Thank you, Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn
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I’m writing this through tears, and know I’m not alone in that today. But as the vultures swoop to pick clean the bones of the election results, it feels important to say one thing:

Thank you, Jeremy Corbyn.

We may feel shattered, confused and broken today. But you gave us hope. And that’s a hope that the establishment can’t ever crush, no matter how much it wants to.

A new hope

You showed us a kinder, gentler politics, and stood strong for what is true and right. That’s what they hated you for. But that’s entirely why we stood with you and stand with you still.

My belief in party politics died after the Stop the War march in 2003. I wanted nothing to do with a party led by warmongers. They ignored our voices and took ‘us’ into a war of aggression that killed hundreds of thousands of people, creating a legacy of death and destruction that continues today.

Then, in 2015, you offered change; a new hope. I was one of the millions to whom you gave faith and belief in a new way of politics. It was like nothing we, or the country, had ever experienced. The establishment hated us from the outset; but that was, in some ways, part of the sheer joy – because too many of us had spent years in the margins challenging every aspect of that same establishment we possibly could.

I’m one of the millions who were already entirely disenfranchised at that point. They may talk of the UK’s so-called ‘political refugees’ now under false claims of an antisemitism crisis; but that entirely ignores the fact that, for hundreds and thousands of us, that’s exactly where we were before your leadership. Many of us were highly political, don’t get me wrong, but it certainly didn’t come with a manifesto and a unified, cohesive plan to help millions of people. We just did what we could, when and where we could, in small groups and communities.

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While these election results are truly devastating, though, they shouldn’t underestimate us. Because that won’t stop. We know we need that energy more than we ever have before in the cruel, Johnson-led times ahead.

Perfect storm

I truly don’t know how you’ve managed to continue with such grace and dignity in the face of continuous and relentless attacks. But I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Because your courage in doing so has taught me and so many people I know so, so much.

I don’t think any political leader could be left unscathed by the continual media bombardment you’ve endured over the past four years. Anyone who ‘simply’ says ‘blame Brexit’ or ‘blame you’ for the election results is so wrong. Categorically. We all know that. Because the establishment and its billionaire media lackeys created a perfect storm. It was so vicious and brutal that, although we knew it was blowing, we didn’t see it land until we were right in its eye. Flat calm. Dead calm. Deadly.

And on top of that, equal rage lands straight on those attacking you from within your own party. I’ve felt ashamed to be a Labour member witnessing their despicable actions. As we said about the invasion of Iraq: not in my name. I hope you never ever forget how many of us came to the party and stayed precisely because of your leadership.

Last night, that all leached out on the BBC in a sickening, establishment gloating bloodbath. Every finger pointed by every single ‘commentator’ may appear to be pointing at you and your leadership, but it actually pointed straight back to themselves. Because they set out to destroy you.


But while they may have destroyed that beautiful opportunity to build a government of hope and end the relentless destruction that’s been in play since Margaret Thatcher gained power, what remains will be far, far stronger. We know now that it’s up to us to come together for homeless people, children, pensioners, disabled people, every person ever forced to use a foodbank, people from every visible or invisible minority, and the millions whom austerity dispossessed. We’ll stand strong to save our NHS whatever that takes.

Beyond our shores, we’ll keep that same love and compassion alive for our sisters and brothers in Palestine, Yemen, Rojava, and every single corner of the world that the potential of your government also offered hope to. Johnson’s gang will bloat from arms-deal profits, but we’ll carry on the fight to end that putrid, murderous trade.

And for this beautiful, precious planet, many of us will give our lives if needed. We’ll plant trees, scale buildings and place our bodies in the way of the neoliberal machine to defend, cherish and save it for our children, their children and beyond.

We know the truth, beyond the despicable smears. You’ve committed your life to fight racism, intolerance and injustice wherever you find it. We stand with you, and we won’t stop working for a world where those values triumph.

Perhaps not today. Because we’re hurt; we’re grieving. But we’ve not come this far to ever be stopped.

We thank you.

And we will rise.

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    1. Perfectly expressed, Frea, perfect. My sentiments precisely. The fight goes on. It has to continue for the sake of all those whose lives will only get harder under the callous regime of Johnson and his followers. Like you, I rejoined the Labour Party when Corbyn became the leader. He was and is inspirational. I cannot thank him enough for rekindling a sense of hope and developing a plan for a better future, for our next generation, the homeless, the sick, the disenfranchised, and our fragile planet.

    2. Looking back I can’t help think that perhaps Jeremy Corbyn was too nice, gentle, just, fair, honest & principled for the British electorate to stomach. For a moment I thought it possible that Britain which has stood for imperialism, wars & oppression can go the other way. But the public was blinded & fooled yet again by a media blitz, led by BBC, against Jeremy Corbyn. Naturally the big capital was not happy with what Jeremy stood for.
      Obviously the British didn’t deserve a leader like Jeremy who could deliver them from this state of slavery to the rich & powerful. Long love Jeremy. You provided unmatched leadership. Thanks for your immense contribution, not just to Britain but ordinary people all around the world.

    3. I’d like to echo and totally agree with Freas article , every word of it , especially the joining Labour because of Jeremy which is what I did. I never belonged to a party before him although I was a Trade Union member and supported Labour , it was Jeremys inspiring and honest character that made me join.
      He is and always will be a GOOD MAN WHO CARES.
      To those in the PLP now denigrating him ( Hodge , Streeting etc ) you are not fit to lick his boots you nasty pathetic trash.
      How he and his family managed to survive the onslaught is utterly beyond me but shows the strength of his character the strength of love and support of his family and his leadership qualities .
      I don’t know who is going to step up to this but they will have massive boots to fill .
      Labour has lost one of the greatest PMs we never had and I believe he along with the front bench Socialists MPS would have made life for all of us infinitely better .
      I salute you JC and will always support your ideas and suggestions thank GOD you are still an MP and still able to influence things.

      In Solidarity Comrade

    4. And thank you, Frea, for expressing so beautifully the way I feel too. Despite not being Labour party members, my daughter and I campaigned for the Labour candidate in Pudsey just west of Leeds. The reason we were happy to spend our evenings risking frostbite and pneumonia was a belief in the kindness, decency and honesty of Jeremy Corbyn. Today we both joined the Labour party in a bid to preserve his legacy in the upcoming leadership contest.

    5. So glad to find this. I am an elder so I am lucky to know what a decent society was like before Thatcher and Blair wrecked it. It did exist 1945 – 1975.

      There were no beggars, no food banks, no homeless, jobs for all and decent pay. No “right to buy” that moved public housing rapidly into private landlords’ hands as fast or faster than councils could build. No benefits sanctions, and a Claimants Union to help you get the benefits that were your right. There was racism, sexism, but we were starting to tackle them. People were not living in fear, and not crushed by debt. Being kind was admired, and being snippy, bullying, just making money without making anything worthwhile was not admired, or at least not by the majority.

      As the 90s closed and the OOs ground on I grieved, feared, lost hope. My own project dwindled and died because people could no longer understand working together. Under Blair I left Labour in loathing. Then I went to see Corbyn speak July 2015 standing room only, and I found hope. I worked to support it.

      I fear to write this, fear being targeted, punished. But I will say it, that I will not forget the man with the kind eyes, the brain that understood economics, that knew who are vermin and who are the people. I cling to hope that I will see a decent society live again in my lifetime in Britain. It IS possible. The billions Corbyn promised to put to work for us was not crazy, not extravagant. It was no more than other good European societies pay to support decency. We have been trained to think austerity is necessary. It’s not.

      Jeremy we love you, and I admire and love McDonnell, Abbott, and all who stood for a better society. VENCEREMOS!

      1. I couldn’t agree more, I do Love Jeremy Corbyn and those who stood and stand with him for trying to steer us away from the disasters we will now likely face.

        I agree very much with what you have written in your post, I remember those times well too, and I am certain that the worsening state we have witnessed and lived, is NOT a side effect of age, but actually a side effect of growing wisdom vs youthful ignorance (i.e. things looking rosier in the past because the future looks so terrifying, whilst things actually were better then, than they are now, and the outlook is now certainly bleaker than it was back then).

      2. What! “There were no beggars, no food banks, no homeless, jobs for all and decent pay”: really? What planet were you on? Are you making this up? In our town in the 60’s, the docks were shedding labour with containerization, the shipyards closed, and unemployment was almost 50%. Everyone was poor, and there were race riots following the West Indian influx. Me and my 3 siblings all joined the forces to get away, and never went back.
        Yours is the kind of rose-tinted dreaming of that nirvana that exists in only one place: your imagination. How can you be taken seriously?
        Oh, and my mum and dad eventually bought their Council House under Maggie Thatcher – something they had never dreamed they could achieve. They were so proud, and are still in it, and it was the best thing that ever happened to them.
        So at least try to be honest if you want to be taken seriously.

    6. Saddest part of last night, yesterday morning was hearing jez was stepping down as leader of labour, then reading all the smug and superficial analysis of the election, turned my stomach. On reflection though he and the other progressives in labour laid out a very inspirational blueprint for the future and supplied plenty of motivation to carry it through, not just in this country either, a lot of people were taking note.

      I got frustrated at times that he didn’t respond to the smears and reversals of reality more but he hung in there long enough to show a much better path forward and he’ll still be around to help implement it, so long as the discredited center right of the party don’t capitalise on the moment and send things backwards again. Overall he showed himself to be a very smart, compassionate and capable leader, whilst our current pm hid in a fridge from members of his own team.

    7. This gives me hope that younger generations will go forward with renewed strength and belief to fight this rigged system. A time of mourning for me and my family but we will emerge with a resolute defiance to carry on the fight.

    8. No final victories, no final defeats. The battle must be fought anew by each generation because injustice is an ever-present possibility and vigilance against it must be eternal.
      Corbyn wasn’t too nice or gentle. The simple political fact is that elites of wealth and power will always be vicious to those who challenge them. The record of history is plain.
      But would Johnson have made even his feeble promises on public services had Corbyn not been offering transformation? The timid offer of the Blairites would have emboldened the Tories to embrace thoroughgoing privatisation. Corbyn has handed the flame of hope onto us. We must carry it aloft and not pull back a centimetre from an agenda for democratic equality.
      Corbyn won more votes than Milliband, Brown and Blair in 2005. The matter of seats is a quirk of choice by about 300,000 voters in seats in the north and Midlands. I have just heard on the radio that the Tories “swept Labour aside in its heartlands”. Really? Manchester? Liverpool? Most of London? Bristol? Much of Wales? Had those 300,000 had a little political common sense, Johnson would not have a majority and the Tories would be in crisis. They will be disappointed. They will change their minds. Johnson will fail because his prospectus is false, his underpinning philosophy morally abject and intellectually flawed. Heseltine has just been on the radio. 20,000 police officers. You won’t see any for at least a year, he says. And even then, because of their working patterns, 20,000 will not make the difference people expect. Heseltine’s view is there must be work between city mayors, the police and communities. Sensible, but it misses the point: in a culture of radical inequality, crime always flourishes. Democratic equality is the answer.
      Thank you, Jeremy Corbyn. A good man in a naughty world.

      1. You say he was not too ‘nice and gentle’? I love these qualities, but on the last few debates, he just let the Johnson have his way with him, and for us who were watching, he just didn’t fight back! We were shouting at the tely, ‘go on Jeremy!, take his Brexit deal apart…’ – which he DID NOT Know evidently; but he didn’t
        I guess he was knackered, bless him!
        ANd then the Johnson patronised him over ‘anti-semitism’, saying ‘you mean well I think’! WHy didn’t he talk about his own, exemplary record on it!? I told him that and thought it was a fair idea; but never ut it into practice (I suppose he gets a lot of advice; and I admire him for always being himself!)
        I think the anger that he has about food-banks, etc. and rightly so, can be also used to champion himself a lot more. ALthough he said he ‘welcomed’ the ‘hatred’ of the billionaires, etc. they went to town on him. ,,, shamelessly, from utter self-centredness; THAT is an injustice, and Jeremy needed to realise, imo, that such attacks on him and his good name, make our chances fewer.
        Anyway, I still applaud him for his goodness, kindness and authenticity – and he’s a wonderful presence to meet in person, which I happened to do twice in this crazy campaign!
        I am sure there is a way to fight the roght-wing press, as well as the more subtler mainstream press; there has to be!

    9. Don’t worry about Mr Corbyn taking the blame for the election defeat from others on the left. It’s his last job as leader, shoulder responsibility and allow the party to clear the air and move on. He’s got broad shoulders!

      Thanks Jeremy, you did great. Our party is all the better for having had you in charge.

    10. Thank you for putting into words my feelings.
      “If you point a finger at someone, three fingers point back at yourself.” I’ve stayed away from the news and social media as my fragile emotions can’t cope with the vitriol and gloating that is going on.
      Hope lives on. Hope that was ignited by Jeremy, and though clouded by tears and confusion, still glimmers within.
      We will have a big job to do, and work out how to bring about a fairer, compassionate, kinder society. Like a phoenix, we will rise from the ashes, feathers gleaming bright once again.

    11. Who is to blame. . ?
      Remainers are to blame in Labour for not accepting that Brexit wasn’t just a ‘Tory project’. Brexit was most definitely, as we now know for sure, a Labour endeavour too – The ‘get Corbyn’ brigade and lobby groups are to blame (religious and otherwise) which from the very first day of Jeremy’s leadership went all-out to defame the Rt Hon Jeremy Corbyn MP leader and Privy Councillor of HM’s opposition Labour Party – The anti-Labour-Corbyn media are, with their despicable bias, to blame. And, we stalwart Labour party members and supporters are to blame too in our own individual ways that only we know how and in what way.

    12. Beautifully put Frea. I joined the Labour Party when Jeremy Corbyn was appointed as leaver. A wonderful, inspirational man. Such a shame, we are all grieving at the election debacle. Three stupid words ‘get Brexit done’ , media intervention by the multi media millionaires and the BBC. Shame on them.

    13. Hi Frea,

      I agree with all you have said here. I joined Labour Party because of Jeremy Corbyn not despite him.

      I don’t believe Labour has to move much to the right (if t all) to become electable in this country. And let’s not forget how big a factor Brexit played in this election.

      But I do think Labour has to change it’s core messaging in regard to its policies in future. In this election I pretty much only ever heard about the need for compassion, the need to support the vunerable and the need to spend more on the NHS, education and vital public services. I completely support those aims, but I also wanted to hear much more of the economic case for increased investment and state intervention in our economy. The business case for increased state spending needed to be made clearly and loudly to extend the Labour vote out of its core support.

      The UK media is not going to change. Labour’s messaging has to be smarter and have more wide ranging appeal. Tweak the messaging, not the policies.

      And lastly, and apologies if I piss some people off here, the use of the language ‘I stand with’, ‘solidarity with’ and ‘comrade’ which I see a lot of on social media from senior Labour figures has to stop. It’s meat and drink to the right-wing media trying to portray Labour as communist.

      We can be proud of what we stand for, we don’t have to change policies, but we need to be smarter in how we portray ourselves and get our ideas across.


    14. Indeed! Thank you Frea, and thank you to all at the Canary who kept me informed with a clearer picture of what was/is really going on, and to all those who post their opinions and facts which invigorate the mind further.

      The last few years have been extraordinarily trying for a great many people in the UK, and I, like many others, was stunned in 2016 to watch the country fracture in half over a deliberately timed, deliberately orchestrated Neo-Liberal plot. By this time I had already lost hope in my country and fellow citizens, ‘Brexit’ I thought was the last straw, and even before the vote took place, I was convinced Brexit would happen regardless, as it is part of a larger plan to decimate us in a way that makes us extremely pliable and susceptible to US Neo-liberal overtures.

      However, something else has become obvious to me, that instead of being utterly alone and isolated in my opinions, there are in fact a very large number of people who feel the same way about events as me, and even where there have been strong differences of opinion, I have been more and more impressed by the fact there are actually rather a lot of people who genuinely care about this nation and each other, and who like me, are just trying to get a better angle on the facts, amidst an ocean of lies.

      Thank you Frea for a well written reflective article, and thank Jeremy and his supporting crew for trying to bring positive change to our country and society.

      Sadly I have next to little hope for our collective futures, so much so that I doubt very much that there will even be a human race, let alone another decent politician like Jeremy within the next 25 years.

      If you were to sit down and write a list of all the very gravest situations facing us and the planet right now, I doubt you’d get to finish that list before concluding that there’s just too much to try and fix, particularly in the face of very strong and real opposition to fix it.

      I am extremely worried that the next 5 years will seal our extinction fate, that even before those 5 years are up we will know there is no more hope to change anything. I think we are already at that point, but that a great many are still in denial, or just simply don’t believe or care.

      I do however hope I am wrong, but it is hard to hope when there are so many people who are convinced that Earth is like the ‘Horn of Plenty’, that fabled horn that just keeps on producing food magically from nowhere. There are by far too many ignorant and wilfully ignorant people on this planet, and it is they who pollute and destroy because of their ignorance, and cognitive dissonance.

      I think Jeremy Corbyn was our last chance, and I hold onto little hope that there will be his like again. That isn’t to say there won’t be other ‘Jeremy Corbyn’s’, I just fear that the Neo-liberal World Order that is being finished off and polished even as we speak, is already so powerful that it would instantly silence such people, and it would take a Global Revolution to unseat them and destroy their power, which is unlikely to happen given that they have their acolytes and agents in every place of power and influence.

      If you believe in God, then that is your only hope left. If you don’t, well try by all means to save us from that scenario, but don’t become deluded into thinking we can invent something that will cure it all, because all that will do is hasten our extinction.

      If scientists claims are true, that we have less than 12 years to turn it around, then the truth is that unless there is a God willing to save us all from that fate, that fate is what we shall reap. No amount of magical thinking can change that.

      In light of the future we look set to enter, I applaud the efforts of those who have, and are trying to change it for the better, but honestly, I don’t think I am deluded or guilty of cognitive dissonance when I say that excepting some miracle of God, Nature, or Man, I can’t see how we are to avoid our extinction when there is no consensus even of what are priorities should be.

    15. I too, salute Jeremy Corbyn. But we don’t have time to hug each other and commiserate together over our lost opportunity. This vile extreme right- wing government is already inflicting the ‘shock doctrine’ on what they supposed to be a bruised and bloodied opposition. We can’t wait. Somehow, we must re- connect as a powerful force and demonstrate that people power is a force to be reckoned with.

    16. I am not even from Britain, but I followed this election like never before, because of all that was at stake, just as I follow American politics now, like never before.

      I looked up, for instance, all the anti-Semitism accusations towards Jeremy Corbyn and Labour that I came across in the newspapers , and I always found things were distorted and misrepresented. But you had to take time to look up the background, and most people would not invest that kind of time in the issue. And the accusations just kept coming, over and over again, in the end almost daily. It seemed unstoppable. And even though it was of course madness that of all social democratic parties in Europe, one would suddenly be infested with anti-Semitism, even my husband wondered why I was a fan of Jeremy Corbyn.

      I have never been more disappointed, angry and scared at the immense power of misinformation in the internet age. I try to comfort myself with the idea that in the Netherlands at least, newspapers are not in the hands of right-wing billionaires (yet) and that we have proportional representation so that polarization and disenfranchisement such as in the Anglo-American systems will be less likely. But I cry for all the Britons that are vulnerable, and who will not get the protection that they deserve in the coming years. But keep up the struggle. Things WILL look better one day.

    17. Where were your tears as Corbyn and his supporters sought to drive out any dissenting moderate voices from the Labour Party.
      He has destroyed the party and the country will now be left to pick up the pieces form his legacy of being Boris Johnson’s best asset.
      The sheer arrogance and denial in taking full responsibility for a disastrous leadership and election is nauseating.

      1. Why do Corbynistas like you need to resort to rage, abuse and insult at the first sign of someone who dares to disagree? This is such a common trait in Corbynistas, that I have come to realise that Corbyn, McDonnell and Abbott are responsible for encouraging such intolerance: I had seen little sign of it within the Labour Party before the far left took over four years ago.
        What you fail to realise is that your cruel insults to “Shakehands” above, say nothing at all about his character, but everything about yours.
        You appear to be an instinctive abuser who needs help.

    18. “Beyond my mental ability..”

      There you go again. Arrogant echo chamber politics amongst a small group of Corbyn activists.

      Your superiority is misplaced. As horrendous as Johnson is, corbyn and momentum’s legacy is that you made him look electable.
      And now you think you deserve another chance as the rest of us, those who dare challenge St Jeremy lack your “mental ability”.

      Face facts. It’s been a political catastrophe and you are part of it. Now the people of this country will have to live with the consequences.
      This needs to be fought now so you cannot get away with another 5 years of the same disastrous strategy.

      1. Yup, definitely beyond your mental ability to grasp the facts or see the bigger picture, why bother even posting when you just keep showing off your lack of deductive reasoning?

        Literally came here to troll people who were upset at the results to make yourself feel good about yourself. You are not only not very clever, you have an evil streak in you that enjoys gloating and attacking others when they are down.

        In fact, you didn’t start any of your posts with a debating spirit, you started your posts in a manner you chose to incite and infuriate others because your own life is so meaningless and hard that you can’t see past your own naval-fluff, let alone make rational choices. You treat your opinions as fact, thinking you have a right to your own facts, you don’t care about the truth of a matter, and are happy to spread lies even after it has become pointless to do so.

        How about you learn to research properly and learn to see the bigger picture rather than getting stuck in a forest of your own misunderstandings and lies? I realise it is hard for a neuron-lacking person such as yourself to identify what is actually truthful at this scale, and the worst part is that you no doubt think you have no peer, or at least if you do recognise a peer, it is one that displays the same lack of neuron-density as you.

        Your echo chamber is in your mind. You know your opinions are flawed because you are lacking reasoning and deductive skills which is patently obvious in the posts you have made, and that is why you have come here to antagonise and get a bite.

        Me, I’ll bite, I love taking that offered hook, chewing on it and then spitting it straight back at ‘anglers’ like you. In fact I’ll bite so hard you’ll lose control of your rod and get dragged into the deeper waters where you will metaphorically drown.

        If you go on websites to mock, belittle, and cause mischief to others, someone will bite back. None of your posts invited debate, they were insulting from the start, which speaks volumes about you (not that you have the ability to deduce that or you wouldn’t have come here with that pathetic attitude).

        You claim that we made Boris look electable is laughable and stupid. Jeremy spoke truth, Boris fabricated lies, and because Jeremy Corbyn pointed out Johnson was lying, you decided Johnson was speaking truth. That is literally the sum of your argument, and it bears no resemblance to the truth, nor is your claim even Logical.

        By your flawed logic (flawed because of your mental laziness) the people who actually put this country in the mess it is in with disastrous invasions, cuts, and rollback of our freedoms are not to blame, but no, it is Jeremy Corbyn who is responsible for it all and should be punished because he didn’t lie and deceive (as is the Tradition in our fucked-up political system) like Johnson did.

        Jeremy made mistakes, you would NOT have done any better because you, like so many others, still don’t grasp what the fuck is going on, which is the sell-out of our country to the USA. It is THAT fucking simple. Everything else, Brexit, Brexit delays, the appalling behaviour of many politicians, and the austerity measures we are living through are ALL distractions and hurdles designed to trap you into ignoring what is really going on.

        Read Naomi Klein’s Shock Doctrine, if you have the courage to that is. It’s far easier I know, to come here and agitate than do proper OBJECTIVE research. The thing is I don’t think you are capable of seeing the bigger picture whilst your mind is so tied up with getting your ‘kicks’ out of attacking others, rather than asking searching questions that could educate you and others.

        Don’t play the victim, you came here to cause problems, you didn’t post for any other reason, it is clear in what and how you wrote your posts. I’m no elitist like you, nor do I consider myself to be superior to you. It is you projecting your flaws onto me. It is you who are displaying elitist mentality, after all it is the elites that constantly attack those they consider to be beneath them, and they use exactly the same, boring, unimaginative tactics that all nasty people do, which is to say to kick people while they are down, and to spread emotive lies in the hope of creating controversy whilst avoiding or even hiding the true issues.

        1. Did you miss the election result?

          BTW you sound pretty nasty for a pacifist.

          But I and most of the electorate don’t have your mental ability so we will have to carry on listening to the likes of Alan Johnson, Jess Phillips who speak such sense to our uneducated minds.

          1. One thing that really made me doubt jess phillips was an extreme puff piece in the most prestigious right wing establishment rag and bullingdon club litter tray the spectator. I thought why would such a publication boost a working class labour mp in such a superficial way, trying overly hard to endear her with their readers. Author went in like a vicious, glib attack poodle when diane abbott and jezza were mentioned in the article, why were they promoting jess as future labour leader, I wondered.


        2. Again, why do Corbynistas like you need to resort to rage, abuse and insult at the first sign of someone who dares to disagree? This is such a common trait in Corbynistas, that I have come to realise that Corbyn, McDonnell and Abbott are responsible for encouraging such intolerance: I had seen little sign of it within the Labour Party before the far left took over four years ago.
          What you fail to realise is that your cruel insults to “Shakehands” above, say nothing at all about his character, but everything about yours.
          You appear to be an instinctive abuser who needs help.

    19. (P)Rick’s poetry in the Young Ones was far better put together than your response, at least his was funny. You however can’t even decide whether something you’ve read is the funniest thing all month, which begs the question … do you need help with that? How can you not know if something is the funniest thing you have read all month? You either do remember, or you don’t, seems to me you don’t even know yourself, let alone have the qualifications to judge anyone else’s performance.

      1. Nice try, 10/10 for effort. 🙂

        We all know, even you deep down, Corbz was failure, he managed to lie his way to only losing by a bit first time around but the utter lunacy of his borrowing, punishment taxes and the vile antisemitism he fomented in the party saw him crushed and humiliated as people realised he promised anything in his mad powerlust. The Uk doesn’t want Far Left Wing bullying or the sickening union greed that powers Labours politics of envy. Time to admit this had have a good, firm Labour split: normal eled electable people can stay and all the Momentum lunatics can go live their Communist control and power fantasies in a new party; the Socialist Peoples Power to the Comrades Rising Party.

        1. Couldn’t agree more. Momentum have had their chance but need to be stopped building up another head of steam again. The country rejected:
          Weak on security and too trusting of Putin – Salisbury was shameful form Corbyn.
          Anti business – the unions should have a big part to play but cannot dictate economic policy.
          Clueless on Brexit
          You can’t offer loads of free stuff and claim the “top 5%” will pay for it all. People don’t believe it.
          In other words old school socialism doesn’t wash, the world has moved on and we have to find other ways of making change.
          A massive lost opportunity.
          By all means criticise Blair for not doing more after 3 election winds but let’s focus on Corbyn and what went wrong over 2 election defeats.

          1. As a child I sometimes acted very stupidly, but thought I was being very clever. My Mother’s response was always the same. “I don’t know why you think you are being clever” she would say ” because soon you will be laughing on the other side of your face”. Not once did her predictions prove to be incorrect. That is the value of age which can produce great wisdom. It can also prove that youth can be wasted on the young. I expect January 2020 to be a long cold and very bleak month.

    20. Thank you Fréa Lockley for your excellent summation of Jeremy Corbyn’s contribution to British political discourse.

      I joined Labour in hope Mr Corbyn would succeed. I would not have dreamt of joining the party in either of its old modes (Kinnoch and Blair). Although Mr Corbyn was bested at the polls by a knave who mercilessly preyed upon fears of an ignorant populace, that by no means ought to be the end of the story. Two consecutive manifestos under Corbyn’s leadership have changed the scope of discussion and policy formulation in a manner Johnson and his cronies cannot ignore. The present government, despite its undeniable working majority, is living on borrowed time. It cannot hope to retain support from hitherto Labour-disposed voters unless ‘austerity’ is reversed in obvious manner (e.g. restoration of cut public services). Labour’s latest manifesto, the core of which (underlying principles) I believe ought carry forward to the next, will have tantalised many but was hi-jacked by worries over Brexit.

      The neo-liberal brains for whom Johnson is puppet cannot hope to obfuscate the next general election with one grossly misrepresented issue as they did with Brexit. Moreover, even should Brexit on Johnson’s terms be widely recognised as a good thing, the next five years shall harbour inevitable pain for citizens from a transition very likely to reveal unintended or unpalatable consequences from which opposition parties can draw capital. Fresh trade deals with the USA and elsewhere cannot be completed during this five year term. Demand for openness, fuelled by leaks, will place these deals under greater public scrutiny than ever before; unaddressed resentments shall be factored in the electorate’s voting decisions at the next election.

      Then there is the international position to consider. There is continuing backlash, especially obvious in France, against central bank and IMF imposed austerity and the resulting huge disparity of incomes and wealth. The political pathway of the USA is mired in uncertainty. Irrational fear of Russia cannot be sustained indefinitely. Anachronisms like NATO are ripe for being disbanded.

      Times ahead look set to be very ‘exciting’. The present day Conservative party, now utterly devoid of coherent principle beyond further enriching its backers, lacks intellectual gravitas necessary for weathering storms producing deep unrest in some other nations.

      The key to restoring civility, decency, and a modicum of contentment, rests with banishing neo-liberalism. That is why I joined Labour because no other UK political party has hope of success even should that be its aim. One of Mr Corbyn’s achievements was reform of Labour’s internal governance. There is possibility of the many previously politically uncommitted drawn to Mr Corbyn’s banner working together to shape Labour into a widely representative party fit for this 21st century. Should Blairites regain hold, people I despise as much as Johnson’s coterie of carpetbaggers, all hope will be lost; Labour will lose its new members, me included, in droves.

      Mr Corbyn’s political legacy is one of hope, that’s if Labour has the wit to build on it rather than discard it and go back to intellectually bankrupt ways and concomitant corruption.

      1. How on earth can you “shape Labour into a widely representative party”, when you resent anyone who disagrees with your narrow view?
        You ridicule voters as an “ignorant populace” (sounds like Stalin or Mao!), and you describe Blairites (who won three consecutive elections) as “people I despise as much as Johnson’s coterie of carpetbaggers”. So if you despise all the voters, how do you propose attracting us back to your Corbynista version of Labour?
        The daftest bit of your script concerns “The key to restoring civility, decency…”, as Corbynistas have consistently demonstrated that they are the least “civil” and the least “decent” of all the shades of Labour. Just read the abuse in these pages.

    21. Yes Corbyn should be persuaded to stay as leader of The Labour Party (after all he like any of us should be allowed to learn from the mistakes made).

      Tony Blair and ‘Blairites’ should be persuaded to Leave The Labour Party and join the Tory’s, (though jail is where they all naturally belong).

      Jeremy Corbyn is the best, most honest politician by miles, The BBC fact-checking service during the last leader debate, 163 of the UK’s Leading Economists, and many other sources all confirmed his Manifesto and economics plans were not just workable, but better for the nation than anything Any of the others were proposing. Fact.

      Brexit was an incitement of racist, Neo-liberal xenophobes to support the destruction of this nation, the NHS (whilst protecting the Socialist status of the BBC), and the hand-over of our Country to US Corporations, and Washington DC.

      The fault lays squarely at the feet of those who want to privatise the NHS, cut the social safety net, take away our very limited democratic rights, scrap the ECHR, dumb down our education, and quite frankly, in a slightly less obvious way than Hitler did it, kill off the infirm, disabled, pensioners, unemployed, LGBTQI+, Muslims, Jews, Russians, Chinese, Iranians, basically anyone who gets in the way of their profits, or whole-sale criminality.

      It is those who are deliberately lying to The Queen, The Lords, The Commons, Parliament, The Electorate, and the rest of the World, who deserve to be outed and punished, not those who did the best they could in the given circumstances (even if they did fail through making bad choices under extreme pressure).

      Jeremy Corbyn = The very epitome of Good (M)
      Boris Johnson = Evil Incarnate (M?)
      Jo Swinson = Evil (F?)
      Tony Blair = Evil Incarnate (M)
      Gordon Brown = Evil (C)
      Theresa May = Evil Incarnate (F)
      David Cameron = Evil Incarnate (M-F, P-F, & M?)
      100% of The Conservatives = Evil Personified
      100% of The Liberal Democrats = Evil through confusion and ignorance (wilful)
      100% of The ‘Blairite’ Labour Party = Evil Personified (see Tony Blair)
      100% of The ‘Corbynite’ Labour Party = Good, but with a tendency to get fucked by the others.

      1. So “Jeremy Corbyn is the best, most honest politician by miles”: you must be joking! Next, you’ll be telling me he’s the Virgin Mary as well.
        Corbyn lies, just like all politicians: its part of the job description. Corbyn has always lied, and been caught out too often for anyone to deny it.
        I worry about people like you with your serial conspiracy theories: how do you sleep at night in case the evil ones come for you in the dark?

        1. Serious question munro, I see in a comment underneath that you served, my question is, while you were serving, were you exposed to depleted uranium? I apologise up front for being direct, but as you have thick skin my curiosity has got the better of me and needs to be satiated.

    22. It’s like reading a kiddies mag: all this weeping and wailing, the wacky language and hysteria. The simple facts are: Corbyn was the Leader; Corbyn led Labour to a disastrous election defeat; Corbyn is therefore responsible, and cannot dodge it.
      The idea that he is some saint who lost because of an evil conspiracy of the far right and their media, and that anyone who voted Tory is delusional, easily manipulated, brainwashed, racist, bigoted or just plain stupid, is laughable. How can you expect to be taken seriously: you just make fools of yourselves, and the only people who will listen to you are other fools.
      More importantly, if you bury your heads in the sand and refuse to face reality, you will never learn.

      1. So in your brain the person that commits murder is innocent, but the person that tried and failed to prevent it is the actual murderer?

        Really? you say I’m delusional. You are literally telling the world that it is Jeremy’s Idea to privatise the NHS, Jeremy’s fault that Cameron, May, AND Johnson are selling off our NHS, that Cameron, May, and Johnson are blameless for actually ENACTING policy to destroy our NHS, and introduce Austerity, and remove our democratic freedoms.

        You clearly are delusional and cognitively dissonant, and as you clearly don’t even know what those words mean, you also have a piss-poor understanding of The English Language, which isn’t a surprise at all, being as you are quite happy to continue to Globally display your lack of understanding, and ignorance. Go back to pre-school, but this time use your eyes to read, and your ears to hear (not the other way around). Forget using that brown stuff inside your cranial cavity, it’s in the wrong place for a start, and you are nowhere near the skill set needed to operate it.

        In brains like yours, Democracy is a very dangerous weapon of mass destruction. Your deductive reasoning matches that of a rock. You are the very reason Democracy fails continually, and why we always have Oligarchies ruling us by Autocratic methods. Still, it is pointless to tell you this, you are incapable of thinking like real people do, and hence you’ll just respond with more self-embarrassing comments, desperately trying to find clever words to keep this going.

        I find this all very easy, it is no effort on my part to put you down as you make it so wonderfully inviting to do so. I like words by the way, and I am happy to keep on typing and typing, knowing I’m not winding you up, but giving you plenty of opportunity to out yourself as you seem so keen to do to yourself. But hey, it’s not like anyone knows who you really are is it ?

        Keep posting bud, you’ve given me a great idea.

        1. I’m afraid you walked right into that and simply proved my point. And all your abuse says everything about you, and nothing about me.
          You appear to be addicted to the abuse of those with whom you disagree, quite unable to rationalize an argument. Its seems you substitute repetitive words of abuse, where other people would listen, analyse, and reflect, before responding rationally.
          All you seem able to do is rip off another tirade, deaf to anything you can’t handle, and you are probably proud of being abusive. This really is typical of the worst aspects of Corbynism: the complete intolerance of the views of others.
          But there you are, unable to recognise that the only way forward for the Labour Party from the current disaster, is to build alliances by listening to other people, accommodating their views as well as your own, and moving forward constructively. I am afraid that people like you can only alienate others and hamper Labour’s chances of ever aspiring to power again.

    23. Thank you Jeremy Corbyn, Thank you Fréa Lockley, Thank you Kerry Anne Mendoza, Thank you The Canary, Thank you all at The Canary. I know you are doing your best to keep us honestly and well informed, as you are people with integrity that shines, unlike vast swathes of the MSM, Politicians, Corporations, and public.

      If you are a self-confessed life-hater, racist, bigot, and dumb as a bag of mouldy chicken, please feel free to reply below this.

    24. Dear Smythe-Mogg, please forgive this re-post of your post, it was too good to let disappear amongst the trolling some others are engaged in, and as you are so eloquent, it would be a shame for this to be hidden by anyone’s else’s posts, including mine.

      19th December 2019 at 3:18 pm

      Thank you Fréa Lockley for your excellent summation of Jeremy Corbyn’s contribution to British political discourse.

      I joined Labour in hope Mr Corbyn would succeed. I would not have dreamt of joining the party in either of its old modes (Kinnoch and Blair). Although Mr Corbyn was bested at the polls by a knave who mercilessly preyed upon fears of an ignorant populace, that by no means ought to be the end of the story. Two consecutive manifestos under Corbyn’s leadership have changed the scope of discussion and policy formulation in a manner Johnson and his cronies cannot ignore. The present government, despite its undeniable working majority, is living on borrowed time. It cannot hope to retain support from hitherto Labour-disposed voters unless ‘austerity’ is reversed in obvious manner (e.g. restoration of cut public services). Labour’s latest manifesto, the core of which (underlying principles) I believe ought carry forward to the next, will have tantalised many but was hi-jacked by worries over Brexit.

      The neo-liberal brains for whom Johnson is puppet cannot hope to obfuscate the next general election with one grossly misrepresented issue as they did with Brexit. Moreover, even should Brexit on Johnson’s terms be widely recognised as a good thing, the next five years shall harbour inevitable pain for citizens from a transition very likely to reveal unintended or unpalatable consequences from which opposition parties can draw capital. Fresh trade deals with the USA and elsewhere cannot be completed during this five year term. Demand for openness, fuelled by leaks, will place these deals under greater public scrutiny than ever before; unaddressed resentments shall be factored in the electorate’s voting decisions at the next election.

      Then there is the international position to consider. There is continuing backlash, especially obvious in France, against central bank and IMF imposed austerity and the resulting huge disparity of incomes and wealth. The political pathway of the USA is mired in uncertainty. Irrational fear of Russia cannot be sustained indefinitely. Anachronisms like NATO are ripe for being disbanded.

      Times ahead look set to be very ‘exciting’. The present day Conservative party, now utterly devoid of coherent principle beyond further enriching its backers, lacks intellectual gravitas necessary for weathering storms producing deep unrest in some other nations.

      The key to restoring civility, decency, and a modicum of contentment, rests with banishing neo-liberalism. That is why I joined Labour because no other UK political party has hope of success even should that be its aim. One of Mr Corbyn’s achievements was reform of Labour’s internal governance. There is possibility of the many previously politically uncommitted drawn to Mr Corbyn’s banner working together to shape Labour into a widely representative party fit for this 21st century. Should Blairites regain hold, people I despise as much as Johnson’s coterie of carpetbaggers, all hope will be lost; Labour will lose its new members, me included, in droves.

      Mr Corbyn’s political legacy is one of hope, that’s if Labour has the wit to build on it rather than discard it and go back to intellectually bankrupt ways and concomitant corruption.

    25. Thoughts on the abuse directed by Corbynistas at anyone who dares to question the competence of St Corbyn, and dares to suggest he has led the Labour Party to disaster:
      1. Corbyn always condemned personal abuse. Thus, in doing so on his behalf, you are betraying what he stood for.
      2. If Labour is ever to regain power, it has to attract back people who lost faith. You will not achieve this by being abusive: on the contrary, you will simply prolong Labour’s agonies.
      3. I have a thick skin, and, being an ex-Serviceman, such abuse just makes me laugh at the pathetic abuser. But others who might read what you have written may be more sensitive, and are turned away from associating themselves with abusive people. You may never hear from them, but you will have turned them away from Labour without realising it.

      1. Oh boo hoo, now you’re trying to get sympathy because you feel attacked by a Corbynista, the very people you have been sickly attacking from your very first post. Wipe away your tears, it’s only abuse when you attack us, not when we attack you silly sausage.

        If you had a thick skin, you wouldn’t be crying about being attacked because you insulted people on here, and the disconnect with what you originally wrote is expected, but still laughable, considering you absolutely didn’t ‘question’ Jeremy Corbyn’s efficacy, you attacked it yourself. That, for your information is called hypocrisy. I stand by everything I have said to you and others.

        Personal abuse, for being personally abusive, seems fair to me, you’ve personally abused me in your latest post … again … oh no I must dab those tears away. Also what’s with the “Corbyn always condemned personal abuse. Thus, in doing so on his behalf, you are betraying what he stood for.”?

        Are you now finally admitting that Corbyn has something positive about him? You seem to be so put out by this that you felt you had to remind me of what Jeremy thinks, and how I’ve destroyed Labour for having a different opinion to you … you are a comedian for sure!. You started your hate campaign by mocking and attacking those who came here, on this subject and article, and now someone is giving you it back, you moan and whimper like a bitch.

        You also mention you’re an ex-serviceman, I take it you mean you were (note the past tense) a serviceman?, a description used by many a non-combative kitchen recruit. It seems you are at pains to not call yourself a former Soldier. You could of course mean you used to fix vehicles either for the Military or the public. Any who, the fact that you had to ‘big’ yourself up with that comment, shows what’s truly motivating you.

        Maybe you told everyone that because you hoped it would intimidate me? … oh no I’ve insulted a thin-skinned, Special-Farces guy, and I now need to grovel at your feet to beg for forgiveness for the ultimate crime of defending those (your countrymen) who were expressing their grief and loss, something in particular a WARRIOR is there to defend, not attack. If you were a Warrior, then you have dishonoured the Military and your unit because you saw fit to behave like a spiteful little brat that loves poking fun at those in pain. I wonder if that is why you ‘were’ a serviceman.

        If any of you Corbyn-haters had asked your questions or made your opinions without being so nasty, you would have been responded to in kind. None of you have though. As I have already stated, it is obvious that you and others came here to cause mischief, you are utterly dishonest when you try to make out you were posting reasonable questions or viewpoints, you were not, and you still are not. If you wanted a proper investigative dialogue, or just wanted to express your disappointment, you could have done so, but you CHOSE to be antagonistic, you chose to cause harm to others for no good reason, and just so you could feel smart and clever.

        It is a simple recipe, and as a former serviceman I cannot believe that you do NOT know the difference. Cowards attack other people when they are down because they fear those people getting up and attacking them whilst they are on form. Decent British Warriors are supposed to protect ‘the weak’ of this nation (and allies), not cause them grief just because they have a different opinion to you.

        Now I am glad that you claim to have a thick skin, it means I feel absolutely no guilt or discomfort for taking you on, and after all, you invited the abuse, because you were abusing others.

        The idea that people would quit Labour on account of me ‘abusing’ someone on here is delusional (really delusional, not the fake delusional you and others bandy around without being aware of what a delusion actually is). It is delusional because they can chose not to read articles or posts, or stop part-way through, way before making absurd and tenuous connections to needing to quit Labour because some bloke was rude on the Canary.

        If you and others want a debate, to get to the TRUTH of matters for all our sakes, then I’m IN every time, but if you and other just want to use The Canary as your go to place for goading and insulting others, you’ll get shit back in return for your shit. If you have a question ask, if you have an opinion say it, but don’t go around pretending that opinions and facts enjoy the same status, they don’t, and never will.

        Arrogance is when you promote something, or yourself, when there is no basis, or very little basis for it. It is NOT the same as Confidence, which is promoting something, or yourself, when you do have a basis for that confidence (like being skilled in something), and though both appear at times to be similar, they are worlds apart. Cognitive Dissonance is when you believe something, and continue to believe something, in contradiction to the facts.

        I haven’t attacked you or anyone else with lies and opinions disguised as facts. I have been clear what my opinions are, and I am clear what facts are. When I say to you or someone that you are delusional, or cognitively dissonant, it is because you are writing in a manner that displays those traits. I say these things so that you and others may learn that what is important for us and our country is NOT winning arguments for the sake of winning arguments, or to appease our egos, it is the truth that is most important, because the truth allows us to identify the real issues facing us. Only the truth will work to fix our nation, lies lead to its, and our ruin.

        Please note that I am happy to spar with you, but I hate hypocrites and liars because all they are about is destruction, suffering, and death. They have no desire for any good outcome unless that good outcome is for themselves only. Now you and others can continue to gloat, and be abusive towards others, but all you are doing is proving that you hate your fellow citizens, you hate your country, and you hate life itself, none of which is conducive with a better country or World, or even species.

        Labour will be fine and no-one will be leaving Labour on account of what I wrote, unless they are spiteful, and think winning an argument is more important than the truth of a matter. “I left Labour because your posts were hurtful and abusive” would be an act of self-abuse, and would indicate that person has an unresolved mental health issue.

        1. You miss the fundamental point: Labour needs to attract support and stop hemorrhaging it, as it has spectacularly done under Corbyn. Parliament just gave Boris a 124 vote majority over Corbyn’s opposition: Labour is now clearly impotent because of Corbyn’s “leadership”.
          And your obsession with being abusive, so typical of Corbynistas, will inevitably undermine Labour’s ability to attract support back. I don’t think you understand how you come across, and the damaging effect it can have on Labour.
          You really need to try to find an alternative to ranting and raging, and shouting abuse at anyone with whom you disagree, because it simply doesn’t work, except to expose your own character.
          You really do need help.

          1. No you miss the fundamental point that this was an article to say Thank You to Jeremy Corbyn. You and others turned it into an abuse of anyone who liked Jeremy Corbyn.

            You dishonestly try to turn the tables, but it is simply the fact that you came on here to abuse people and the posting system.

            You didn’t post on this article to put forth a valid point, you could have even put your point that you didn’t agree with how things turned out, but no you chose to be spiteful and cause trouble. You did not come on here for any other reason that to pick a fight, and you got one.

            You can point out how abusive I am being towards you, but I am doing that because you set the tone, and clearly wanted that reaction, so stop complaining that your plans worked to a degree, but got scuppered by someone like me who can see through your bullshit.

            People like you, when outclassed, outmatched and generally shown up for what you are, ALWAYS resort to antagonism in order to provoke a reaction which you can then hypocritically turn on your opponent, to turn attention away from your own bad behaviour and poor logic.

            You cannot accept that you are wrong, that it was you and others who were being spiteful, and that is in spite of the evidence of your posts. Self defence is not an overt attack. You attacked, you got attacked back, you hate being wrong so you up the dishonesty, desperately trying to distance yourself from what YOU have written, and your part in the unpleasantness, all because you lack the morality and decency to leave it alone or apologise.

            Don’t come here pretending you are some kind of saintly, hard done by, innocent victim of an unwarranted attack. You deserve everything you get because you sowed the seeds for it, now enjoy what you reap. The fact is that you and others came here straight after the election, and singled out this article and anyone who said thank you to Jeremy so that you could cause others annoyance and more.

            You think I don’t understand how I come across, but I tell you plainly that I do know how I come across, and it is only in your delusional state that you think that what I have to say here will drive potential Labour supporters away, which is crazy talk and just won’t happen. You again fail to see how YOU come across. BTW I don’t shout on here, I use caps for EMPHASIS, idiots like you of course would equate caps with shouting because you have a poor grasp of the English language. Not being nasty, just pointing out the fact that your English comprehension is poor, and as such that is limiting your understanding of the World around you.

            It is not I that needs help it is you. It is you who cannot face the facts of your own words and actions, as if they are somehow immaterial to the issue. The issue I have with you and others is that you came here to get a bite, to cause mischief, and with the intent of ‘disturbing the peace’. If you did in public what you have done here, you would be arrested and fined, maybe even jailed for your bad behaviour.

            Stop playing the victim, stop behaving like a spoiled elitist brat, stop being a coward, admit your intentions, then move on … or not, as I’ve already said, I’m happy to continue this so there’s no point whinging and whining, or playing your stupid games, at the end of the day you aren’t even aware of your own limitations and strengths, so you are not the best authority on what Jeremy did, being that you do not posses anywhere near his talents, and that isn’t being nasty, that’s a literal fact.

    26. I would here like to point out that whilst I and others are having a to-and-fro on here, the result of this is that the main heading on the ‘Front Page’ under the title “Thank you Jeremy Corbyn” now looks like there are 50 people who want to say thank you to Jeremy.

      Thank you to those who keep on attacking, you are helping my linguistic and typing skills immensely, as well as keeping “Thank You Jeremy Corbyn” at the top of the most commented section. I think it is ironic that those who joined to spitefully poke ‘fun’ at, and be abusive towards others and Jeremy Corbyn, are actually helping to keep Jeremy Corbyn on the front page. Nice one all!

    27. Typically overstating the people’s live for Corbyn again pal. Out of your 50 supporters comments, most of them are ping pong between you, me and several others.

      Yeh the Canary is going to sweep Jezza into Downing Street in 2024. Like it was so sure it would for this election. If the consequences of this deluded self indulgent crap weren’t so serious for the country it would be funny.
      This is about stopping another 5 years where the Labour leadership is Johnson’s best electoral asset. So don’t expect to be allowed a period of “mourning” as you put it. Life goes on and Corbyn needs to get out of frontline politics quickly.

    28. “Typically overstating the people’s live for Corbyn again pal.” eh? … do what? Firstly that makes no sense, secondly you’re accusing me of something I haven’t even said. I never said or intoned that. Are you blind? or just stupid?

      What you wrote makes no sense, nor have I said anything like you have portrayed in your dumb post. Seriously, can you not read?

      Wow! I am stunned at just how stupid you really are being. “Out of your 50 supporters comments, most of them are ping pong between you, me and several others.”

      a) Not ‘MY’ supporters

      b) Never said they were

      c) if you learnt to read properly you would understand the point I made, which is that every, yes that’s EVERY post on here looks like support for Jeremy to the …. read the words now … CASUAL observer of the front page. I didn’t claim ownership of the numbers involved, I merely commented on how you lot are helping to keep “Thank You Jeremy Corbyn” on the front page, and no doubt you are so dumb you still don’t get what I’m driving at when I say … “Keep it up” please keep attacking, posting or whatever on this article, because at the end of the day, you are helping it to look great. Thanks. Really.

      Life does go on, but not forever, we have an extinction just around the corner, dumbass, so how about you take your own advice and ‘leave it alone’, or you could continue to help me in my plans, and continue to post your bad logic and reasoning.

    29. Lots of huffing and puffing and throwing your insults and abuse around. Keep thinking you have a superior intellect. Much like the last 4 years of Corbyn’s kids.
      Take a long at the election result again. And keep doing it until the penny drops that the agenda and the leadership was a gift from heaven to Johnson. No wonder he was so keen to call an election.
      Pat yourself on the back this Xmas for being so much more intelligent than the rest of us “dumbasses”.
      And then look at Johnson, Mogg and Cummings in Downing Street without a hint of wondering where you got it wrong.

      1. Look dude, I know you are a dumb-ass because you simply cannot prove your flawed logic, nor have you argued your point in any logical or reasoned way. You came to this site to pick a fight with people who supported Jeremy, and that all there is to it. You can repeat and churn out your ignorant, and cognitively dissonant viewpoints, but you have failed to answer any and all questions directed at you, and that is simply because you are jealous of people smarter than you. The proof of this is how many times you try to accuse me of being an elitist smart person, when in fact what you are really highlighting is your woeful lack of understanding of humanity.

        You think you know something because you read it in a disputed rag somewhere, but principally your logic is flawed by the fact that discourse was never your intention. All you have done here is spout proven lies against Jeremy Corbyn, even though I myself have admitted that he made mistakes, you don’t want to here a single good thing about your enemy, because you are too much of a coward to be able to be objective. Therefore, despite Jeremy’s efforts, to you he is the sole reason for all the evil, and you are so divorced from your own mental faculties that you seem completely unable to equate the truth with reality.

        The truth is that in this reality we punish those who (generally speaking) commit the crimes, not those who try to prevent crimes and fail, but the actual perpetrators. Of course you won’t believe that either because it weakens your bigotry, but it is simply true that Corbyn’s policies do not equate in any way to Boris Johnson’s policies of lies. It was Johnson, not Corbyn, who was found to have lied 88% of the time, and that is FACT.

        Your claim that I am elitist, and ‘superior’, is your jealousy speaking. When is it elitism to be smarter than others? When is it being ‘superior’ to voice ones opinions in detail? You are literally thinking along the same lines as Pol Pot, and that is to say that you think anyone smarter than you is a threat. It isn’t me who’s being ‘superior’ and elitist, it is you, who arrogantly assume you know better than smarter people ..;. you’ve even admitted that by what you have written.

        You have a habit of attacking me with your own flaws. You are literally Cognitively Dissonant – look it up, as it appears that you don’t have a Scooby-Doo what that means.

        You have the same mentality as Pol Pot, and it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if you have the same solutions as him. He decided that anyone intellectual needed to be wiped out, which rather like your claims of elitist superiority against me, are just as rooted in foul human behaviour as his was.

        Boris Johnson, and the entire lying Tory party is responsible for the shit our Nation is in, and they are co-guilty for the shit the World is in. The Referendum and the 2019 GE were rigged to bring out idiots like yourself, who are easily manipulated by those who want to hand our country wholesale to the USA (even when it’s pointed out to you by the person DOING the manipulation, you STILL fail to comprehend what is going on around you, and continue to bleat a point that makes no reasonable or logical sense).

        How about you try to think back more than 2 years (probably more than 20 minutes is a struggle for you), maybe even try a few decades, then you will see what led to what, and who is actually responsible for what (no, I’m sorry, you won’t see it, because you need to have paid attention whilst it was all going on, which is the opposite of what you actually did.). You apportion blame on the basis of what others tell you to, rather than due to your own deductive skills. By your own admission you are not smart enough to engage with people smarter than yourself, nor do you possess the desire to improve yourself. You literally revel in your own shit, and that has nothing to do with me.

        It isn’t my fault that you are too stupid to see past obvious and provable lies, nor is it my fault that you are so dishonest with yourself that you cannot even free yourself from your own mental prison. You have a nasty streak in you that delights in causing others pain, but worst of all you have no desire for any peaceful solutions, and are in fact gleefully contributing to the destruction of our species, something your arrogance, Cognitive Dissonance, and generally lazy mental attitude prevent you from grasping.

        Don’t despair however, using my Superior mental abilities, I won’t give up on you, maybe having a Nemesis in your life is what you need to pull you back from the precipice you seem single-mindedly intent on going over.

        Ooops!, There’s my huffing and Puffing again, sorry your house fell down, but then if you haven’t got the brains to build a house of brick instead of straw, that’s on you.

        Merry xmass to you too you self-proclaimed dumb-ass, I already know who and what got it wrong, and it is those like you who didn’t see the bigger picture, and still won’t see it even when it is our daily reality. Moan about Corbyn, Corbynistas, Corbynites all you like, but it won’t change the fact that all our lives are in imminent danger of extinction (no doubt you don’t believe that either because … hippies … or some other unintelligible and unfathomable reasoning on your part).

        Keep ’em coming. As long as you post, I will be all to happy to keep pointing out your ridiculous and unwarranted behaviour, and I will call you a dumb-ass as long as that continues to be the case 😉

    30. Boris Johnson loves you. That’s how intelligent you are. Define yourself by that. And you didn’t realise it and still don’t. He is literally laughing at how stupid you can be and cannot believe you can come back for more without any reflection on the scale of your failure. Keep going he will be dreaming.
      I am being sarcastic when I call you intellectual or clever. But you missed that as well. What a surprise, finger on the pulse just like Corbyn had his finger on the pulse of the nation. You and your buddies are so thick you actually thought Corbyn could win. There’s a fact. You really did. Instead Johnson won with a landslide. Your agenda betrayed the working classes the Labour Party are supposed to represent, I come on here to challenge the St Jeremy crap being spouted. Or is that not allowed.? And you claim the MSM is bias.You won’t take any responsibility for gifting him number 10 and 5 years of power. But let’s push even further to the hard left on defence, Israel, taxation, nationalisation. what the hell in for a penny in for a pound. We are in for decades of Tory thanks to Momentum. You are so intelligent you thought Corbyn could win. Labour voters deserted the party, they are the facts you need to face. Your student politics would’ be funny if the consequences for the country weren’t so serious. Labour looks finished as a party capable of winning an election with the necessary broad appeal to the electorate but you no doubt count that as mission accomplished.

      1. You are the Boris Johnson Lover because you voted him in with your actual vote. You literally just admitted the truth of why you came here … to have a go at Corbyn Supporters. Told you so, but you denied it all along until now when you have proven with your own stupidity that you came here to get your rocks off by attacking others (pointlessly as it doesn’t achieve anything, something you still don’t comprehend, but like the brain-challenged fool you are, keep banging on about like it will make it true through repetition. This is how you brainwash yourself into believing the ill-thought-out crap that spouts from your spite-pit of a heart.

        I know you were being sarcastic (not missed at all), and I know that you are only capable of the lowest form of wit. Here’s the thing, your opinion does not change the facts. The fact is you came here to berate those who voted for Corbyn, whilst you yourself (completely detached from reality) voted for Boris Johnson directly. You literally haven’t said anything about the way I or others should have voted, you never warned us that we should cast our votes for Boris, and that is because in your deranged excuse for a mind you have no solutions to the very problems you infer that you have the brains to fix.

        Go on then smart-arse, how should we Corbynistas have voted? Oh do elucidate super-genius, tell us exactly how a vote for Boris would have kept him out? You keep going on about Corbyn and Momentum, but fail to show in any of your posts how or why in a ‘Democracy’ we are supposed to vote the way you think (which is not a Democracy idiot, and even you attacking others for their choices is undemocratic you cretin).

        Dude, it is you who are the anti-democratic, stupid fool that doesn’t even appreciate the rules of our Democracy, and I call you these things because they are patently true, you have proven your idiocy, and continue to do so with gusto. It is a shame that you are too dumb to realise just how inept and ill-informed you truly are.

        You believe what the BBC, MSM, and Tory Government told you to believe because you have no interest in what is true, only what suits your lazy belief system. If you bothered to do some proper research you might actually get educated as to the realities of the World you live in, rather than what is just convenient, or approved by your peers. Telling you all this is pointless because you literally (provably) cannot grasp that there are smarter people than you on the planet, and it is no crime to point that out.

        According to you, Elitism is anyone who contradicts you, anyone who points out that your posts make you out to be a dishonest, spiteful wanker, that likes causing others issues just because you don’t agree with them.

        You try to now claim that you are being victimised, yet in the same breath you admit you only came here to have a go. You didn’t come here to engage in debate, or anything so British, you came here to be nasty and spiteful to anyone who didn’t vote the way YOU say they should vote.

        In this country, we have a tradition of respecting the democratic votes of others, and the way I voted is literally no one else’s business. I haven’t come here berating those who voted any way they chose, because that is just not British. I like others commented on this particular Article to say thank you in harmony with Frea Lockley to Jeremy Corbyn for his efforts, and literally nothing you have written can change that fact.

        Here is what doesn’t make sense; You say that I am to blame for Boris getting into power for the next 5 years. Clearly to a great many sane people, I am not. A great many sane people will recognise that my one vote didn’t sway the entire GE, like you are claiming it did. Please, by all means, why don’t you tell us how YOU voted, who was your chosen candidate? Oh wait, that isn’t why you came here is it? You came to cause trouble for others, and there is no way (with all the evidence of your posts) that you can claim otherwise (though you will probably attempt to do so, thus proving your stupidity further for all to see). You really should be embarrassed at yourself, but you are too blinded by your own ego to realise it.

        My agenda, as you put it, was to vote for the party that had the best interests of our country at heart, and the party that put forth the best, fully costed and independently verified plan for our future. There was literally only one party in the entirety of the UK that did so … Labour.

        You however, think you are smarter than 165 economists of good standing, you think you are wiser than some of the fully accredited smartest people alive who also backed Labour’s manifesto, and who also condemned the rest for not providing anything remotely resembling a workable plan for the UK. You think you know better than those whose job it is to know, and that your paltry efforts to find out what is truly going on are superior to those who have spent a lifetime working these things out.

        The very fact that you are completely blind to the criminality which has been a daily staple of British Politics since the 2016 Referendum (which should have nullified it BEFORE it got to a vote), is all the proof I need to work out that you do not posses nearly enough accurate knowledge to make the claims you do, in fact you are practically devoid of any facts, and are in fact spouting almost pure speculation and conjecture.

        Only a person like you would call a person who is smarter than themselves an elitist for being smarter than themselves, and yes I know you were being sarcastic (and I do actually know what that means) but even in your sarcasm you show your lack of research and understanding.

        I could keep going on, providing legitimate examples of your stupidity, but it is pointless to “cast pearls before swine”. I can’t help the fact that I am better educated, and better informed than you, and it is not elitist to say so, nor is it bragging when it happens to be true and others keep using it as an attack vector. There are certainly others who are even smarter than me (yet they haven’t chosen to come here and attack others in a most disgusting display of anti-Britishness I have ever witnessed from a fellow citizen).

        You are the product of years of Anglo-Yank brain-washing, you are blind to the take-over of our nation by U.S. Corporate power, ignorant to the point you won’t even research offered enlightenment (even to perhaps improve your own arguments). You are the very definition of Cognitively Dissonant (something that you still don’t comprehend even when it is spelled out to you).

        There is nothing, literally, that you have said, that makes any difference, even in the slightest, to the outcome of the GE 2019. Nothing you have said, or will no doubt respond with (being you ARE that dumb) changes anyones opinion of Jeremy Corbyn on here.
        People can think what they want of me, but I didn’t come here to spend days weeks and months picking on you, I came here to comiserate with others, and to thank Jeremy (despite the mistakes he made) for doing his personal best to give us hope for a better, non-extinction future.

        You came here for mischeif, nothing more. Your life is probably so worthless it is the only ‘fun’ your witless mind can comprehend. You have not made one single post on The Canary which engages with others in a constructive or supportive way, you have not offered advice, kind words, or insight in anything, and all you have done is critisize, and denigrate others. You do this because the truth is that you are not a nice human being, but a spiteful, childish, selfish, degenerate, that can’t enjoy life unless you are running others down to make yourself feel ‘big’. You even think such behaviour is as good as the ASBO’s you flash to your mates thinking it makes you a cool man.

        Trying to use my distaste and disgust for you against me, as if it is I who came here to deliberately wind others up, is a classic coward’s gambit, which reveals more about your flaws and your motives than it does anything else, yet you persist in showing off your ignorance, you motives, and your shitty character to all who would read your posts, all the while blissfully ignorant of the way YOU appear to others.

        I attacked you because you attacked me and others unprovoked. You attacked the wrong person, and you will learn the truth of that in time. If you were a smarter person, and not a low-life degenerate (which is what a person who attacks those that are down is), you wouldn’t have approached this the way you have. It was and is still entirely possible for you to have registered your disagreement in a Democratically British way, that could have enabled debate, but without the nastiness you brought to the table. That way, many may have learned from your ‘wisdom’, instead of having that ‘wisdom’ obscurred by your hatred, and bad general attitude.

        I am smarter than you, it is a fact that you have made possible to demonstarate in public. However, just because I have a better understanding of the English language, Life and The Universe than you, doesn’t mean I think I am the smartest poster or commentator here, that is your own twisted view of what elitism really is. Your elitism however (and arrogance) is that you think anyone smarter than yourself is being an elitist when they demonstrate what is natural to them. Just because you can’t keep up, you think anyone better than you, who is physically, emotionally, and mentally superior in abilities, or has a different opinion, is a fake, an elitist, a liar, and any number of unpleasant things.

        To be true to yourself means rooting out the lies within yourself. Only then can you hope to make a positive difference to the lives and world around you, after all, who the fuck tries to fix something they have no skill with, and what fool thinks they can make a positive difference when they lack most, if not all of the tools to do so?

        You are entitled to your opinion, but you certainly do not have a grasp of the facts, only lies, speculation, conspiracy theories, and conjecture posing as facts. I know it is hard for human beings to admit they are wrong, but that is not made any easier when there is no desire for genuine enquiry or truth, and impossible when you are too much of a coward to appologise for the unprovoked, and unwarranted attacks you made as your first ever contributions To The Canary.

        Are you going to continue to post and keep this article on the front page? … of course you are … it is ironic that whilst you hate Jeremy Corbyn and anyone who supports him so much, you are single-handedly (well near enough) keeping this topic alive … thank you so much 🙂 (shame that nothing you have actually written counts for, or changes anything).

        Thank you Jeremy Corbyn, Frea Lockley, and The Canary – all of whom are much, much smarter than Shakehands, and quite likely significantly smarter than me too (it kinda shows in the articles).

        1. For someone who talks about humanity you spout a lot of aggression and personal abuse. I’ll ignore it, again.

          The debate for the future of the left in the UK is just beginning. You are clearly not ready or willing for any discussion of what went wrong (nothing in your view it seems) or reflection on how to broaden Labour’s appeal beyond its membership of activists. That would be a big mistake in my view and cement a Tory stranglehold on power.
          I have posted on this sites many times (you were wrong about that) about centre left labour supporters being aggressively driven out of the party. My local MP, a decent centre left MP was almost forced out by Momentum. Disgraceful, in my.
          Many others have been forced out or simply left the party. Many traditional Labour supporters could not disagree more with the sentiment of the eulogy to Corbyn on this article. That’s why I posted.

          You simply don’t like being challenged so I will leave you to your echo chamber and hope others involved in this website and the left movement are prepared to look more deeply into how the party can once again win power and be a positive force for social progress.

          I have never voted Tory (always Labour) but spoiled my paper this election. If the Labour activists like you now see people like me as the enemy- which you clearly do- you should try talking to some Tories. You really should.

          New Labour was not all bad. My daughters attend a state school built by New Labour and that was live changing for them. Yes mistakes were made by Blair and Brown but there were also achievements as well. Achievements that improved lives in this country.

          Labour needs a credible plan on the economy and to be credible on defence to get a platform for social progress. Corbyn never came close on that.
          A ever growing list of freebies (free broadband??) did not wash. Credibility beyond the party activists is the key the next leader. Without that, there is no chance of a return to power for the left.
          As for the personal attacks, I do my bit. I have started youth sports programmes in Inner London, and dedicate hours of time every week to those as a volunteer. I’m not the ogre you make out and therein lies the problem of Corbynistas. You seem to hate everyone who doesn’t agree with your orthodoxy. I’m just someone who is angry at how Boris Johnson has been given an easy ride into power when a better opposition could have stopped him. I agree with you – it is not all Corbyn’s fault- ,but he has to take a pretty sizeable slice of responsibility
          I think we have run our course here.

          1. Finally, you actually put what was bugging you into words that make sense, instead of your unprovoked attack on others posting their own opinions. What you have hated about all of this is getting abuse back, which is rather telling … you can dish it out but hate to take it.

            I am glad that at last you have written a more constructive piece that actually reflects the intelligence you were hiding behind your unprovoked angry attacks.

            I note that you can be magnanimous towards Tony Blair by saying he did some good, I agree, but that doesn’t change the fact that he, not Jeremy Corbyn, is a war criminal, a fact that continually seems to escape you and others who make out Jeremy to be evil, and Tony Blair great.

            As a Labour supporter who spoiled their own ballot you have a nerve coming on here telling others who actually voted, that THEY voted wrong.

            Your problem is that in your anger you lashed out at those who didn’t deserve your anger, then you got even more angry because someone (me) decided to call you out on it.

            You claim it’s Jeremy’s fault .. well go and tell him. There was no GOOD reason that you and others came on here to MOCK and ANNOY, and to generally attack anyone who supported Labour. You literally admit to betraying your own choices, and yet you think that gives you a better perspective from which to attack others … pointlessly so, as it achieved absolutely nothing of value, except of course to artificially inflate the posting numbers, which in turn has kept the article you hate so much, well on the front page.

            You claim to be a Labour vote spoiler, yet you see no reason to count yourself as responsible for the outcome? That is plain hypocrisy, look it up. You are just as responsible as anyone else for the results of this GE, don’t try and change the laws of physics, you can’t, no matter how clever you think you are.

            You assert that I don’t like being challenged … again you have a feeble grasp of reality, if that were true I would not have challenged your posts would I? Think it through, you know I’m right.

            I agree with you on the point that Labour needs to improve, however I bet we are in utter disagreement as to how. You want more Blairites, I want Corbynistas (as you put it). Blairites have already caused our nation a great deal of harm, and that IS recognising the little bit of good they did. However, using your daughters as an example of how well YOU did out of it, highlights the problem you have in your reasoning.

            Democracy is not about making sure you are alright at others expense, it is about us working together honestly to find what works (without ignoring the wisdom of the ages as seems to be the norm these days) for all of us. So many people vote on the basis of what is selfishly good for them whilst paying lip-service to the very notions of democracy and human decency.

            Why is it you can recognise a war-criminal’s good contributions, but vilify, denigrate and hate a man who has a proven track record of peaceful interaction with others. Where is Tony Blair’s Nobel Peace Prize? where is your admittance of the actual truth and facts about Jeremy? You paint him as evil, and that is just not right or fair, particularly when there are some genuinely nasty fucks out there in our politics like Boris, May, Blair etc, etc, etc.

            If YOU wanted debate, as I have said before, you would have entered into this in the spirit of debate, by putting forth your views without attacking others, but you didn’t do that did you? No, you attacked first, then engaged with me in a shit-show of egotistical arrogance. I wonder if you are so true in heart and motives that you can admit that you were enjoying this until I personalised my counter-attacks to really reel you in?

            I admit I have used aggravating language, and resorted to attacking you, but it wasn’t without provocation, and if indeed you are an ex-forces serviceman, you should have the training and decency to admit that you were not thinking or engaging with me because you wanted to help or educate. It was a fight that you (and I) wanted.

            If you wanted a debate, you would have had one, you didn’t, you attacked, I attacked back. It really is that simple, moaning that I’m being unfair towards you is childish, and I will retort with a similarly childish retort … don’t start what you can’t finish, don’t do to others what you don’t like having done to yourself.

            Also free Broadband doesn’t equate to “a growing list of freebies” as you put it (go on LIST the freebies, there aren’t any, they all cost something), everything was costed and confirmed as workable by 165 leading economists (are you a leading economist? Do you even possess the skills to audit their work?).

            Labour’s manifesto couldn’t have been a more solid and workable one if they tried. You are literally just spouting BBC and Neo-liberal propaganda, and have made your mind up not on the facts, but on poorly-crafted lies, poorly-crafted because they are EASY to disprove, if only you would make the effort to check for yourself.

            Where we can agree on, is the fact that Jeremy made mistakes. Where we disagree on is the fact that Jeremy took those mistakes on board and claimed ownership of them, but you still behave like he didn’t. Which begs the question, why are you ignoring the facts? Jeremy has said he will not stand again, but that’s not good enough for you, so to you he is a viable target of hatred.

            You make multiple claims about me, but ignore the hypocrisy you create every time you accuse me of being, or doing something you have already done. I am quite capable of debating with you so long as we are both dealing with proven facts. Speculation, propaganda (which is everywhere at present) has no place in a factual debate.

            When you are able to admit that you unfairly attacked others due to your own frustrations, then you can get upset with others who attack you without provocation. Until then, it is all earned.

            I note that Munrobagger, a friend of yours perhaps?, is so eager to face prosecution, that he/she can’t hold back from committing the crime of sexism, which these days are prosecutable. I will elucidate why shortly, as I’m reporting that post as extremely sexist and misogynistic. That is something you should pat yourself on the back for, at least you haven’t gone into racist or sexist arguments like that Munrobagger prick.

            It is a shame that you, a man, an ex-serviceman with two daughters, and what seems to be a good standing in your local community, should have come here to attack others in the way you did, you have done yourself a disservice. You didn’t come to attack Jeremy … you could have done that directly being that you, like me, are a Labour party member.

            I commented on this article because I wanted to add my thanks to Jeremy with others. You could have used any number of other articles to post your vitriolic attacks, you could not have attacked anyone, and just posted that you didn’t agree, but no you swooped in to attack, then got all upset and needed your mates to give you moral support when you started getting it thrown back at you. In no reality is it right to put out, but not be able to take it back.

            How many times do people have to be told before it sinks in? Violence begets violence, and nasty words invite more of the same. You have used this last post of yours to show that you are a reasoning person, that you do have empathy, that you do care, so the questions I have for you are WHY NOW? Why couldn’t you have been like this from the start? You could have easily posted a less aggressive and nasty post, and maybe even started a constructive, and spirited debate.

            I’m happy to leave my attacks on you in the past, but if you attack me in the future, be warned that I reserve the right to respond in kind, and you know now that I will.

    31. Yes, beautiful…
      To meet him, he is all these things and even more subtle things too
      I almost wanted to ask him if I could help him manage his campaign; but as the author says and some suggest here, he would not have fought-back over the media absurdities, that they get away with! Alas!

      A poem started to write itself on the morning-after, but I haven’t got back to it, but might share it here if it completes itself!
      Although the Johnson ‘won the election’, Jeremy is so much more loved by those who get him; and in this, he’s the winner!

      1. Here’s another poem:
        Where have all the Corbynistas gone? Long time passing
        Where have all the Corbynistas gone? Long time ago
        Where have all the Corbynistas gone? Gone to oblivion every one
        When will they ever learn?
        When will they ever learn?
        (with apologies to P, P &M)

    32. Jeremy Corbyn is a human being with a proven, peaceful track record. He did get things wrong, but principally he got a lot right too, more so than any other party, and that was backed by a huge number of economists (165), and countered with unprecedented propaganda and lies, which a great many fell for.

      A great many people voted against Jeremy because they were, and still are, blinded to the facts that the elitist establishment doesn’t want people who have decency in their bones, and humanity in their hearts to rule. In fact, so many electoral and democratic rules were broken, that practically the ONLY candidate who could have held their head high did, and that was Jeremy Corbyn, the rest broke several laws (with impunity I might add) to get their results.

      Jeremy Corbyn didn’t lose because of his policies, he lost in spite of them because a vast portion of the UK’s populous is in fact Xenophobic, even racist, and almost completely led-by-the-nose by a deliberate, targetted campaign to disenfranchise them from the truth.

      The truth is that we are all being subjected to a decades-old Neo-liberal plot to replace our Democracies with American Corporatocracies, and the truth is that the Xenophobia and racism has also been deliberately cultivated by politicians and the MSM, in such a way as to appear to most to be something else.

      I personally think there are a lot of racists who never actually intended to be such, but just went along with their peers because it didn’t appear to be racist to them (but normal), and now are so blinded by the tricks used against them, that they don’t even recognise the racist and xenophobic traits inside themselves.

      There is one thing human beings excel at more than anything else … blaming everyone and everything else in an effort to avoid looking inwards at the truth. The real blame MUST be put squarely at the feet of those who are deliberately undermining Humanity with false narratives and inhuman sanctions. The blame MUST be put firmly back into the hands of the perpetrators of our collective suffering, not the victims of their diabolical lies and manipulations as has become the norm.

      In a similar example, If a biker who was obeying the law is injured or killed by a car driver who wasn’t obeying the law, how is it right that the Victim (in this case the Biker) is nearly always blamed because of their choice of transport, rather than the reckless car driver’s actions, and lack of observation and due care? This happens all too often, and sadly seems to be a pattern in the UK which many follow in ignorance, blaming the victims of abuse, rather than punishing the actual perpetrators.

      The UK is not a great nation at present, few are if any, because the simple principle that the victim is the victim, not the perpetrator, has been lost under a mountain of arse-about-face changes to our respective nations. Changes made to deliberately, treasonously so, punish victims further, and reward the perpetrators to excess.

      Don’t believe it is going on? Then ask yourself how it is that a man who has publicly lied on practically every occasion, who has broken several laws that would have seen us arrested on the spot, broken laws that would have seen us jailed for a great number of years, and has behaved in a manner that would have seen us loose most if not all our social contacts and family members, been found worthy to lead a nation? We watched America as they spectacularly put Trump into power, then went and blindly did the same here with the shit-stain Boris.

      The truth of all of this is that most people do not deserve Democracy, and many of them can’t even identify a Democracy, or tell it apart from an Oligarchy, or Dictatorship. As a nation we deserve the shit leaders we get because we treat it as a tribal contest, or being a club-thing, rather than as a national solution to a national problem (which is what all ruler-ships purport to be).

      We don’t deserve Democracy because in truth most actually prefer to be ordered around and decisions made for them, and indeed spend most of their lives avoiding any real engagement with Democracy, and even on the minuscule and rigged vote they do get, can’t be arsed to put in the very real effort that Democracy demands, because they are too busy treating Democracy as something it most certainly is not.

      I say we don’t deserve it in general, but I do think some do deserve Democracy because they work hard to make it better, often with no appreciation by the general public for their efforts, and usually getting punished by the ignorant masses (and they truly are such by definition) for crimes the ignorant masses have invented due to their lack of comprehension of what Democracy is, and what it takes to maintain.

      It is a sad fact that most human beings, if not all, are suffering from one delusion or another, so much so that the World as it is describe at times, bears little resemblance to those delusions, but still those delusions persist.

      It is not at all the case that the majority cannot be wrong, but a fact that the majority are frequently wrong. This is why whilst our ‘societies’ have seemingly improved over our tenancy on this planet, the Planet, a very great number of species, and our own species have actually been damaged to almost beyond recovery, and still the majority of people are in narcissistic self-denial, and general denial of the truth and facts of life.

      It is my contention that unless the majority in fact wake up from their self-, and externally-imposed delusions, there will be no more point in doing anything or arguing anything, because we are a dead-species-walking with both our feet already in the grave, delusionally thinking we have a future, and that there is a point to all of this.

      The policies of hate and destruction, the policies that insist that the planet can provide unlimited resources, the policies that claim we need to be treated as slaves with the ever-constant threat of violent ‘correction’ hung over us, and the policies which judge us by our bank balance instead of what is in our hearts and minds, are all policies of extinction. This planet cannot provide everything we desire, but it can provide most, if not all we need, if we learn to share and work with each other to ensure that we, nature, and the planet live in co-operative harmony together.

      People can get all hot and bothered, and jump up and down cursing those damned-hippy-tree-hugging-utopianists all they want, but that won’t alter our fate in the slightest, in fact all that does is highlight the very real issues we face. We are an extremely self-obsessed species, that has built incredible things, and achieved incredible things, but they are all pointless because we still haven’t learnt to work WITH nature, and each other.

      This is because our egos and our arrogance frequently get in the way, and also because we ignore wisdom in favour of what is popular, rather than what is provably right, like caring for your fellow humans, life, and the planet.

      Jeremy Corbyn has the right qualities for the continuation of our nation and species, sadly too many people think that violence, hatred, bigotry, racism, sexism, ageism, and so many more negative human traits are the only answer, even in the face of the proof that it is detrimental to the very things we claim are important to us, like our progeny, our children. We claim to love them, we claim to be setting a good example for them (is that not where we also claim authority over them?), but all the while we are blindly and arrogantly building a world that not only cannot survive into the future, we continue to authoritatively tell our children and others that we have their best interests at heart.

      We don’t have anyone’s best interests at heart, not even our own when we ignore wisdom and truth, and put lies, dishonesty, violence, and cruelty on a pedestal above all the things we know are good human traits. Money is just a tool, but it is treated as if there is nothing in existence as worthwhile as it. This is why it has been said for thousands of years, literally the wisdom of the ages – The LOVE of MONEY is the root of all sorts of injurious things, and those pursuing it are stabbing themselves a thousand times. This ancient wisdom doesn’t say MONEY is the root of all evil, it is the LOVE of that money which brings so much misery and evil into this world.

      The Love of money however, is not the only reason for our near-extinction status, it is humanity’s LOVE of controlling others, which is by far the most damaging of our traits. Literally everyone is at it, literally everyone manipulates others into doing their will, just for the sake of feeling powerful and better than others. It is in fact so rare for people to exercise this power well, that we spend most of our time delusionally trying to justify our excesses in this regard, at very great cost to ourselves, our species, life in general, and our planet.

      It is easily possible to put humans into two separate groups. Those who care about life, each other, and the planet, and those who care only for themselves, and who do things for others to benefit themselves only. The first group has the tools for continued existence, but the other larger group is constantly trying to damn their efforts, treating the first group as if they are weak, deserving of death fools, who like to hug trees, rather than recognising that they are also destroying their own options and chances in the process.

      Jeremy Corbyn is a thoughtful, caring person who tried to do the right thing for this nation under the most trying and despicable conditions anyone could have asked for. Undermined (not because his policies were bad, but because his policies would change the game in Life’s and our favour, not the Elite’s favour). He did make mistakes, however those mistakes were almost certainly made a) because he has a working, caring heart that thought (wrongly) that there was a lot less jingoistic hatred, racism, and sexism, than there actually is in the British electorate, which in turn led to b) the mistake of thinking Britons understand Democracy well enough to be pleased at getting a second chance to vote on the issue of Europe (due to the first referendum vote being a complete embarrassing shambles of what our democracy should be).

      He was wrong because he didn’t get just how self-destructive, and self-deluding, ignorant people can be. Ignorance is not a slur or swear-word, it is not name-calling to describe a person who doesn’t know something, as ignorant, it is in fact accurate to call someone with a lack of knowledge ignorant. When it comes to ignorance there is general ignorance such as a child has, then there is wilful ignorance.

      Wilful Ignorance is one of the worst of human traits, and those that practice it are cowards from the crown of their heads to the tips of their toes. They are incredibly destructive people, and incredibly (so as to induce incredulity) dangerous to all. It isn’t that wilfully ignorant people are necessarily more violent, it is that they don’t want to know, and want to believe what they want, regardless of the truth, and the damage that does around them, which invariably is a constant issue around these ignoramuses.

      Boris, Swinton, May, Cameron, Blair, and so many more however display by far the worst traits available to humans, that of Cognitive Dissonance. These people are not generally ignorant of the facts or the facts of what they desire, in fact, most of the time these people are wilfully engaged in Cognitive Dissonance, and even, yes genuinely, count it as a positive human trait.

      Cognitive Dissonance, for those that don’t know, is when you continue to believe something even in the face of contrary, repeatable proof. In some cases it may be due to medical reasons, but mostly, when politicians or corporate leaders, or anyone with a modicum of power does it, it is nearly always due to their own dishonesty and hidden agendas. The key to diagnosing Cognitive Dissonance however is proof of the contrary, not a difference of opinion. A difference of opinion is just that, and does not constitute in any scientific or useful sense, proof of anything other than of itself. An opinion is proof of an opinion only, not of fact or facts.

      Jeremy Corbyn did make mistakes, but tellingly, Boris made by comparison a cornucopia of mistakes and criminal acts, and was allowed by the electorate, and by the corrupt system (Legal, Political, Religious, and Corporate) to not only get away with it, but to be rewarded for their criminality, and that is because these cunts have rigged the system so that they always have the best chance of retaining power (which is anti-democratic).

      Jeremy Corbyn publicly refrained from using those criminal tactics (arguably a mistake for not fighting fire with fire like the North Americans do), but he fought his campaign decently and legally, which should have woken people up to just how cancerous our nation has become on all levels, but sadly only succeeded in making the already corrupt, even more determined to lie to us all, and to continue to commit criminal acts with impunity.

      I get why there is a tendency to blame Jeremy for the losses, but it is still wrong, misguided, and self-defeating to lay the blame at the feet of the victim (and he is a victim just like those of us who may die and suffer because of Boris/Trump’s diabolical and criminal dishonesty).

      I personally would like to see the Labour party divested of Blair and his Blairites, they are murderers, who LOVE money and power above all else, even the survival of life is very low on their agendas, and we as the citizens are hated even more by these filthy excuses for humanity.

      By all means, blame Jeremy for what he did wrong, but don’t make him the sole reason, or even the greatest reason for the results we got. The facts of the matter are that he was fighting against impossibly large odds, with the entirety of the American and Israeli political system illegally involved against him, and that with a great many of his own supporters blindly falling for the lies and deceit that was deliberately crafted to do exactly what it did by his enemies (and the enemies of peace and prosperity), whilst members of his own party were also busy undermining him, and whilst even our legal system ignored the criminality against him and us.

      The last election and the last 5 years have proven that Great Britain is no longer what it thinks or claims to be. I predict we will see the fall of the NHS, the BBC, even our Royalty, and that after 5 years the UK will be irrecoverably on its way to extinction, oh yes, and Jeremy will still be being blamed by some, even on the last day, hour and minute of our collective existence, even as someone else drives in the last nail.

    33. Sorry if you aren’t a little girl after all, it is just the way you behave: so petulant and abusive.
      I feel so sorry for you: you really do need help. Can I suggest an Anger Management Course for you: I think it might help? A typical anger management course may involve 1-to-1 counselling and working in a small group. It can be a weekend course, or a series of sessions over a couple of months.
      There is still hope for you, and here are a couple of possibilities:
      Happy New Year!

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