A chilling threat was made against Jeremy Corbyn. Everybody needs to stand up to this.

Jeremy Corbyn
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As soon as the election ended, the knives were out for Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. And after such a heavy defeat, where good Labour people lost seats, anger is understandable. But what’s not understandable is a death threat.

This takes a particularly twisted sort of mind. And nobody’s standing for the death threat posted by actress Frances Barber against Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

The threat

In a post-election discussion online as to whether Corbyn would resign, some couldn’t contain themselves. But frustrated by the fact that Corbyn isn’t the sort of person to walk away, one person took their frustration to a sickening level. This is when Barber tweeted this threat:

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People’s outrage

Her sickening tweet was quickly faced down by the people who read it. First up were these people who called out Barber’s tweet for what it was:

One other person gave us a stark reminder of something totally chilling:

People are reporting

Other people realised something else needed to be done. So they began reporting it:

Barber’s got form

Barber was a member of the Labour Party until she resigned in September 2017. And since then she’s been on Labour’s case. Most recently she posted:

And while claiming she once “loved Labour” she proved that ‘love’ has long since left. That’s assuming it was ever real:

Jeremy Corbyn

Corbyn won his seat in Islington North and said he will continue to represent the people of this area with “pride and privilege”. Because that’s the sort of politician he is. He doesn’t run away, and he remembers exactly why he got into politics. People. And Corbyn has already said he won’t lead Labour into another election, but he will stay on during a process of “reflection”.

Many people showed utter contempt for Barber and others who may support her sick tweet. The fightback is already underway, and it won’t let up.

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    1. The climate of evil brought about by Tory party vile creatures who can’t control themselves this the hatred of all Corbyn bless him brought back sanity to a once small Tory party brought it back to whot a lot wanted but Brexit got in the way plus’s the hatred spouted out by press and media BBC itv you name it it brought hatred of this man did he stand a chance not really but he tried the people didn’t want him but the liar Pinocchio Boris now we suffer under the liar

    2. A nasty and offensive tweet.

      But let’s not get too distracted from the real issue. Corbyn’s mass movement was nothing more than an echo chamber of momentum activists. Utterly delusional and the legacy of his leadership is delivering Boris Johnson a massive majority.
      All this talk of nothing to learn, stick to the same agenda. FFS it will be music to Johnson’ s ears.

      1. The real issue is that if any person even remotely connected to Jeremy Corbyn, Momentum, The labour party or left wing politics in general, had issued such a tweet. There would be a cacophony of pundits, political figures journalists and minor celebrities, demanding that Jeremy Corbyn apologise. The BBC would probably make it the lead story for 3 Days and the S*N would issue a commorative edition.

      2. wow some common sense lol. The corbynistas dont realise that they have handed the Tories ten years minimum in power and who knows after five straight defeats in General elections will labour as we know it even be around?

    3. dan hodges’ comment has broken the writers’ block holding up forward motion on my bovary screenplay;
      banned from facebook and refusing to use twitter, i’m afraid i’m not frothing or foaming danny boy.

      but i am in the mood for a laugh (thank you dan and co, i am one of the finest forex traders in london. you just voted to make sure nobody, not even my buddy corbo, slows down my rise to financial power! i feel very very materially reassured by boris’s victory – i am one of the few, not the many, and whilst i am saddened, in fact corbyn’s defeat makes me personally much more sure of my financial future)

      the rest of the screenplay to come in time, on my site, the beginning is already there. these lines just added, after reading the hodges call to make people violent..

      (the backstory is that they have been invited to President Quackquack’s war room as he wants to meet louis’ hot wife, but since this is lampooning over the top gay rights pretence, bob mortimer is marie antoinette and is therefore too ugly, so they have to find someone else to go as marie antoinette so that quackquack will not be hostile)

      CUT TO..


      What about Dan Hodges?

      Surely he’s a man too?

      Don’t make me laugh. He boasts about making entire groups of people froth and foam at the mouth in anger, as he did when Corbyn lost the election to Johnson. Even though right after he had been promoting making people froth and foam at the mouth to ‘celebrate’ the killing of ‘jihadi john’, some people frothed and foamed so much they massacred the writers of Charlie Hebdo – days after Mr ‘make them froth and foam at the mouth’ had been proudly advocating justice by summary execution on twitter.

      So that makes him a child, not a woman. This film is lampooning fake feminists, not women Bob. You need someone who can look sexy. Dan Hodges won’t do. Whether or not he has the courage of a man, he looks like an ape. President Quackquack will not fancy him. You need a better idea.

    4. I very rarely leave comments, but feel compelled to respond to the hateful tweets coming from Frances Barber et. al
      Well done Jeremy for standing strong on your principles and offering hope to those of us who share your vision of social justice and compassion for those less fortunate than ourselves. You have done the Labour party great service in driving the ‘haters’ and 5th columnists from the Labour movement. I pray that Labour doesn’t move from it’s current manifesto as it represents the basic values set out by the founders of the movement and the teachings of Christ.

    5. She has a poor grasp of socialist theory: Corbyn isn’t a “Trot” (by the way, Trotsky was Jewish- is there antisemitism lurking here ?). Corbyn is a committed parliamentarian like Tony Benn and Michael Foot. Trotsky didn’t believe representative democracy could reform capitalism out of existence, unlike his intellectual superior Karl Marx, who towards the end of his life was of the view that in the special conditions prevailing in Britain a long war of attrition between workers and owners was the most likely way to transformation.
      Calling for the murder of those who espouse the views of a Jewish intellectual? Someone should check the hate laws. Or are the police on their way already? They would be if anyone called for “toffs” to be shot. No one would, of course, as they provide us so many laughs.

    6. Frances who? Never heard of her. I am sure she fills her Mother’s heart with pride with her tweets.
      If I were her Mother however, I would be on way with a large bar of green soap and a scrubbing brush.
      She would be told in no uncertain terms, that as my daughter she would be washing out her mouth with soap and water.
      How have parenting standards fallen so low?
      RIP Jo Cox you are so fondly remembered.

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