Nothing shows how rubbish Boris Johnson is as PM better than his latest humiliation

Boris Johnson
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Boris Johnson is pressing for a general election by Christmas. Unfortunately for him, he’s just suffered a humiliation that shows how rubbish he is at being PM.

“Every confidence”

When Johnson became PM in July, he gave a speech outside Downing Street. In it, he criticised the “pessimists” who he said thought “we are incapable of honouring a democratic mandate” (i.e. Brexit). He vowed:

I am standing before you today to tell you the British people that those critics are wrong. The doubters, the doomsters, the gloomsters, they are going to get it wrong again. …

I have every confidence that in 99 days’ time we will have cracked it [Brexit].

In keeping with this buoyant spirit, his government then launched a “Get Ready for Brexit” advertising campaign on 1 September. It reportedly spent £100m of taxpayers’ money on it. The National Audit Office (NAO) assessed the campaign, saying it may have “limited impact” under the circumstances.

Now, the media has suggested the government may be pulling the campaign. At least, that’s what iNews reported before then removing its article. The New European reports that a cabinet minister denied the iNews claim, saying the “campaign is still live”.

In short, it’s a shambles. And people are not impressed by the prospect of the campaign money being ‘spaffed up the wall’ – a phrase Johnson previously used in relation to funds for child abuse investigations. Yet another moment in the PM’s life where he showed how unfit he is for the position he holds:

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Zombie what?

Naturally, the government has come up with a catchy phrase to shift the blame from Johnson for not delivering on what he promised he could deliver on. Ministers have been running around shouting “zombie parliament” at anyone who’ll listen (cue the BBC):

Many people have embraced the idea that ‘zombies’ exist in current UK politics, but not in the same way the government is suggesting:

Proof is in the pudding

No matter how much Johnson and his government try to blame others for the UK failing to leave the EU on 31 October, one fact cannot be denied. It looks like Johnson will fail at delivering what he argued he could. He’s on course to fail at what was his flagship pledge when becoming PM.

That shouldn’t bode well for him at any forthcoming election.

Featured image via BBC News/YouTub

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    1. We have the main opposition party now turning down its third opportunity for a general election which the British people badly need to get of rid of the Tories, and now Corbyn’s said no you call Johnson the loser? Not only have 17.4 million people been screwed over to steal their Brexit vote who will lose, millions of them likely Labour voters; but 14 million people including 4 million kids living in poverty lose also, a few million of them most likely Labour voters.

      You can’t do this to five to ten million of your own voters then expect to win elections by them.

      1. I have an empathy for your view, and I’m sure your not alone with millions of other people.. But I think Corbyn’s question a good one leading into an election. Many people have a fantasy of what Brexit means, and are often fooled their individual fantasy may become real. That’s a given in politics.
        The more Boris refuses to say a No Deal Brexit won’t happen means a certainty for his defeat. No where have I read is A No Deal Brexit considered a good idea by those in business, industry or finance and those who think for themselves.
        Corbyn’s question removes the fantasy about what Brexit is leaving it clear for people of what the issue is.
        The only question remaining is whether to vote for a Boris Brexit, as no other kind of Brexit is possible.
        This means assured votes by those who have real influence by having a brain.
        As Boris has deselected 21 Tory MP’s who rebelled against his No Deal Stance it’s safe to say the Boris No Deal Brexit is the only one on the table.
        Corbyn’s calling Boris on his bluff.
        The other thing is I don’t remember any debate, or vote in parliament on the amount to be spent on preparations for Brexit .
        It would be interesting if someone added up all its expenses.
        Its as if a budget went down on this issue without even a voice of dissent as it was never presented as an issue for parliament to consider.
        So 50% of the people who voted to remain were utterly left out in the street.

    2. You state;
      ‘but 14 million people including 4 million kids living in poverty lose also, a few million of them most likely Labour voters.

      You can’t do this to five to ten million of your own voters then expect to win elections by them.’

      Using your logic, please explain why they would vote for the Conservatives, the party that caused their poverty?

      1. I’ll second that.

        Also 17.4 million people voted to leave on POLITICIAN’S lies, which is to say 17.4 million people voted for a Brexit designed by the USA to force us into a trade deal with them, and to privatise our NHS, all because the USA kept getting its (secret) trade deals rebuffed by us.

        How many of those 17.4 million voters actually realised that they were voting to destroy our nation and hand it piecemeal to American Corporate and Political interests? Something that both our Tories and Lib Dems are complicit in?

        This isn’t just an opinion, if you dredge your memory you should find that the USA has been getting rather tired of adhering to International law, hell any law, for some time now, and was getting increasingly frustrated at being Vetoed at the U.N. and by us when we became aware of their attempts to sign trade deals with them that would destroy our way of life, and our NHS, all done behind our backs I will add.

        The USA has a proven history of interfering in other people’s democracies, replacing democratically elected leaders with despots of their choosing, and our Nation has been subject to that continual pressure from the end of the Second World War to this day.

        BREXIT was, and still is a plan to divide our nation, to make us turn against each other so that the USA can pretend to come to our rescue, from something they created, and 17.4 million Britons fell for it hook-line-and-sinker (so have most of the Remainers too btw).

        Tories, Lib Dems, and ‘New Labour’ remnants are traitors to the Queen, and to our democracy, and should be arrested, put on trial and jailed for life for the evils they have brought upon us and our nation (not to mention other nations like Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, etc., etc., Ad Nauseum.

        Austerity and BREXIT were, and still are, ALL about Economic and Societal Shock Therapy, a theory developed by the now dead Milton Friedman, and carried on by his many Elite acolytes (many of whom are now in power at premier governmental levels).

        Milton Friedman was an economics professor at the Chicago School of Economics, who copied ‘Electro-Shock Therapy’ as a solution and template to create unencumbered controllable (by the Elite) global markets, but more importantly to put us through so much shit that we would become a blank-slate, ready for them to turn us into obedient capitalist consumer-slaves.

        Milton Friedman’s theory was taken directly from the medical process of Electro-Shock Therapy, wherein a ‘patient’ is subjected to repeated and increasingly stronger shocks in order to create a programmable ‘clean slate’, a zombie if you will. Don’t take my word for it, read Naomi Klein’s International best-seller ‘The Shock Doctrine’ for a detailed account and explanation of what is really being done to us, and by whom.

        So many harp on about 17.4 million people voting for BREXIT, that 17.4 million people who just had no clue as to where that will take our nation. 17.4 million people who do not understand that that vote was designed to be used against us all, so that our nation would become broken and pliable to USA demands.

        The problem now is that there are 17.4 million Brexiteers, and a similar number of Remainers who are too proud to accept they were hoodwinked, and would rather bleat on about a vote which was designed to destroy us, as being our democratic right, who want to enshrine the very worst of human traits by attacking each other as if each side were made of idiots and traitors, when we have ALL been hoodwinked into doing so, and by far too many Britons are willing to violently turn on each other just to get their undemocratic ways.

        If you all love Democracy so much, why the hell don’t you care that the process has been utterly undermined, and radically rebranded as something it never was, and never will be?

        The Elites are playing on our fears, deliberately, and with cold, calculating hearts, are setting us, goading us, into war with each other, for the purpose of destroying our hard-won freedoms, and our growing, evolving Democracy.

        I could go on about many of the things that were evilly contrived and committed against our Nation and people, but I think a simpler saying should spell it out more readily …..


        Divisive politics, divisive relations, divisive economies, divisive lives, THIS is what we have been forced to live, THIS is what we have sown, and to date not one person has managed to ever prove that the opposite is true. A house divided always falls, and by ‘house’ I mean US, our Nation.

        It is a sad indictment on us all that we would rather scrabble around accusing the wrong people, and the wrong mechanisms, directed by corrupt politicians and elites, than actually do something to save ourselves and our nation from the truly treasonous acts that we have been forced to witness, and forced to live in.

        It is the MSM, Politicians, and Corporate Elites who continually tell us how we should think, and because of it, our nation has become full of zombies, all as bad as each other, all as blind as each other, who are willingly, but unknowingly tearing our nation to bits, all so the USA can have its World Empire, and they don’t just want to have the biggest Empire in history, they want it to last forever, with the entirety of the World under their jack-booted heels.

        This type of politics, this type of economics, this type of behaviour is utterly self-destructive, and are the very mechanisms of our collective suffering, which will lead to not just our destruction, but our species (perhaps even all life’s) end.

        What’s more important? 17.4 million people getting their way, or 50+ million people being allowed to live in freedom, in a caring society, with the best public services available to any Human being, united in their desire for a strong and peaceful nation, with realistic goals for our nation to achieve together?

        I suspect that many people on all sides are far, far more concerned with being ‘right’ in their own minds, than what is actually true or beneficial for us, our Nation, or our World, and that many would rather hate their own peoples, than adopt a untied front against the real idiots. Too many people love violence, too many people love conflict, and too many people love ignorance, hell … too many people revel in ignorance, and seem incapable of understanding that there are consequences to everything … even thoughts.

        1. I agree with what you are saying in that Brexit isn’t about having an English identity at all.
          The man wearing a Union Jack suit so happily will find himself waking up under the sheets of the American stars, and stripes. Poor soul on being deluded.
          Brexit is an entirely a Tory idea from the beginning with Cameron speaking up for a consensus within his crowd. Johnson, and Gove have been there from the beginning and I think always intended a No Deal Brexit.
          This crowd seemed to be incensed about a perceived lack of social prestige of who they are while in the EU.
          So to go with the USA war machine who is actively trying to depose of democracy around the world means further prestige in being leaders of the world.
          I think they are that simple and haven’t thought out what they are doing in sacrificing what it means to have an English history.
          It was due to Turing who invented the computor during WW2 in cracking the enigma code and was so critical in winning the war. Yet this crowd treated this gay man with utter contempt, and without any curious wonder as to how he was socially created amongst them.
          What an embarrassment!
          Just as Julian Assange is or Edward Snowden.
          This crowd has no sense of having a humane culture and the wonder that comes from giving this idea any respect. As in learning.
          So the election issue isn’t about an identity for England but a coup on its parliament by Warriors using the Reptilian Brain Stem as an inspiration. After all the dinosaurs were very successful!
          So any vote for Brexit has been misunderstood. It’s been corrupt from day one which is a good indication of the ruthless dishonesty in portraying itself.
          Brains don’t belong to any social class at all which I’m sure is frightening to these people who have a vested interest in maintaining a social prestige.
          I’m happy having no prestige at all. It’s so relaxing.
          No fear here.

    3. But Johnson isn’t a failed zombie it seems.
      Zombies don’t have thoughts?
      Thoughts are of no consequence as they are not real as a stone is real?
      Perhaps the celebration of Halloween will give us an insight into this theatrical zombie world of the politic.
      Is Johnson just playing “trick or treat” early?

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