted by the few remaining LibDems worth collaborating with.

    4. Instead of persuading people that this is a clear way through the mess we find ourselves in which delivers the referendum against remain that she wants she stamps her feet and has a hissy fit because she doesn’t like the delivery man. Take the present Jo and shut up

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