The Sun scores a massive own goal by openly treating its English readers like mugs

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The Sun had an interesting take on Boris Johnson’s week of political carnage. After the PM was defeated on numerous counts in the Commons, gave a disastrous performance at Prime Minister’s Questions (PMQs) and lost his government its majority in parliament, the tabloid ‘reported’ this to its readers:


But the Sun didn’t share this important ‘news’ with all its readers. That sorry excuse for reporting is what it offered the English. Scottish people, meanwhile, got something entirely different.

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Played for a fool

The discrepancy between what Rupert Murdoch’s press told its readers in the two countries was glaring:

So according to the Scottish Sun, “floppy” Johnson failed to secure the general election he wanted. But its English counterpart says “dangerous chicken” Jeremy Corbyn is too “cowardly” to give Johnson a general election. It puts the blame for the lack of an election at a different leader’s feet, depending on the readers the Sun is selling it to.

Given the very clear missteps in Johnson’s strategy, and the dramatic fallout of that, it’s blatantly obvious that the Scottish headline is more accurate. So as LBC host James O’Brien says, it seems the Sun is serving up “crap” to its English readers.

He wasn’t the only one to notice either:

Bolstering the argument that the Sun ‘cooks up’ its English content with its ‘mates in Downing Street’, the tabloid pulled a further stunt on 5 September. After Johnson called Corbyn a “big girl’s blouse” during PMQs, a Sun reporter presented one to Corbyn. Purely by coincidence, of course.


But while the Sun cynically changes its tune at will on who the ‘loser’ is in our politics, there’s one sure fire loser in this game playing. The English people. Media outlets are meant to hold politicians and the powerful to account, on behalf of their readers. They’re not meant to manipulate readers for the good of politicians.

The Sun is not only insulting its readers with this ‘crap’; it’s also damaging their ability to make informed decisions. That’s one reason, among many, why no one should buy the Sun.

Featured image via The Sun/YouTube, The Sun/YouTube and Wikimedia

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    1. The Sun scores a massive own goal by openly treating its English,
      readers like mugs
      LOOK voter + resident of U.K./Wales/N-Ireland/Scotland
      I am a free voter I have NO ties to any party in power or out of power full/stop,
      I also pay No fees to any party at all.
      I wish the truth from Boris + Corbyn to tell us the public voter out here.
      How much taxpayer money has been wasted by both Govt parties over the Brexit SCAM on going now?
      (What is the full E.U. bill to us taxpayer so far?)
      Because I wish to know Tory Govt + Labour party the true figures NOW!
      Before any new G.E. in 2019 is held.
      You leaders of both parties may reply to me and I will inform the public plus voter of U.K. of the true or untrue figures, you Both supply me with?
      Or will they be dodgy figures????—As I think they will be Dodgy (rigged figures untrue amounts not true amounts)
      So before new G.E. in 2019 will Govt main two parties supply me with the figures I ask for here in this post, yes or no? BORIS + Corbyn party leaders.

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