Corbyn tells Johnson to ‘jog on with your daft ideas’ after PM’s miserable defeat on Brexit deal

Jeremy Corbyn/ Boris Johnson
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On 19 October, in a special parliamentary session labelled ‘Super Saturday’, MPs rejected the Brexit deal proposed by PM Boris Johnson. The outcome is a huge blow to Johnson, who was forced to send a letter to the EU to request an extension in keeping with the Benn Act.

Johnson has been consistent in resisting an extension to the 31 October Brexit date. Yesterday’s vote, compelling him to request an extension, has therefore made him the centre of more than a few jokes:

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Others, meanwhile, called out the glaring hypocrisy in the establishment media’s response to Johnson:

Jog on, Boris!

After Johnson’s humiliating defeat in parliament, Corbyn addressed a rally in Liverpool with a message of hope:

I want to lead a Labour government that will challenge the environmental crisis, that will challenge the housing crisis, and give young people that hope for the future. And say to Boris Johnson and company: jog on with your daft ideas.

And calls for a general election are doing the rounds again in the wake of the Super Saturday vote:

Complying with the law

There have been growing calls for Johnson to comply with the law and engage in negotiations to extend the Brexit deadline. Many people, including shadow chancellor John McDonnell, criticised Johnson’s potential contempt:

Letters and bluster

The PM sent a letter to EU leaders without signing it. He also added a note to say he still thinks the UK should leave the EU on 31 October. However, commentators are calling Johnson’s antics “spin” and “bluster”:

Ultimately, the PM has sent the letter mandated by the Benn Act, and the EU will respond to it accordingly:

Johnson famously said that he’d “rather be dead in a ditch” than request an extension to the 31 October Brexit deadline. Regardless of what happens this week, at least those who see through his lies and grandstanding will enjoy watching him eat his words.

Featured image via Twitter – Jeremy Corbyn / Wikimedia – MrsSnrub

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