US-backed pillagers in Bolivia and Venezuela are showing their true colours right now

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On 24 April, journalist Matt Kennard shared news from Bolivian reporter Ollie Vargas that Bolivia’s right-wing coup regime would soon be seeking to “hand over lithium reserves to multiple foreign corporations”. Venezuelanalysis, meanwhile, reported on 23 April that Venezuela’s unsuccessful coup plotters had handed themselves hefty salaries with US help.

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    1. The yanks whot can one say like the Romans but a lot deadlier they want they like spoilt children on the world stage they bomb they try to control if they can’t they do all in their power to get control they ain’t doing anything that’s going to help humanity it’s all them

    2. The USA and its puppets are clearly showing why the world calls them TERRORIST, The World needs to defend Bolivia and Venezuela from the USA that have no rights to taken over countries with COUPS and SANCTIONS. The people of both countries must ask countries around the world for all necessary help to stop the USA and its puppets. Russia, China, Cuba, and the many others must oppose the USA and help both countries.

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