Nobody can believe a die-hard Remainer is still trying to blame Corbyn for Brexit

Andrew Adonis and Jeremy Corbyn
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The Labour peer, ex Lib Dem, and former Blair policy adviser Andrew Adonis is trying to blame Jeremy Corbyn for Brexit. But people weren’t long in taking to social media to set the Labour lord straight with a few key facts.

The most important fact of all – it wasn’t Corbyn’s fault:


Complete nonsense

In what could probably be explained, at best, as an ill-thought-out rant, Adonis let loose at the Labour leader for not campaigning for Remain and for not standing ‘aside for a unity government’.

But people weren’t taking this rubbish, and they set Adonis straight on a few key facts:























While another person retweeted this to remind us of the disgusting campaign of media bias against Corbyn:

















Then some people who voted Remain made their feelings clear also:

While this person was very clear about one possible reason for Labour’s defeat:

Reality check

British people voted to leave the European Union in June 2016. Yet three and a half years and two failed deadlines under Tory leadership later, it still hasn’t happened. The referendum was the brainchild of former Conservative prime minister David Cameron. But no sooner was the result announced than Cameron was off. He left others to clean up the mess he and his Tory colleagues had created.

The idea that Corbyn would “stand aside” for a unity government is also total nonsense. As leader of the opposition, he was the natural and obvious choice to lead it. The problem lay with the Lib Dems being unable to accept that overwhelming fact.

Campaign against Corbyn

And these are well-worn facts. Adonis is surely aware of them, as he spent considerable time travelling the UK talking to people about Brexit. This is a pathetic attempt to kick someone when they’re down and to blame them for the mistakes of others.

Either way this won’t wash, and those trying to reinvent the chaotic Brexit saga or incorrectly apportion blame need to have a good hard think about the role they played in this mess.

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    1. Johnson was given a majority by c 300,000 voters in 59 constituencies. Had they stayed Labour, the Tories would have no majority and we might be looking at minority Labour government. The loss of 59 seats is bad but Douglas-Home lost 60 in 1964. Did everyone cry disaster? These are Britain’s principal red cities: London, Manchester, Liverpool, Cardiff, Swansea, Leeds, Nottingham, Sheffield, Bristol, Canterbury, Glasgow, Cambridge, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, most of Birmingham, half of Edinburgh and the other half is yellow. Not bad. The Tories did badly in our cities and that is bad for them. Cities lead the way.
      The Right have to paint this as a disaster but it was nowhere near. Labour pulled in more votes than in 2015, 2010 and 2005. Under PR there would be a left-of-centre coalition. And the number of votes for Leave parties was just under 15 million while the Remain parties scored 16.5. . Johnson has parliament on his side for leaving the EU but not the voters.
      I live in the north, among the 300,000. They are decent, honest, straightforward folk, but they hate a cheat and they hate a liar. Double-cross them and you have to watch your back. 59 constituencies are expecting transformation. That will cost big money. Billions. Johnson is committed to no tax rises. He has to spend £20bn on the NHS, recruit 20,000 coppers and 30,000 nurses. He hasn’t found the magic money tree, he’s discovered the financial equivalent of nuclear fusion. The 59 are constituencies with problems: poverty, many on benefits, shortage of housing, lower than average educational attainment, dying high streets….If Johnson doesn’t ameliorate deeply and fast they will turn to their new Tory MPs and sing like Stevie Marriot in the ’60s: “What you gonna do about it ?” Perhaps that what we should all be singing for the next five years as we point the finger at Johnson.

    2. Maybe We Should Take Our Noses Out Of The Text Books And Start Looking To Slightly More Modern Examples For Guidance And Education……..

      Modern Philosophy 101(as it were)…….

      ” Stop Apologising For The Things You’ve Never Done ” Paul Weller (town called malice)……..

      ” Never Say Sorry It Wil Be Seen As A Sign Of Weakness” Leroy Jethro Gibbs (ncis (rule number 6) (fictional character)).

    3. Brexit began before Cameron as an issue, and its why he brought it up.
      The vote was a close 50/50 leave or remain. To find a solution to this Corbyn did play politic to find a way out by giving a respect to both sides with a second vote after all their experiences since 2016.
      You can’t blame Corbyn for not being sensible with such an indecision in the populace.
      He also suffered cedibility through a fake antisemitism smear campaign even within his own party.
      To blame Corbyn just looks like more of the same scapegoat rantings against a decent person.
      Too bad for the misled judgement of many English people, as the worst is yet to come.
      This is the dying moment for the English flame. As if anyone really gave it much thought about how its civil brilliance came to be. Not the ruling class, most certainly.
      It’s the way Empires go.

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