One statement from Jo Swinson shows why the Lib Dems can’t be taken seriously

Jo Swinson
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Just hours after MPs voted to hold a snap general election on 29 October, Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson appeared on ITV News. And she used her appearance to make a totally ridiculous statement. Swinson claimed that:

I am standing in this election as candidate to be prime minister.

It seems that Swinson appears to have forgotten that the Lib Dems only have 19 MPs. And out of those 19, seven defected from other parties.

You’ve got to laugh

Given Swinson would need an additional 307 seats to gain a parliamentary majority, many people simply found her claim laughable:

Other people felt only a GIF could really sum up the situation:

A one-trick pony

The Lib Dems basically appear to only have one policy different from their austerity-loving Conservative coalition friends – and that’s to stop Brexit. Given that Labour has promised a referendum on any agreed Brexit deal, however, it’s a bit rich to say – as Swinson has – that the Lib Dems are the only party that can stop Brexit.

At the same time, this election won’t just be about Brexit. It will be about the suffering that the Conservative Party – supported by the Lib Dems – has caused.

According to the UN, the Tories – backed by the Lib Dems – have ‘deliberately’ pushed thousands of people into poverty:

UK standards of well-being have descended precipitately in a remarkably short period of time, as a result of deliberate policy choices made when many other options were available.

And the Institute for Public Policy Research found that austerity is to blame for at least 130,000 ‘preventable’ UK deaths.

Meanwhile, name a public service, and it’s suffered from vicious cuts. From schools to hospitals; youth services to domestic abuse refuges – everything has been decimated under nine years of Conservative-led governments.

So no, Jo Swinson, the country will not trust the Lib Dems in government. In fact, she might even have difficulty keeping her own seat, given that her majority at the 2017 election was only just over 5,000.

While the ludicrous claims of Swinson and her fellow party members might give us a laugh, we must always remember the damage the party did when it formed a coalition with David Cameron. However banal it may appear, it is – after all – a party with blood on its hands.

Featured image via ©UK Parliament/Jessica Taylor

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    1. Jo Swinson is utterly delusional, not mildly delusional mind, but fully-blown, clinically delusional.

      This is the state of modern politics – delusions abound, they (many politicians like BoJo and Swanson) are the worst that humanity have to offer, and are the ones spreading their delusions for global consumption like a cancer in an immunocompromised patient.

      What is worse, is that they are willing to show their disgusting corruptness of morality and ethics, and paint themselves as ‘enlightened’ leaders, rather than the utter criminals they truly are.

      Leaders like Jo Swinson prove that our political system is diabolically corrupted, by equally diabolical people. They have no shred of human decency, no care for anything other than playing their games, no matter what the cost to anyone else.

      These people belong either behind bars, or in an insane asylum, certainly not in ANY position of power. They are literally the worst examples of humanity, period. They deserve to be forced to live under the very rules they would foist onto the rest of us, with the same mercy and concern they have shown the World.

    2. I agree.. But what would this asylum look like?
      The movie “KIng of Hearts” with Alan Bates raised this question as to who is sane in the 60’s, and concluded the people who has been placed in the asylum by these people you speak of were far more sane in their delusions than those in power.
      So what would this asylum look like, to take in these leaders of Animal Farm for treatment?
      It’s never too late to begin imagining this can be a possibility.
      Or am I delusional?
      We have to try.

    3. Oh my goodness. The only thing that’s delusional is the comments above and this article.

      It’s really clutching at straws. It’s like slagging off the third ranked sprinter in a race with Bolt and co.

      But it’s worse than that. This site is the reason why labours slogan of “for the many, not the few” is so laughable.

      Corbyn lost the last election to a maybot, who couldn’t even be bothered to turn up to debates.

      Corbyn is 17 points behind a useless buffoon masquerading as prime minister. He’ll claw some of that back, but how much?

      Judging by this site and the comments on this article, not enough to bring in the centrists and the blairites. Good riddance I hear you say? But what happened to “for the many not the few”.

      If Labour and it’s supporters really believe that, they need the support of the centre. And some of the right.

      Otherwise the best they can hope for is a minority government, where the country is paralysed again.

      I know so many people who are never voting Tory, but can’t bring themselves to vote for Labour this time around.

      But hey, Jo Swinson, is the delusional one.

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