Jo Swinson should know that attempted smears on Jeremy Corbyn always backfire

Jo Swinson and Jeremy Corbyn
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Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn clearly laid out his Brexit position in an interview on ITV. He said:

The decision was made in the referendum. Parliament has voted emphatically on one thing which is to prevent no-deal. And that is exactly what we’re concentrating on at the moment.

So unlike the undemocratic and changeable position of the Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson, Corbyn’s position couldn’t be clearer.

Swinson attacks

But still, Swinson felt the need to have a pop. And it seems she can’t resist the opportunity to embarrass herself. She posted:

You’d think at this stage she’d be used to the contempt such comments are met with. And it’s a contempt they deserve. But it’s hard to expect any better from someone who believes they can win hundreds of extra seats in just one election.

So, of course, it didn’t go well for Swinson this time either. In fact, it seems as if some of her own supporters are turning on her:

Others had to remind her of her own Brexit position and that she should call a halt to her “tribal nonsense”:

One Twitter user got involved to drop some hard facts, about her notorious record and time in austerity with the Conservatives, on her doorstep:

While some people were almost lost for words:

Dodgy interview

But it wasn’t only Swinson who was guilty of “nonsense”. Rather than listen to the leader of the opposition clearly explain how he would approach the Brexit chaos created by the Conservatives and the DUP, the ITV interviewer persistently interrupted him. When Corbyn emphasised:

No-deal – disastrous for jobs, disastrous for trade, disastrous for medicine and food supplies.

The best this interviewer could do was to attempt to narrow it down to one ludicrous question asking:

So are you pro-Remain or pro-Leave?

Corbyn clearly explained:

I’m pro the British people to have their decision.

Corbyn couldn’t be clearer

Corbyn finished by saying:

I’m fed up with a government that is trying to take us out of the EU with no deal, we’re going to stop no-deal.

And that he would give the British people a choice between:

leave with a deal or remain and reform the European union.

Swinson on the other hand…

Swinson wants to ignore the democratic wishes of the British people by cancelling Brexit altogether. It’s a simplistic and clearly undemocratic solution.

A solution to something as complex as Brexit and avoiding a no-deal scenario can’t be answered in a TV interview, ‘yes/no’ styled question. On the other hand, the choice of who is best fit to lead the UK through this mess is a lot less complex.

Featured image via YouTube – Good Morning Britain / Wikimedia Commons – Sophie Brown


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    1. I cannot stand a habitual liar – my dear old gran used to say a thief can get you jailed but a liar can get you hanged – and Swinson lies not only through necessity but also as an opportunity. And she recently claimed £200+K expenses as well as her generous salary. Who needs £4k a week to live on? She’s rotten.

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