A former Labour MP hits a new low trying to attack Jeremy Corbyn

Ian Austin and letter
Fréa Lockley

With less than two weeks to go before the general election, the Tories are getting desperate. And now, one of the Conservatives’ newest champions just took that desperation to a whole new level.

“A political slug”

Former Labour MP Ian Austin left the party in February and continued as an independent MP. In November, Austin announced he was standing down at the general election and threw his support behind Boris Johnson.

Now, he’s named as the author of a letter to voters. The letter tells people not to vote Labour. But it also issues a scathing attack on Jeremy Corbyn, filled with spin and inaccuracies.

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It goes on to criticise the Labour Party’s economic plans and implores people to back Johnson. Equally twisted, is that Austin appeared to want sympathy. In the letter he says it wasn’t easy for him to decide to vote for the Conservative Party.

But he got little sympathy from those who received the letter.

One recipient asked, “how can they get away with this?”:


Another questioned how the recipients of the letter were chosen:

And Aaron Bastani claimed it was “printed and distributed by the Conservative party”:

No friend of Labour

This isn’t the first attack on Corbyn from Austin. In November he made a similar plea, and the establishment media lapped it up. The Conservative Party also paid to fill Facebook with videos of Austin slating Corbyn.

But despite this, voters backing a Corbyn-led government aren’t fooled. Because as The Canary‘s John Ranson wrote in November:

Austin is one of yesterday’s politicians, a relic of the Blair-Brown era that prized a strange sort of belligerent centrism over a genuine vision for the country. The Labour Party under Corbyn has already laid out such a vision, during the 2017 campaign. Corbyn’s authentic enthusiasm and a hugely popular and impressive manifesto delivered a huge upsurge in support and took Labour very close to government.

This is a desperate move. And with Johnson’s poll lead shrinking, the Conservatives may get even more desperate still. But judging by the reaction to this latest move, pleas from Austin aren’t going to help the Conservatives’ election chances.

Featured images via Carlton Reid/Wikimedia and screengrab

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    1. Maybe one really should feel sympathy for the fellow. It sounds like he’s suffering some horrid neurological disorder yet to be diagnosed fully. Has he been to see his doctor about it? Gosh! it could be contagious. What? Others already appear to have ‘gone down’ with the same thing? Dear oh dear! We must all send him a “Get Well Soon!” card. That’s the least we can do don’t you think?

      1. …actually… Mythbusters proved you can polish a turd by freezing it first, then keep it frozen whilst gently buffing it up on the industrial turd-polisher … should even be able to stick a tie on it after too!

        That said, polishing turds doesn’t change the fact that a turd is a turd, that every one can still see and smell it is a turd, and as soon as the frostiness is gone, it turns out that the turd becomes as soft as shit.

    2. Just goes to show how close the Tory’s and ‘New’ Labour were, and why people on the doorstep complained that all politicians are the same, in for what they can get for themselves.

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