Angela Rayner only needed one tweet to wipe the floor with Nigel Farage

Angela Rayner and Nigel Farage
Emily Apple

Nigel Farage has been hitting the media and hitting the streets to launch his election campaign. He has always been keen to promote himself as a ‘man of the people’ – an image not supported by his background.

But after he made a geographical mistake in a tweet – seemingly unsure which part of Yorkshire he was visiting – Labour’s Angela Rayner took him to task. And her tweet totally wiped the floor with his supposed ‘ordinary bloke’ image:


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Oh dear Nige, deleting tweets doesn’t work

Farage deleted his tweet. But the internet can be unforgiving, and Rayner helpfully posted a screenshot:

And as one Twitter user pointed out, the tweet doesn’t bode well for his supposed love of England:

Using every opportunity to take Farage down

Now one could argue that Farage made a simple mistake and just deleted the tweet. But that’s not the point. Farage has promoted hate across the UK to further his own political career. He also said that he couldn’t support Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal; but he backtracked, seemingly just 48 hours after being offered a peerage, and withdrew Brexit Party candidates from Conservative seats.

Meanwhile, the corporate media has an ongoing love affair with the slimy toad – granting him the kind of air time that political parties with actual MPs don’t receive.

So Rayner is right to call him out. Farage has caused immeasurable damage to this country, all while pretending to be an ordinary working man. And we need to take each and every opportunity available to us to call him out as the nasty, racist hypocrite he is.

Featured image via Wikimedia/Rwendland and Wikimedia/Gage Skidmore

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    1. You think Nigel Farage is going to just disappear because of this? What planet are you on?
      I have never seen Farage lose an argument, no matter who he’s up against. He tells the truth ‘because he can’ says it the way it is, and has the habit of actually answering questions. He’s a one off! So whatever the media come up with doesn’t work.  Cameron knew any debate with him at his election/referendum, would be lost. The BBC, media and Parliament are still desperate to shut him up. That won’t happen, and they know it! He has got more sense and knowledge, than the whole political establishment put together! That’s why we respect him, and they hate him!

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