Misleading voters should be alarming, but for the Tories it’s simply ‘career progression’

Ian Levy Tory MP Blythe Valley
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The newly elected MP for Blyth Valley Ian Levy has been accused of misleading voters during his election campaign. And while Levy’s election was a shock for Labour, the fact that he misled voters seems to be no shock at all. It’s merely “career progression” for the Tories.

Insult to injury

Levy took the Blyth Valley seat by over 700 votes. Labour had held it since it first became a constituency in 1950. It was a devastating blow for Labour and for all others who worked and campaigned so honestly for a fair UK.

And if losing the seat wasn’t hard enough to stomach, to know it was lost to a candidate who wasn’t honest with voters makes it worse. Levy seems to have the same attitude to the truth as his party leader Boris Johnson. Possibly this is why he paid tribute to Johnson so emotionally.

The lie

In a Facebook post on 9 November, Levy claimed to be “an NHS nurse”. That post was then edited on 19 November to read:

an NHS mental health nursing assistant


The investigation

Investigated by Nursing Times, the allegations were first publicised by freelance journalist Esther Beadle:

Read on...

And when the story broke, there was quite a reaction online. But nobody seemed shocked by a Tory candidate telling lies:

The NHS Johnson lie

There’s obviously something about the NHS that makes Tories tell lies. During this campaign they lied about adding 50,000 nurses and building 40 new hospitals. And of course Jeremy Corbyn publicised documents that showed negotiations to increase drug prices in the NHS were at an “advanced stage”, which they also denied.

The campaign continues

The Labour Party may very well have taken a walloping in this election, but that doesn’t mean the movement for a fairer society did. That work never stops. We can’t afford to wait until 2024 to have our voices heard again. Because even then, there’s no guarantee of change. The campaign continues here, and calling out lying Tories is just one part of it.

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    1. The Conservatives have been in charge for far more than half of the time since the NHS’s creation.

      In that time, virtually every time they’ve taken power they’ve had to repair the economic mess they inherited

      Despite this, it’s never been under threat and in fact is was a Labour government that introduced rampant privatisation

      This constant left wing “X days to save the NHS” narrative, is not only laughable but comes across like some comedy farce such is the element of self parody

      Nobody buys it anymore. Johnson was correct in not only ridiculing the scare-mongering Corbyn, but relishing talking about the NHS and the Tory plans

      Thank goodness there is no need for them to be shy in challenging the laughable Labour narrative as that means we can actually have a grown-up conversation about how we’re going to meet the challenges, including Social Care

      1. Prove that Corbyn lied about that document or shut the fuck up, you are committing the criminal act of Defamation of Character, and are a libellous wanker that needs prosecuting for spreading libellous and defamatory lies.

        ‘…nothing more sinister than if it had been in Tony [War-Criminal] Blair’s hands.’ eh? Oh yeah coz that cunt wasn’t scary at all, he was an absolute pussycat wasn’t he? Twat.

        Also the Tories didn’t inherit shit that they hadn’t broken and undermined already, and they did that to make the case for privatisation of the NHS. It was Tony Blair who brought in New Labour and its Tory-copied privatization policies, not old Labour. Something you know but are being deliberately dishonest about to make yourself look smart … which of course you failed at.

        You talk an absolute pile of guff and wind. You are so ungracious in victory that you deserve to have it taken back from you. Boris Johnson is a Criminal, who has broken several laws already. The fact that our judiciary has done nothing about this is not a sign that Johnson is a straight-talking, honest person, or that there is nothing illegal about it, but because our judiciary is equally mired in corruption, but of course a lying law-breaker like yourself wouldn’t bother with such uncomfortable truths.

        banbroview, it is my opinion that you are a fucking liar, and I opine that you have the morality and attitudes of PolPot. I am stunned that you, and pricks like you, feel it so necessary to attack an already defeated person. You are exactly the sort of person that trips up blind people to make yourself feel powerful, and for shitz ‘n gigglz, or in other words your life is worthless, and you are a worthless automaton with way too few braincells for you to claim credible intelligence (or even credible self-awareness).

        Get yourself some brains dickhead, there’s plenty at your local butchers, you’ll need at least the brains of a rabbit to improve your computational power and general understanding of the world around you.

        I got to say, that when pricks like you see everything going rapidly south, your instinct is to praise and join the destruction whilst inhibiting the chances of anyone who can actually pull us out of the shit. This isn’t a difference of opinion, it is fact. You, and people like you, who are wilfully ignorant, who delight in mocking the injured, who crave harming the already afflicted, are worthless cowards who deserve nothing but the pain you inflict on others.

        In your case I would happily walk by if I saw you dying in a ditch, I may even decide to laugh at you just so you can feel the pain you have caused. You’re not clever, you are medically stupid.

        I hope that when the NHS is fully privatised, and the BBC still enjoys being publicly funded, that you have the bollocks to apologise to all those you insensitively targetted with your lies. I bet you won’t, I bet you’ll do what all liars do and pull every trick in the liars hand-book to avoid admitting you were not just wrong, but being a cunt. The fact that you are already blind to the privatisation that has already occurred, doesn’t fill me with any hope for you.

        You are a stupid person who thinks their opinions should be treated as fact. I hope that when you need medical attention, you will have to go into debt or forfeit your health with no hope of ever getting out of it. Then and only then will you realise, that you and those like you, condemned everyone else to extinction, and worse hated on those who would genuinely save us.

        I really hope my words cut at your very heart. I hope my words anger you so much that your fake victory becomes impossible to enjoy. You deserve to feel failure because you are a failure of a human being in that you sought to kick those who were down, a trait that most decent human beings (even Boris Johnson) avoid. Unlike you however, Boris didn’t gloat at Labour’s defeat, and he even reached out to those whom he knew would be hurting to offer them words of hope. Those words may well turn out to be false, but unlike you, he showed graciousness in victory, and understands that attacking those who are down is not good in any form.

        When you attack those who are down, particularly as publicly as you and other broken-arsed people do (because you really are broken when you attack those who are down), all you are doing is showing that you are a piece of shit that deserves no sympathy, and even what I have written is far more of a response than you or others like you, deserve.

        @MayA banbroview is a nobody that has no one to celebrate their Tory victory with, and so has come on here knowing that there would be people expressing their disappointment and sorrow at the loss, in order to attack those people, in order to make banbroview feel good about themself. All banbroview has actually done however, is show us what the definitions of an uncharitable ignoramus, and mule-headed-dolt are. I know there are a plethora of other names that accurately describe the type of ingrate and callous bastard banbroview is, but then I don’t like swearing or calling people names, unless of course they say something so brain-numbingly stupid that I feel have to respond in kind (to communicate on their level).

    2. Banbroview, who are you? We may be in despair but we are not fooled , nor are we defeated. We see clearly that the ‘Shock Doctrine’ is in full play. Our collective strength will drown it, will drown you and all those you attempt to stand on the crumbling riverside bank with.

      1. The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein, International Bestseller from one of the World’s greatest investigative Journalists, not one word of lies or propaganda, but a very hard read for those who thought they were living in a progressive system and World, run by our democratic votes.

        If you haven’t read her books, it’s time you did, they are not fictional, every fact stated in that book is already in the public domain and verifiable, but if you haven’t read it, you will (or at least should be) shocked.

        MayA is absolutely right, the ‘Shock Doctrine’ IS in FULL play, but the reality is that we have such little time left to fix anything. Much of what is written in The Shock Doctrine, has already transpired, even the key player, Milton Friedman is dead now, as is Margaret Thatcher and her close friend (and murdering bastard) Augusto Pinochet.

        We cannot sit idly by for the next five years plotting how to get a better government into power, we simply do not have the luxury of time any more. Therefore, to those that really care about Life, the Living, and this Earth, MayA is spot on, we may be in despair, but I for one am not fooled, and neither are a growing number (the majority).

        We must change our ways now, or in five years time there will be no point of doing anything as we all will have lost our species and planet by then if we continue down the road of Neo-liberalist Capitalism (by lost I mean we’ll likely still be here, but we’ll know by then the ‘jig is up’, and that we are then helpless to change the fate of our species and the World. We will know we are dead before actually being dead).

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