People are using the #VoteConservative hashtag to explain why it’s a really bad idea

Boris Johnson
Emily Apple

It’s the first full day since MPs voted for a snap election and #VoteConservative is trending on Twitter. But Boris Johnson might not be happy. Because people are using the hashtag to show exactly why voting for his party is a really bad idea.

As the Parody Boris Johnson account stated:

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“If you want…”

Some people wrote lists of all the reasons why people might vote Conservative:

Novara Media‘s Ash Sarkar used the hashtag to detail the positive things a Labour government will deliver that the Conservatives won’t:


Other people highlighted the damage ten years of Conservative-led governments have caused:

Who’s pulling the strings?

Further social media users used the hashtag to call out the owners of the corporate media:

Others highlighted who’ll profit from a Conservative election win:

Remember, remember

The hashtag was also used to remind people of some key facts:

Another timely reminder highlighted the fact that we shouldn’t be tricked by Tories pretending to represent “regular folk”:

Early days

On one level the Conservative Party might be happy that on its first day of campaigning #VoteConservative is trending. But as political commentator Rachael Swindon stated:

One thing is, however, clear. While the Conservative Party and the establishment media might want to make this election about Brexit, ordinary people disagree. Because we’ve all had ten years of experiencing and seeing what the Conservative Party has done to us and to our country. We’ve seen our services slashed, benefits cut, disabled people demonised and our retirement age increased.

Johnson might have a massive election budget and a wealth of election trickery up his sleeve. And there’s little doubt this will be a nasty, manipulative and dirty election. But this hashtag shows that people won’t forget the abject misery this government has caused and will use every available opportunity to remind us all why voting Conservative is a really bad idea.

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