Vladimir Putin even outdid Trump with this ludicrous comment on Greta Thunberg

Vladimir Putin
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Vladimir Putin just achieved the impossible: he outdid Donald Trump in sheer ludicrousness. The Russian president shared his thoughts on Greta Thunberg, the young Swedish climate activist who’s inspired mass protests around the world. They’re astounding in their hypocrisy and lack of awareness.

Adults have a duty

Thunberg recently spoke at the UN. In her passionate speech, she said:

Entire ecosystems are collapsing. We are in the beginning of a mass extinction, and all you can talk about is money and fairy tales of eternal economic growth. How dare you!

US president Donald Trump responded by – surprise, surprise – tweeting sarcastically about Thunberg. But Putin’s response was even worse. Speaking at an energy forum this week, he said:

I don’t share the common excitement about the speech by Greta Thunberg. I’m sure that Greta is a kind and very sincere girl. But adults must do everything not to bring teenagers and children into some extreme situations.

But when someone is using children and teenagers in personal interests, it only deserves to be condemned.

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The insinuation here is that the situation Thunberg finds herself in, where she appears at the UN and multiple other platforms talking about the climate breakdown, is somehow ‘extreme’. But Putin fails to grasp – or acknowledge – that what’s truly ‘extreme’ about the life of today’s young people, including Thunberg, is they’re living through a climate crisis. They’re near the beginning of their lives on a planet whose future they know is uncertain – and it’s decisions by people like Putin that have put them in this ‘extreme’ position.

Digging to disaster

According to a 2018 report by the European Commission, Russia is the fifth-largest producer of CO2 emissions in the world.

As it stands, all fossil-fuel exploration has to stop and fossil-fuel use has to be phased out quickly for us to have any chance of avoiding climate catastrophe. But Russia is still merrily digging away for fossil fuels and helping to ruin any chance of that happening.

As Rystad Energy pointed out in December 2018, Russia was an ‘oil and gas exploration winner’ that year. It topped “the discovery countries ranking” along with the US and Guyana:

Offshore Russia, Novatek drilled its first exploratory well in the North Obskoye block in the shallow waters of Ob Bay. This is the largest discovery to date this year and is estimated to hold recoverable resources of around 960 million barrels of oil equivalent.

Meanwhile, the Arctic is enduring record-breaking ice loss (and spent the summer on fire) due to the warming of the Earth. Nonetheless, Putin’s state oil companies are busily drilling for more oil in the region.


Indeed, adults do deserve condemnation for putting children and teenagers into extreme situations. But it’s not parents – or whoever else Putin may be suggesting – who deserve blame for putting Thunberg into the situation she now finds herself in. It’s the adults, including him, who’ve recklessly landed today’s youth in a world on the brink of environmental collapse.

Featured image via RT/YouTube

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    1. One recounts from history is was Rosa Parks, a girl who led the Montgomery Bus Boycott against racial segregation in 1961 America. The Freedom Riders who in 1963 rode buses into Jackson Miss.to sit anywhere they chose in White only/Black only public spaces who were charged with Breach of the Peace, and imprisoned.
      It seems again a “Breach of the Peace” for Trump’s/Putin’s world dream of what life is all about for them.
      Its taken a girl to speak so well to humanities impact upon the planet.
      One reads about the reaction by the established social order of strong objection to Rachel Carson’s book Silent Spring whose vision is coming true now for different reasons. “Millions of Birds” have dissapeared is Headline News. A woman scientist maligned in her social time.

      Rebellion against the established social order is easy to find in fiction/non fiction stories. The popular movie “Hunger Games” comes to mind.
      Its a girl there too.
      So don’t discount the girls!
      Or us.

    2. Being concerned about Greta Thunberg’s wellbeing is not misplaced. I have an autistic child (diagnosed by numerous health professionals rather than being ‘self-diagnosed, incidentally) and would be very concerned for his mental health and development if he were constantly in the spotlight and in heavily emotionally charged situations. From family experience I’m very, very, very sceptical as to whether an autistic child could undertake this work without an enormous amount of support. While Greta Thunberg is doing good work, given her age and condition there are also legitimate questions to be asked about those assisting or perhaps manipulating her, in particular the relationship between her parents and the various people (players in the Swedish media, banking and industry) who ‘discovered’ her.

    3. Putin was not worse towards Greta than Trump. Trump’s sarcastic comment was totally belittling, and regardless of the fact that both countries (USA and Russia) are major oil players, Putin’s response was more circumspect, and more respectful of Greta than Trump has ever been.

      Putin may disagree with Greta Thunberg due to having to protect his nation’s interests, but he is not a climate change denier like Trump is.

      Yes we need to end our reliance on fossil fuels, but one damned question no-one is asking is what happens to all those oil fields around the world if they are left alone? So much for claiming that by using oil we are making a worse world for our children, what about natural disasters and subduction? How about some scientists calculate the damage to Earth should a major oilfield be subjected to subduction under the crust of Earth? How much damage would be done if an oil field was naturally broken open by a major earthquake? I think, whilst I am pro getting away from burning so many fossil fuels, Earth CAN deal with some fossil fuel usage by us, just not all of it at the same time.

      It seems to me that if Russia, or any oil-producing nation, unilaterally (and arguably suicidally) abandoned its oil fields and even oil-research, that would create an unprecedented opportunity for the likes of the USA to seize those fields and facilities for themselves, and would almost certainly be a major war when they did so.

      We can bleat on and on about oil, the desire for it, the need for it, but quite frankly I have not seen one shred of evidence to suggest ANYONE has actually come up with a solution that manages the oil in a manner that benefits this planet, and no-one has calculated the risks to future generations if it is just left there (which is also not possible currently due to a particularly war-loving, greedy, life-hating species).

      The problem is that oil = energy, and man, no matter what other energy sources are found, will NOT abandon such an energy-rich source as oil. We already have nuclear, solar, wind, hydro-electrics, and no matter what else (cold fusion etc.,) becomes available, there is just no way Mankind is going to leave such a valuable resource in the ground.

      Now having said that, I must stress I am pro-Greta Thunberg, and pro-ending our reliance on burning fossil fuels, but I am anti just leaving that oil undiscovered and left where it is, or leaving it, and expecting that any law will stop nations and corporations fighting tooth and nail to make it theirs, because it is an unrealistic ideology that ‘thinks’ we can just stop using oil for fuel. The Militaries of the World are always interested in stockpiling the stuff in case it is needed for future wars, or future civil needs.

      Currently it is idiotic to think that nations can just click their fingers and the oil-burning will stop forever. What we need is a rock-solid plan that takes into account the needs of nations, the risk to nations, and a comprehensive commitment to getting as much oil out of the ground, as safely as possible. I am not ignoring the fact that if we were to get all the oil, we would need somewhere else to store it. This would be a challenge and risky too, but the simple fact is that Earth has a lot of oil, and we need to work out a better way to use it, not ignore it.

      Here is why Greta Thunberg is doing the right thing in my opinion (and that is even with adults behind the scenes using her). We are a planet of around 7 Billion human beings, and trillions upon trillions of other species of life. We are an ignorant species in that we don’t know everything there is to know, even about ourselves, let alone everything else, and we have a terrible track record of utter hypocrisy, and not giving a damned about the very things that sustain us. We are a greedy, extremely narcissistic species, with a severe penchant for true destruction in practically everything we do.

      We need Greta, and others like her, to wake up humanity, even if man-made climate change is nothing more than the elites’ global pet-scheme to drain more wealth from public coffers, because as a species, we cannot go on like we have been doing.

      We are potentially at oblivion’s door, and on the verge of a major shift in human development. To carry on with our careless attitudes towards all life, is to walk through oblivion’s door, right at the point in our history where we could realistically change ourselves for the better, and to genuinely leave a better world for our progeny.

      It is with these things in mind that I say we need Greta, we need Climate Rebellion, we need to change our ways to be a more life-caring species, and we need to wake the fuck up and take more care of each other. I couldn’t give two hoots whether man-made climate change is a real thing threatening us now, or potentially in the future, all I know is that our collective attitude towards such things stink, it is certainly better to be safe than sorry, and we should treat it as an area we can all do better, indeed we MUST do better.

      It seems at times that human beings need to be ‘terrorised’ into taking better care of each other and the entire World, because human beings get very, very, complacent and apathetic when we think we’re doing ok. It is that apathy and complacency which are our most dangerous attributes, and if the man-made climate change issue is not real, at the very least we can use it to better ourselves, AND make sure that it will never be a problem in the future (obviously nature itself may have its own input into that equation).

      I am sick and tired of the attitude which goes along these lines … ‘eat, drink, be merry, for tomorrow we are to die’. That attitude is the same as saying fuck everyone, and everything else, do what you want, because life is worth nothing anyway. It is also a guaranteed recipe to create an even worse environment in which to live.

      The whole climate debate issue is so riddled with bad arguments on both sides (like Brexit), that no-one can be blamed (except the instigators of those bad arguments) for expressing doubts about so called ‘facts’. The confusion that has been created, is a deliberately crafted situation, just like Brexit and others, and they are done to destroy our humanitarian unity, so we may not act effectively to thwart the twisted plans of the elites.

      The question therefore is simply this … ‘Can we benefit from training ourselves to live in better balance with our world?’. If the answer is ‘yes’ to that, then ignore all the hype and dishonesty, ignore everything except this fact – it is never the wrong time to care about our life-support systems, it is never wrong to protect them either, but it is wrong to ignore our life support systems and push the care of them onto future generations.

      I don’t accept your premise (Tracy Keeling) that Putin was being nastier, or worse than Trump towards Greta Thunberg, so please don’t jump on ‘The Reds under every bed’ band-wagon, there are enough lies, and bad interpretations already.

      Ignoring the very real needs of Russia and its people, is as bad as ignoring our own, and helps no-one. Vladimir Putin has far better nature-loving credentials than Trump, even if you decide to ignore the things Putin is visibly doing to improve Russia’s environmental record and future outlook.

      It wasn’t Russia that pulled out of the Paris Climate Agreement, in fact they have recently joined it. Also, it doesn’t hurt to be a little bit more aware of national differences, Putin was not dismissing Greta as Trump and others are doing, he merely contributed his own Russian perspective, on what is to him, a teenager getting stuck way into an argument without enough experience, or full knowledge of the realities and vagaries of life.

      If anything, Putin was trying to help her, even though it may not yet be apparent, or appear to some, and Greta, as derogatory now. Trump however, was truly being derogatory towards her. All Putin was doing was pointing out the issues with Greta’s involvement in the debate, as well as showing a cultural bias towards children/teenagers in politics (‘extreme situations’).

      I personally really like Greta Thunberg, and regardless of whether she is being manipulated by adults, the real issue here is not a teenager speaking their ‘truth’ to power, but Power speaking lies to all of us. At a very basic and simple level, regardless of the influences, what is great about what Greta has done, is that she stood up to badly behaving ADULTS, to tell them they are liars, because they claim to be ‘doing ‘this or that’ for the children, and future generations’, yet their actions speak louder than their words. As a teenager, she wielded an authority which not even World leaders could ignore, and their discomfort (our discomfort) is palpable.

      Greta Thunberg caused the most powerful people in the World to stumble enough that they were truly nonplussed, for once. It should be obvious, and very telling, that Trump’s, Putin’s, and other’s responses to Greta are coming from a place of fear, not wisdom. Only after a little while did those very powerful people draw back in enough of their dented-egos to respond, and all those responses have been the responses of adults caught with their hands where they shouldn’t be, they are still not sure how to handle her, and that is a good thing.

      If Greta and others are wrong to be fearful of the future due to climate change, who’s fault is that? It certainly isn’t the fault of her and those like her, nor, it can be argued, is it the fault of ANY child or teenager. It is the fault of the generations that ignored the warnings (if you believe in ‘Man-made climate disaster’), or the fault of the fear-mongerers who deliberately created ‘Man-made Climate Change’ just so they could create a tax on the air we breath out, and through fear, direct and control us (if you believe ‘Man-made Climate change’ is a hoax) .

      I have seen articles on RT and other places, which are doing their damnedest to blame Greta for creating fear, yet those same articles don’t even acknowledge that the fear was not created by her in the first place, and that the entire Media (not just MSM) are responsible for spreading the fear of climate change. It is certainly not the fault of the victims of such fear-spreading that should be blamed (of which Greta is surely a victim herself), but the ones who deliberately sought to create that situation in the first place.

      So Tracy Keeling, your article is flawed, and biased, and shows that you have drunk too much anti-Putin ‘cool aid’ in my opinion. Your attempt to conflate Putin’s comments with Trump’s downright rude ones, are a sign of your own prejudices.

      Sure what Putin said would sting a teenager like Greta a bit, but what he said actually has some merit if interpreted as a paternalistic comment. He wasn’t trying to destroy her arguments, he even complimented her as a “kind and very sincere girl”, which is very obviously true, and you yourself made the point that adults ARE to blame for the environment we are now in, which is also true, but it is just as true of you and me, and Trump, not more true of Putin.

      In conclusion, what Trump said about Greta Thunberg was disgusting on all levels, what Putin said about Greta was complimentary to her humanity, but expressing concern that she is being manipulated, and the opinion that teenagers shouldn’t be put into situations they are not properly prepared for by others. Vladimir Putin’s whole comments indicates to me that unlike some that could/should be mentioned, he isn’t getting drawn into the fear and hysteria of the MSM, preferring to look at the whole situation calmly, and with consideration for everyone involved, not just a select few elites. Show me the same consideration from Trump … it just isn’t there.

        1. How about you do some real research (The Sun doesn’t count) and stop being frightened of Western-invented ‘bogey-men’ from Russia?

          If it isn’t too hard for you, you could learn a few more English ‘wordy-words’, so that you could better comprehend, and communicate with the World around you, instead of jealously lashing out because you feel left-out.

          Your comment makes no real or factual point whatsoever, which makes you a potential troll and fake news, and all that your (emaciated) wordy-words reveal is that your ignorance matches your deep-rooted, unjustified bias against Russia and Putin (did The Sun tell you it was so?).

          Under Vladimir Putin, Russia formerly joined The Paris Climate Agreement on 24th September 2019, that certainly puts an end to your claim, and your lazy ignorance on the matter. WTF have You done in your life to ‘curb human extinction’? … That’s right, fuck all. Plus it’s not about preventing just human extinction, but preventing Planetary extinction. Trust someone like you to put Humans above the very things that make humans possible.

          Oh and BTW ‘nyet!’ means ‘No!’, not nothing, I see your Pigeon-Russian is as bad as your English comprehension. It’s not clever that you ignore Trump’s, and The Tories’ real behaviour towards the environment, and you can’t even make a factual point (due to a severe limitation of wordy-words in your noggin no doubt).

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