The latest ‘unusable’ mask fiasco leaves UK taxpayers fuming

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The latest “unusable” mask fiasco has left UK taxpayers fuming

Boris Johnson and his band of merry cronies are once again in the headlines. They signed a £252m contract for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for NHS staff; at least £150m of which went on 50 million masks for NHS workers that are unusable. And people are fuming. Because this doesn’t just feel like incompetence. It feels a lot more like a lovely, big stew of incompetence, corruption, and greed.

As Mark Steel explained in the Independent:

The government has again shown how hard it’s trying to keep everyone safe by buying 50 million masks for the NHS. The British Safety Federation has spotted that none of them actually work, but it was a wonderful gesture.

Yes, it turns out it’s pretty difficult for the government to keep everyone safe. Because it picked a financial services company, with no history of supplying the NHS, for this rather important job.

An obvious choice…

Hopping mad

Strangely enough, people are a bit cross. To be fair, there have been a couple of other little snafus since the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak – which one Facebook user helpfully summarised:

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It has led some to muse cynically that we may not be in the safest hands:

Using masks to line pockets?

But why on earth would Board of Trade adviser Andrew Mills use a financial services company to supply protective masks for the Health Service?

One lawyer offered a few possible clues:

…which led another Twitter user to comment:

Not a laughing matter

Sadly, although the government’s incompetence is so huge it’s almost comical, and although its apparent corruption is so blatant you couldn’t even satirise it, it’s not really a laughing matter.

Because it’s our money they’re handing out. Lots of it.

And because, in pandemics, if you’re working on the front line, without the right equipment, you’re likely to get sick and die.

As Rachel Reeves MP put it:

In a pandemic, there’s no room for cronyism, favouritism, and persistent, repeated fuck ups. Really now, Johnson, it’s time to get off the podium.

Featured Image:  leo2014/Pixabay 

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    1. Time for a national independent inquiry me thinks

      If ever you needed reminding of just how clueless and inept this rabble that call themselves a government are then look no further my friends. Well established UK companies that were selling huge quantities of PPE including face masks to other countries, offered to scale up production and supply the NHS and never received a reply !! And now we ca see the reason cant we ? Why let a pandemic that’s killing your population stop you from giving your mates a few million here and there ? It’s not as though the people (scum) need saving as to quote Dominic Cummings “so what if a few thousand pensioners die”

      I see pensioners as elderly people that have in the main served their country well, they have fought in wars, they have worked in all and every profession going and they have much to offer still, the right wing nutters we have as a government call them a drain on resources.

      This lot are about as much use as a chocolate fire guard, but they are very very good at theft, lies and deception

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