The tweet that shows just how cynical Rachel Riley’s ‘war on antisemitism’ has become

Image of Rachel Riley alongside a tweet criticising her sharing a tweet from a racist minister
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Rachel Riley does the numbers on Countdown. But she’s also appointed herself witchfinder general in a campaign to silence critics of Apartheid Israel with false accusations of antisemitism. (Full disclosure: she has dedicated a lot of that time smearing The Canary.) This is why we were somewhat shocked to find her promoting the views of an alleged antisemite. Why? Because he happened to heckle Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

The tweet

On 13 November, Scottish church minister Richard Cameron heckled Jeremy Corbyn, smearing him as a “terrorist sympathiser”. And immediately, Corbyn’s political opponents began to celebrate. The right-wing Evening Standard, Scottish Sun, and Express newspapers launched attacks on Corbyn on the back of the heckle:

But the enthusiastic attack was short lived. Because a brief examination of Cameron’s social media activity revealed a hard-right bigot who has frequently shared racist and homophobic views:

He also faced allegations of antisemitism:

Enter Rachel Riley

Riley and her fellow anti-left trolls regularly trawl the social media history of Corbyn supporters, making eye-wateringly tenuous claims of antisemitism. They screenshot each others’ outraged tweets and fire them at advertisers in efforts to shut down left-wing publications. They rarely, if ever, present evidence to back up these claims. That’s how witch hunts work.

And yet, with the guy who heckled Corbyn, even the most rudimentary background check was seemingly deemed unnecessary. Below is Riley’s tweet, and a sample tweet from Cameron’s timeline showing his views:


Riley retweets antisemite

People were quick to inform Riley of her mistake:

Despite all this, Riley’s tweet remains undeleted at the time of writing, and she even doubled down by suggesting Cameron’s controversial previous comments ‘changed nothing’:

It’s not even the first time (in the last week), however, that Riley has failed to perform basic due diligence before promoting a smear against Labour. Just days before, Guardian columnist Jonathan Freedland confused two Muslim men in efforts to smear a Labour candidate as an antisemite.

But Riley was already on the case, promoting the smear regardless.

What would Rachel Riley do?

This behaviour should be shocking to anyone still believing that Riley’s behaviour was ever about antisemitism. But the disgraceful way Jewish critics of Israel have been treated by this toxic campaign should have raised eyebrows far earlier.

If a person on the left had promoted Cameron for any reason, Riley would most likely already be leading the Twitter pile-on. And so, for the sake of consistency, the questions must be asked:

Should Riley face sanctions for sharing the views of a racist homophobe?

Should Riley be removed from her job?

Should Riley be condemned publicly by every genuinely anti-racist person?

Should anyone who associates with Riley be condemned as a racist homophobe by association?

According to the established logic of Rachel Riley, the answer to all of the above would probably be ‘yes’.

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    1. Indeed, Bush and Blair are war criminals that should be in jail or dead by now, even by their own standards.

      Still the MSM ignores their anti-Muslim and anti-life behaviours, and as you have rightly pointed out, they are supposed to be Christians, so what part of The Christian Faith says ‘go forth and murder as many people as you can without getting caught’? None of it as far as I have studied (which is extensively).

      In fact those two are the very type of ‘evil-doers’ the Christian God hates, and has warned others not to be like, or face the same judgement of eternal death in the fires of Gehenna. I mention this as you have rightly pointed out their hypocrisy, and the evil people they are.

    2. Neither of the previous comments even mentioned the witchfinder general Rachel Riley. She is a nasty piece of work. She trolled and doxxed a 16 year old girl to near suicide. She is working hand in hand with Stop Funding Fake News to take down left wing alternative media sites like the Canary, Dorset Eye, Skwawkbox and I am sure there are others. Mike Sivier from Vox Political is about to begin a libel case which she and some soap actress have taken out against him. He spoke only the truth about them. Those of us who have been trolled by her and Gnasherjew complain to Twitter but Twitter does nothing. Same on Facebook. They are pro-Israel so they are safe and able to troll and vilify without impunity.

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