Angela Rayner hammers home the utter failure of Tory rule with one appalling statistic

Angela Rayner
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The National Audit Office (NAO) has confirmed the Conservative Party’s utter failure to fulfil a key 2015 election pledge. And for Labour’s Angela Rayner, this proves just how “inept and useless” the Tories are.

The government spending watchdog revealed that the Conservatives have so far built none of the 200,000 homes that their 2015 manifesto promised to build in England. The target audience for this high-profile ‘starter home’ pledge was first-time buyers under the age of 40.

Rayner responded to this damning revelation by tweeting:


The NAO also confirmed that the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government doesn’t even have a budget for starter homes any more.

Zero success. Zero trust.

The chair of the Commons Public Accounts Committee, Meg Hillier, responded to the news by saying:

Since 2010 many housing programmes announced with much fanfare have fallen away, with money then recycled into the next announcement.

Labour’s John Healey, meanwhile, asserted:

The Conservativesā€™ flagship housing announcement for first-time buyers has been a total failure. Itā€™s clear you canā€™t trust the Tories to do what they promise.

And Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn stressed:

The Tory housing crisis has no Tory solution

Conservative housing policy has been a massive failure. And as Labour’s Barry Gardiner pointed out recently, young people are facing the brunt of the resulting crisis:

Indeed, nine years of failed ideological austerity under Conservative-led governments have resultedĀ in a growing housing crisis and increasingly worrying homelessness statistics. The number of rough sleepers, for example, has risenĀ 165%Ā since 2010; and in 2018, roughly two homeless peopleĀ reportedlyĀ died every day. TheĀ disastrous declineĀ of social housing, meanwhile, means taxpayers are giving private landlords money via housing benefits and getting nothing in return.

At the same time, theĀ wealthiestĀ people in Britain continue to make massiveĀ profits from property ownership. And rich politicians like Conservative leader Boris Johnson have profitedĀ from selling off housing that taxpayer money helped to fund. Johnsonā€™sĀ hard-rightĀ government of proud Thatcherites, meanwhile,Ā wantsĀ even further cuts to public services and the welfare state.

Explaining this dire situation, journalist Owen Jones is calling for change:

The alternative

A recent reportĀ showed anger among low-income voters over the insecurity of the private rental sector and a desire for ā€œmore council and housing association homes for rentā€. It also showed that Brexit isnā€™t the priority issue for most of them.

The Brexit-obsessed Conservatives have failed miserably to deal with the housing crisis. But Corbynā€™s Labour is listening. And it’s pledged to build ā€œat least 100,000 council and housing association homes a year for genuinely affordable rent or saleā€ by the end of its first term. It’s also promised to create a ā€œDepartment for Housing to focus on tackling the crisis and to ensure housing is about homes for the many, not investment opportunities for the fewā€.

The Tories had their chance, but they failed to deliver. It’s now time for real change – and there’s only one party that can deliver it.

Featured image via Rwendland, with additional content via Press Association

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