Joe Biden will ‘lose resoundingly’ and an endorsement from Hillary Clinton underlines exactly why

Hillary Clinto & Joe Biden
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On 9 March, correspondent and producer at the Young Turks Emma Vigeland discussed the upcoming US presidential election. And in particular, she took aim at Democrat candidate Joe Biden and former candidate Elizabeth Warren. She was candid and didn’t pull any punches on either.

Firstly, she commented on Biden’s chances of beating Trump. She didn’t rate these very highly, saying:



But Vigeland didn’t just leave it at that. She backed it up saying Biden’s:

lack of vision, his mental decline, I think that’s going to spread like wildfire.

Former Green Party candidate Dr Jill Stein also believes Biden’s “obvious cognitive decline” is a concern. So of course, this would make him wholly unsuitable to take on Trump in this campaign should he get the Democrat nomination.

Where’s Warren?

Meanwhile, some were wondering what happened to Elizabeth Warren now that she’s no longer in the campaign for the Democrat nomination:







Vigeland also addressed this:

if Elizabeth Warren believes in everything that she says she believes in, it’s crazy not to back Bernie Sanders unless, (and I don’t think enough people are talking about this) she’s setting herself up for a run in 2024. …

she’s trying to be someone who’s straddles both the establishment line and the progressive line, but that leaves you in no-man’s land, and that’s why she lost.

Clinton endorses

But despite – or maybe even because of – a Hillary Clinton interview on 8 March, people online still couldn’t back Biden. They see them as being too close and therefore fear a rerun of 2016. In that interview, Clinton said Joe Biden’s path to the Democrat nomination looked similar to hers in 2016. Clinton said, “he is building the kind of coalition that I had basically”.

And that was enough to send shivers down people’s spines.

One person shared a picture to make their feelings clear and that we could be in for a rerun of 2016 should he get the nomination:

So while on the one hand that may look like good news for Biden supporters, because Clinton won that Democrat nomination, it’s actually bad news. Because as we know, Clinton lost the campaign for the White House to a racist, sexist, Islamophobic, and homophobic candidate. And Clinton’s record didn’t exactly make her the ideal choice either.

Not the kind of endorsement you’d think

North Star journalist Shaun King also reacted to this endorsement, and he did so somewhat tongue in cheek:

If that wasn’t enough

Any comparison to Clinton should send shock waves throughout the Democrat Party and beyond. Because even if she had won that election, her position on foreign policy, market regulation, and the justice system would have made her unsuitable for office also.

And Biden’s position on immigration, foreign policy, and crime highlights a disturbing similarity to Clinton. They are two sides of the same coin. Clinton lost to Trump in 2016. So if Biden loses in 2020, this would subject the US to four more years of Trump.

Even Biden backed Bernie

And although today they’re rivals during the 2016 campaign, Biden said of Sanders:

Bernie is speaking to a yearning that is deep and real, and he has credibility on it. And that is, the absolute enormous concentration of wealth with a small group of people with the middle class now being able to be shown being left out.

So to avoid a failed rerun of 2016, Democrat supporters should actually listen to Clinton and Biden’s words very closely. Because if they are the same – and according to Clinton there are similarities – the campaign is doomed. Democrats should heed her warning. And if Biden stands by his interview prior to the 2016 campaign, then even he recognised Sanders’ genuine “credibility”.

Let’s hope the lessons of 2016 are properly learned.

Featured image via YouTube – Variety & YouTube – Good Morning America


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    1. And the sad thing is that even as a progressive myself, Biden is such a poor candidate, I kind of hope he does lose. I guess that is the modus operandi here.
      Incidentally, back in the UK, isn’t it great we have all this economic ‘certainty’ from the Tories? All those crowing ‘business leaders’ seem to have gone very quiet.

    2. Emma speaks for a perceptive consensus while the cartoon says it all so simply. As Micheal Moore says “Its as if the Democratic Establishment wanted to vote for Trump” than embrace relevant change. I looked upon a photo of Piccadilly in the early 1900’s when all one could see were horses, wagons, carriages etc. with a photo of the exact location 10 years later where all you could see was the internal combustion engine mode of transport.
      This is the dynamic change we are going through which the social politic elected by the public is unable to fathom.
      Until the stock market crash just days ago, and then the smart people will ask, Will this bring about a change as the last time the Politic simply bailed out the banks with public funds to save it.
      You have a fundamental perception here the Social Politic isn’t up to the challenge to fathom what is going on, with simply an innate social reaction to the change around us exhibiting no learning curve which will predominate.
      I think one has to understand what really rules the roost here. Its just a game of smoke and mirrors, this politic as
      It doddles along into a deeper senilty while the smart people observe this happening.
      Time for creative thinking , and is open to everyone to give us reasons on how to adapt to a new world we ourselves have created.
      Read Konrad Lorenz for insight.
      I’d start with journalism to delve deeper than they have up until now into what makes this clock tick.
      Its just “Sudden News” out there, and is unsettling.

    3. Slow Joe Biden is senile. He couldn’t tell you what he had for breakfast today without a teleprompter. Same old, same old Biden will fly like a lead balloon against Trump.

      I would like to see the DNC ‘magically’ turn Bernie into their candidate but if they really don’t want to be dragged to the left of center there are several fine, proven people they should boost into contention. Al Gore, with his climate chops, would be an excellent choice. John Kerry, a real US military hero that served his county well, despite not having bone spurs, would be another fine choice.

      Come on DNC! Get your heads into the real world. Biden is a multi time loser and you’re about to stake the future of the USA on this being his time? There are 300,000,000 American citizens looking for leadership, integrity, vision and a role model to occupy the Oval Office. What are you going to do and say when he fails again. Oops. Sorry. We’ll get him next time. That’s assuming a newly formed Progressive Party doesn’t wipe you out of existence!

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