The 34 seconds everyone needs to see before even THINKING about voting Tory

Image of Tracy Culham interviewed on the Victoria Derbyshire Show
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The Conservative Party’s austerity policies have decimated the welfare state, with even survivors of rape forced to ‘prove it’ or lose their benefits. But amid all the statistics and headlines, very real people are suffering indescribable pain. If someone you know is even thinking about voting for more of the same come 12 December 2019, then the least they can do is spend 34 seconds listening to one woman’s tears.

Reality bites

The clip comes from a 2017 instalment of the Victoria Derbyshire show and features a guest named as Tracy Culham. The programme focussed on the astronomical rise in people dependent on foodbanks to eat. In April 2019, the Trussell Trust revealed that foodbank use in the UK had hit a record high. In the past five years, it said, foodbank use had soared 73%, with a whopping 1.6m parcels distributed in the previous year alone.

The primary reason for this is the combination of falling wages and increased living costs. In short, wages are going down while prices are going up. And on top of that, ideologically-driven changes to the benefits system are leaving people without critical financial support when they need it.

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In 2018, UN special rapporteur Philip Alston completed an investigation into the impact of austerity and poverty in the UK. He concluded:

The state does not have your back any longer. You are on your own.

He also found that the impact of austerity and welfare cuts has:

fallen disproportionately upon the poor, women, racial and ethnic minorities, children, single parents, and people with disabilities.

The guest on Victoria Derbyshire was one of these people. Unsuccessfully fighting back tears, she said:

It’s degrading. Especially when you work all your life. …

I hate talking about this because I think it’s the most degrading thing going. And I need to let the nation know what it’s like.

Enough is enough

A landmark study by UCL, published in the British Medical Journal in 2017, attributed 120,000 deaths to austerity-driven cuts in health and social care alone. That is 120,000 dead people, who may not have died if different decisions had been made in Downing Street. Behind such horrific numbers are real people. We can’t do anything about those lost lives anymore. The moment has passed. But we can honour them by preventing further loss, by making sure better decisions happen in future. And that starts with ousting the politicians whose short-termist, selfish decisions brought us to this point. So let’s do that come 12 December.

Featured image via Twitter – Tory Fibs

Get involved

  • You can read Labour’s 2017 manifesto to end austerity, and contribute to their 2019 manifesto here.

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    1. The 34 seconds everyone needs to see before even THINKING about voting Tory.
      TO ALL IN 12th Dec G.E. Some True Points before voting
      VOTER the Dec G.E. IS NOT about Brexit ONLY
      As Brexit is on hold until a new Govt is foamed by us voters to run our Country right for us all RICH + POOR alike Not just a party the rich support (by funding it)
      I have told my local area Lancashire /Pendle areas
      Tory M.P. Andrew Stephenson for my vote plus over in his area he better have new Bribes for us for our votes.
      Therefore, I have told him plus Tory Govt member
      (by emails) plus over party in the H.O. Commons
      The 2 things here below must be their party MANIFESTO paper before Dec G.E. before vote day the Dec 12th, 2019
      1—The FULL Scrapping of Tory Scam U-CREDIT FULLY.
      Not re worded or just tinkered with SCRAP FULLY
      for our votes.
      2— The FULL Scrapping of FRACKING FULLY.
      Not just put on hold until after Dec G.E. then it starts back up again Scrapped fully for our votes.
      And to prove all parties will keep the 2 promises here I have also said to them we voter wish a CAST IRON PLEDGE in writing plus enshrined in law from day one of the party being in Govt + power. In addition, I have asked the leader of the new Govt to go live on T.V. news programs to confirm to 2 promises for our voters in Dec G.E. will be met in full by the party in power, be it Tory /Labour /Brexit party/Ukip/LIB-Dems/ Green party/S.N.P./Independent joint party/ in power.
      Voter all over the U.K.
      including Wales/N/Ireland/Scotland.
      If you wish better things for your area remember the 2 things here, I have asked all party for my vote in Dec G.E.
      AS Brexit cannot be done or moved on until a new Govt is in place a FACT, so for your area ask your M.P. what you want not what he or she wisher get something for your area vote. (vote wisely voter of all parties)

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